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The ancient Greek philosopher Plato described 27 as the most revered number.

27 Kabbalistic letters and 27 Hebrew letters (when extended from the normal 22 letters).

27000 people die when a wall falls on them. (Bible, “Kings: 20:30”). The 27000 who die might be just 27, as the word for ‘thousands’ and ‘armed soldiers’ is similar, some say.

27 links to the phi ratio (aka the golden ratio = 1.618 approx) indirectly via 54 (27*2). In trigonometry, Sine 54 degrees = phi ratio/2

27*(2/3) = 18, whereas 27*2 = 54. If you place the 18 alongside the 54, you get 1854.
1854 = 927 * 2 = 618 * 3
618 is in the phi ratio (approx 1.618).

God lives in Room 2700 on the 27th floor, in the film “Oh, God!” (1977), written and produced by Jewish writers. God is played by Jewish actor/comedian GEORGE BURNS. The film’s director, CARL REINER was Jewish, so too the screenplay writer LARRY GELBART (co-creator and producer of “MASH”). The pair were part of the network of numerous, successful Jewish writers that dominated American comedy, e.g. SID CAESAR, MEL BROOKS, WOODY ALLEN, NEIL SIMON. The film’s Jewish producer JERRY WEINTRAUB had worked at MCA (Music Corporation of America) as assistant to MCA manager LEW WASSERMAN (jewish). MCA’s co-founder JULES STEIN was Jewish.

27 is a Freemasonic number, because it contains the holy trinity: 3 cubed (3 raised to the power of 3). The Kaaba stone is a cube. 3 cubed can be thought of as 33, the highest degree officially in Freemasonry. 27 (and 9) can be thought of as the ‘living arch’, formed by 3 masons linking their left hands, and their right hands, and arranging their right feet as a triangle.

27 guests at the fictional hotel “Fawlty Towers” in the TV episode “The Kipper and The Corpse”. The kipper could be the fish that symbolises Jesus, while the corpse is his body before his resurrection.

“Fawlty Towers” co-creator/writer JOHN CLEESE plays an architect desperate to join the Freemasons in the “Monty Python” sketch, “The Architects Sketch”.

Cleese read law at Cambridge University; was Rector of the University of St. Andrews. Other Rectors there were Freemason James Barrie (Peter Pan); Freemason and novelist RUDYARD KIPLING;
ANDREW CARNEGIE (wealthy steel industrialist);
ARTHUR BALFOUR (freemason; British Prime Minister; wrote the “Balfour Declaration” to Walter Rothschild);
5th Earl of ROSEBERY (Prime Minister); Field Marshal Sir DOUGLAS HAIG (senior military officer during world war one);
JAN SMUTS, South African Prime Minister; supported Zionism and the Balfour Declaration; helped create the UN and its predecessor the LON.

27 seconds (26.6 to be precise) is the duration of the famous Zapruder film footage of the murder of J.F. Kennedy. Abraham Zapruder was a 33rd degree Freemason and Jewish. There are 486 frames in the footage. 486 = 27*18.
27 and 18 join to become 2.718, which approximates the mathematical constant ‘e’ (2.71828).

27 has popped up in numerous episodes of “The Simpsons”, e.g. “The Lard of The Dance”, in which Homer spends $27 on some bacon. That episode was written by JANE O’BRIEN, sister of famous US TV host CONAN O’BRIEN, who had himself been a writer/producer on “The Simpsons” (1991-1993). Conan studied at Harvard University where he became President of the “Harvard Lampoon” humor magazine. At this time, his future boss (President) at NBC- JEFF ZUCKER- was President of Harvard’s student newspaper “The Harvard Crimson”. Zucker was in 2015 the President of CNN Worldwide. Can I say that Zucker is Jewish? I’m not anti-semitic, honest!

The number 27 is represented visually and speaks its number to Lisa Simpson in the episode “Girls Just Want to Have Sums” (ep.19, season 17).

$27000 is mentioned in the “Simpsons” episode “The Bob Next Door”, in which the ‘perfect crime’ takes place at FIVE CORNERS, where 5 U.S. states meet in the form of a pentagon, an occult symbol and the shape of the US military HQ of the same name. The perfect crime could be an occult reference to the ‘Great Work’, which I believe involves a rebellious mind attempting to detach from karma/’god’/time.

27 seasons of DVD commentaries is to be recorded by “Simpsons” character Krusty the Clown in the episode “A Star Is Torn”. The episode’s ‘showrunner’ was AL JEAN, who as a Harvard University undergraduate befriended MIKE REISS (atheist but Jewish family), another “Simpsons” writer. The duo at Harvard collaborated at the “Harvard Lampoon”, to which Reiss served as co-President with future “Simpsons” writer ROBERT VITTI. Vitti’s wife ANN was the sister of “Harvard Lampoon” President and “Simpsons” writer GEORGE MEYER.

As you’ve probably gathered, “Harvard Lampoon” and “The Simpsons” have a close link., e.g. JEFF MARTIN.

Season 27 of “The Simpsons” was first broadcast on the 27th September 2015.

“27 dresses” (2008) is a comedy film about a woman who has been a bridesmaid at 27 weddings, hence 27 wedding dresses. The film’s writer, ALINE MCKENNA, graduated from Harvard University.

The number 27 is emblazoned on a helicopter in the movie “A Good Day To Die Hard” (2013), one of  the “Die Hard” series of films about foiling terrorist plots.

