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27 & 127 & 47 etc

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27 connects to other numbers such as 37, 47, 127, etc. The number 127 contains 7, 12, 17 and 27, all numbers that occur in religion, mythology and the occult. In particular, 27 (and its variations, e.g., 270, 2700, etc) is a number that occurs many times in works of fiction and in mainstream media headlines. I am not the first to point this out. See my article on 27 for more info.

127 years is the age at death of the Biblical Abraham’s wife Sarah.

127 and 27 relate to each other, because 127 is the 27th ‘lucky number’ (maths series).

127= (2 to the power of 7) – 1 = 128-1. The 2 and the 7 can be joined to make 27.

1270/27= 47.03, which is close to 46.98, the Golden Ratio (phi ratio, 1.618034) raised to the power of 8.

1.27 squared = 1.6129, which is similar to the phi ratio (1.618).
If the square (2) is added to the end of 1.27, you get 1.272, which is approximately the square root of the phi ratio.

127 is tied to the ‘perfect number’ 8128, which is the 127th triangular number.
8128= 127 * 64
64= 27 + 37= number of squares in a chess board.
27 * 37 = 999= telephone number of the British emergency services.
9+9+9= 27

127 is a centred hexagonal number, i.e. 127 points can be shaped as a regular 6-sided hexagon.

“127 Hours”, the film, is based on the real life survival of a man trapped in a canyon. To escape, he had to amputate his right arm, reminiscent of the severed right hand of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan. Peter loses his shadow. IMO, the lost hand and shadow represent the loss of one’s soul; the loss of one’s connection to ‘God’/karma/time. Peter Pan is frozen in time (doesn’t want to grow up) while Captain Hook is scared of time (the clock swallowed by the crocodile that hunts him). The absence of Wendy’s parents when Peter Pan lures her equates with the absence of ‘God’, IMO.

“127 Hours” was parodied in the “Simpsons” “Treehouse of Horror 22”. At the ending Marge says: “Knitting one sweater for someone costs 27 Americans their jobs”.

The number 27 appears in “The Simpsons: Them, Robot”, in which there are lots of robots, each with a unique ID, but the first one that Homer talks to is labelled “A27”. If “A” is substituted with the number one (“A” is the 1st letter of the alphabet), then 127 results.

Replacing human employees with robots echoes the sorcerer’s apprentice (Mickey Mouse in “Fantasia”) using magic to make mops do all the work that he should be doing. “Thou shalt not work on the Sabbath”. The Rebel doesn’t want to participate in karmic/physical processes. The computer HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” is programmed to behave like a human.

The 127th Annual “Upper-Class Twit of the Year”, as seen in the Monty Python Film “And Now For Something Completely Different”.

The Paris terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th, November 2015, took place on the mythical day of bad luck, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see other occult numbers, in this case 27 and 127. The mastermind behind the attacks, according to the French authorities, was a 27 year old Belgian member of ISIS.

Although the number of people who died was eventually reported ‘officially’ as 130, the number most commonly reported in the mainstream media on the following day (Saturday 14th) was 127. The revised figure of 130 is 13*10, thus the number 13 (Friday 13th).

Here are some reports announcing “Paris attacks: 127 dead…” Click here: 127 dead

at least 127

127/10= 12.7, which rounds up to 13, Friday the 13th? The same can be said of 12.9, which when multiplied by 10 is 129, the number who were said to have died in Paris before the figure was increased to 130.

An “abc7″ report was changed so as to remove the 127 number from the top of the report, though it does appear 3 times in rest of the report: 1)” least 127 people died”; 2)for a video: “six attacks across Paris leave at least 127 dead”, but the video also has been moved or removed; 3)In a different context: “So far, 127 world leaders have accepted the invitation to come to Paris for the climate conference”. Click here: abc7

Another abc7 report, the following Monday (16th November 2015) mentions 127 arrests were made after the attacks. Click here: 127 arrests

2 weeks after the Paris attacks, the number 127 appeared on the 27th day of November in the BBC’s satirical radio show “The Now Show” (Radio 4, 27th November 2015). The presenters spoke about the banning of a Christian advert of the “Lord’s Prayer” in British cinemas. Hugh Dennis, playing a Christian preacher, said “We will now all sing Hymn number 127”. Was this coincidence? An occult reference? Or does someone on this forum know someone at the BBC?

Also on the BBC (“BBC News”) was a story that 270 electric motorbikes had been registered in the UK (29/November/2015).

Almost 3 weeks after the Paris attacks, the number 127 was uttered on the BBC TV comedy sitcom, “Detectorists” (last episode ( no.6) of the 2nd series; first broadcast on BBC4 on the 3rd Dec 2015). Someone says that there are “127 left” of some Christmas jumpers being sold.

£27 million was won in a British lottery by a Blackpool pensioner, according to a TV panel show that I saw in December 2015, but I can’t find any online references for this. The £27 million lottery win was discussed on the BBC1 satirical quiz show “Have I Got News For You”, broadcast 4 weeks after the Paris attacks (11th Dec 2015).

Not long after those attacks, 27 people were reportedly killed in the terrorist attacks at a hotel in Mali, according to an early report by a UN official, quoted by “Reuters” (20/11/2015). Later, the estimate was revised to 19 or 20. See the following online articles: Mali


The number 27 is emblazoned on a helicopter in the movie “A Good Day To Die Hard” (2013), one of the “Die Hard” series of films about foiling terrorist plots (terrorism link).

$1.27 billion, the amount avoided by the Bank of America. See the headline “Bank of America ducks 1.27 billion penalty” (“Press TV”, 23rd May 2016). Click here for the story: bank of America

27 relates to 37 and 47.
47 is approx the phi ratio raised to the power of 8 (46.98)
27*47 = 1269 = 1270-1
37*47 = 1739 = 1269 + (47*10)
47/37 = 1.270270
27+37+47= 3*37 = 111 = 999/9 = 666/6 = 888/8
37 +47 = 84 = 12*7 (12 and 7 becomes 127)
27 + 47 = 74 = 37*2.
74 is 47 reversed
47/27 = 1.74074

It’s probably coincidence, but the 47th Proposition (out of 48) of the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid is revered by the Freemasons because it’s the same as Pythagoras’ theorem on the length of sides of a right angled triangle, considered important to masons and architects.

47 occurs often in spin-offs of “Star Trek”, because one of the writers knew a professor who jokingly (apparently) regarded 47 as a kind of universal number.

47 is the number of the jacket that Stan (“American Dad”) puts into his cupboard full of identical jackets, in the episode “Stan Goes on the pill”.

There are 47,000 “known Earths” according to an alien in the episode of “American Dad”, “Lost In Space”.

47 people who can’t be seen are in the “Monty Python” movie “And Now For Something Completely Different”. At the start of the movie there is a government film, “How Not To Be Seen”.

127 and 137 and 147 all link together too.
147/137 = 1.0729927 (729 reverse of 927)
1/137 = 0.00729927
137*27 = 3699 = 3700-1
127/27 = 4.7037037
137/37 = 3.7027027

The ‘maximum break’ in Snooker is 147 (though apparently more can be scored). Was the inventor of Snooker a Freemason/occultist? Sir Neville F.F. Chamberlain (CB, KCB, KCVO), claimed to be the inventor of modern snooker with the addition of 6 extra coloured balls whose points add to 27 (2+3+4+5+6+7). Note the smallest and biggest are 2 and 7 (27). The total amount of balls is 22 (1 white + 6 colours + 15 reds). 22 is an occult/Freemasonic number.

The 15 reds are arranged as an equilateral triangle. (1+2+3+4+5). The triangle is a Freemasonic/occult symbol. Triangular numbers (e.g. 15) were studied by the ancient Greek philosophers. Red is the colour of the devil, Santa Claus and the final stage in alchemy.

In addition to his various knighthoods, Chamberlain was a military officer and the Inspector-General of the Police Force in Ireland.

147 meters was the approximate height of the Great Pyramid of Giza with its capstone in place. The original height was supposed to have been 280 cubits, which some estimate to be between 146.5m and 147m.

Measured in feet it would have been just short of 481 ft.
481 = 37 * 13

147 is the number identified by Bart Simpson as his school’s Xerox code, in the episode of “The Simpsons”: “Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”.

147 relates to Superman in the Superman story “Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite” (1996). A red rock falls from the sky. Red rock= the philosopher’s stone? The bloody body of Jesus? The red nose of Rudolf the Reindeer whose light shines the way? Also falling from the sky are the Kaaba stone, the Holy Grail and the crown of Lucifer. Jesus and Lucifer descend to Earth, so too the mythical asteroid that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs (St. George slaying the dragon?)

The red rock hits the evil LEX LUTHOR (Lex= Lux = Lucifer?) on the head, just as the fabled apple hits Isaac Newton on the head (apple = forbidden fruit?). Jack (in the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill) falls down a hill and breaks his crown. A bump on the head can trigger amnesia. Amnesia is an occult/religious theme.

The red rock has a face and can talk! The living stone? The Holy Grail? It is an agent of a mischievous prankster from the 5th Dimension who operates beyond time and space and can create entire realms/dimensions. He is Bizarrely called Mr MXYZPTLK. If you give each letter a numeric value (i.e. Gematria), where A=1, B=2,etc, then the numbers add to 147. (13+24+25+26+16+20+12+11).

147 stars printed on the blouse of DANA SCULLY in an episode of the paranormal/conspiracy TV series “The X-Files” (“Roland”; series 1, ep. 23), featuring occult/religious themes such as :
1) Twins;
2) Suspended animation, e.g. Sleeping Beauty; Snow White; Dracula; King Arthur. The channeled writings of real-life author Ken Carey are from our supposed ‘Creator’ who is awakening from a ‘sleep’ to occupy human bodies, but only those people who are allowing the Creator/intuition to direct their life.

The two co-writers of “Roland” were :
1) “The X-Files” creator CHRIS CARTER, whose inspiration for “The X-Files” included his friend the renowned alien/UFO investigator JOHN MACK, who in the early 1990s invited Carter to sit in on his hypnotic regression of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. For more on Mack, see my article “New Age Rockefellers and the UN”.

“The X-Files” was first aired in 1993 and produced by “Fox” Television, owned by RUPERT MURDOCH, who also owned book publishers that published numerous ‘New Age’ books in the 1990s (e.g. David Icke’s early works). In the 1990s, the UFO/alien scene was prominent, e.g. “The X-files”; numerous UFO magazines sold in ubiquitous British book/magazine retailers such as “W.H. Smith”.

2) CHRIS RUPPENTHAL, editor of the “Harvard Lampoon”, a breeding ground for writers of “The Simpsons”, a program long produced by “Fox Television”. Ruppenthal was a member of the Harvard-based “The Delphic Club”, whose former alumni include actor MATT DAMON. For more on Damon, see my article “The Adjustment Bureau And Karma”.

27 is the number of the apartment of a key character in the “X-Files” episode “2Shy” (episode 6, season 3), while 47 is the number of murder victims killed by a parasitic murderer. Parasitism/vampirism are occult themes because the ‘Rebel’ is living off its’ own inner resources- feeding off itself, so to speak (The ouroboros snake eats its own tail). A key character in the episode is called VIRGIL INCANTO, probably alluding to the Roman poet Virgil who is also the fictional guide of Italian poet DANTE as he travels through Hell (“The Divine Comedy”). Virgil Incanto translates Italian literature and knows medieval poetry. The name ‘Incanto’ is Italian for “magic, enchantment, spell, charm”.

127 relates to the Pi ratio (approx 22/7), because 127 is approx 12371/ (Pi raised to the power of 4).
12371 contains 127, 137, 27 and 37.

More accurately, 12371/(Pi to the power of 4) = 127.00047 (note the 47)

12371/127/(Pi to power of 4) = 1.0000037 (note the 37).

27*27= 729.
729 is the last 3 digits of 1729= 729 + 1000
1729 occurs in several episodes of “Futurama” (created by “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening), according to mathematician Simon Singh in his book “The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets”. See his article. Click here: 1729

1729 is “Futurama” character Bender’s serial number and the number of the parallel universe that Philip Fry enters into.

1729 is a ‘centred cube number’. It is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes, but in 2 different ways, i.e. (1 + 1728) or (729 + 1000).
1= 1 cubed; 1728 = 12 cubed; 729 = 9 cubed; 1000 = 10 cubed).

1729= 1727 +2.
1727 contains 17, 27, 7 and 127.

The transcendental number “e” is approx 2.7182818, which can be rounded down to 2.7
The 1729th digit of “e” starts a consecutive sequence of the digits 1 to 9, without any repetition.

47 Christian crosses are placed in a church by a priest in the supernatural horror film “The Omen” (1976).