27 seconds is the amount of time that a contestant has to speak for in order to win points in the BBC Radio 4 panel show “Don’t make me laugh” (2nd series began in April 2016), created and hosted by Jewish comedian/writer  DAVID BADDIEL. The game’s goal is to speak without making the audience laugh. Baddiel is a Jewish atheist, which sounds like a contradiction to me, but officially isn’t.  Religious atheism is – IMO – all part of the Ruling Elite’s plan to merge science with religion.

“…my perfect 27 years” of development and growth, says GREY NAMER in the sci-fi novel “Something More” (2001) by PAUL CORNELL (author of some “Doctor Who” stories). His novel is about immortality, aliens, Jesus and God. Cornell wrote the “Shadow Police” series of novels incorporating the  occult/magic/supernatural.

The number 27 is on the front of a T-shirt worn by a character in the 2008 sci-fi movie “Jumper”, about people who can teleport, based on the novel of the same name. The film has Jewish connections, as usual, most noticeably one of the producers: ARNON MILCHAN, a prolific producer of independent films and a billionaire who grew up in Israel and worked for the Israeli intelligence organisations MOSSAD and LEKEM where he was an arms dealer and worked on the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

“Jumper” director DOUGLAS LIMAN (raised Jewish) was the son of Jewish lawyer ARTHUR LIMAN who graduated at Yale Law School and Harvard University. Arthur Liman served as Chief Counsel for the US Senate hearings on the Iran-Contra affair. He helped his son Douglas co-found the now defunct NACB (National Association of College Broadcasters), funded by the CBS Foundation. Former CBS news anchorman WALTER CRONKITE gave the NACB’s inaugural keynote address.

Douglas Liman directed “The Bourne Identity” (2002).

“Jumper” co-producer and co-screenplay writer SIMON KINBERG (Jewish) worked in his early career with STEVEN SPIELBERG (Jewish) and TV/film producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER (Jewish parents).

“Jumper” co-screenplay writer DAVID GOYER had a Jewish mother and he attended Hebrew School.

27 hours, the length of time that the robot BENDER spends listening to “The Eagles” music, in “Futurama: Law And Oracle”, written by JOSH WEINSTEIN, born JOSHUA MOSES WEINSTEIN, an executive producer and writer for “The Simpsons”. Weinstein’s Jewish father HARRIS WEINSTEIN was a lawyer at the US Supreme Court and the inaugural chairman of the JEWISH FUNERAL PRACTISES COMMITTEE of Greater Washington. Harris was a member of the MIT Corporation (MIT’s governing body). Josh Weinstein’s mother ROSA was a Director of the HIMMELFARB MOBILE UNIVERSITY, run by the JSSA (Jewish Social Service Agency).

Josh Weinstein went to a Protestant/Episcopal private school where he became lifelong friends with writing partner BILL OAKLEY. Weinstein studied at Stanford University where he was the editor-in-chief of the humor magazine “Stanford Chaparral”. Weinstein and Oakley’s partnership at “The Simpsons” stemmed from them submitting a speculative script for the comedy “Seinfeld”, created by Jewish writers/actors JERRY SEINFELD and LARRY DAVID.

Weinstein and Oakley worked on several shows together, including “22 Birthdays” (pilot in 2007, but not developed). A remake was supposed to have involved DOUG LIMAN. The number 22 is an occult number and is in “The Simpsons” episode “22 Short Films About Springfield”, co-written by Weinstein, Oakley and others, including:
1)DAVID X. COHEN, co-developed “Futurama”; President of Harvard’s “Harvard Lampoon”, of which Weinstein was an honorary member.

2)GREG DANIELS, writer for the “Harvard Lampoon” and friends at Harvard with “Harvard Lampoon” President CONAN O’BRIEN (see above). Daniels and O’Brien were recruited by the co-creator/producer of “Saturday Night Live” LORNE MICHAELS (Jewish parents). Lorne Michaels was born on a Kibbutz in pre-independence Israel as LORNE LIPOWITZ.

Greg Daniels’ father AARON DANIELS was President of ABC Radio Networks in New York, and a consultant to Capital Cities-ABC. Aaron was a close friend of FRED WEINHAUS, President of Capital Cities-ABC.

Two of the 3 “Simpsons” co-creators were sons of Jewish parents: 1)SAM SIMON whose father was of Russian Jewish heritage. His family lived opposite Jewish comedy legend GROUCHO MARX.
2)JAMES L. BROOKS, whose father was born EDWARD BERNSTEIN.

Weinstein and Oakley were ‘showrunners’ (show overseers and main producers) of several series of “The Simpsons”, including the episode when Homer and his family go to New York and 9/11 is seemingly prophesized (“The City Of New York versus Homer Simpson”). Bart visits the offices of the satirical magazine “MAD”, which has Jewish links. It was founded in 1952 by its’ Editor HARVEY KURTZ (Russian Jewish parents) and the Publisher WILLIAM GAINES, son of Jewish father MAX GAINES (born MAXWELL GINSBURG or GINZBERG).

Max Gaines was a pioneering figure in the creation of the modern comic book, as were Jews in general, as documented in “How The Jews Created The Comic Book Industry”, by ARIE KAPLAN. Max Gaines helped put “Superman” into publication. Superman has religious/occult overtones and was created by 2 Jewish writers. Superman is the son of JOR-EL. Gaines’ EDUCATIONAL COMICS was taken over by his son William.

Bart sees “MAD” magazine’s iconic mascot, ALFRED E. NEUMAN (formerly MEL HANEY and MELVIN COWZNOFSKI) the boy with – dare I say it- ‘Jewish’ stereotypical features of reddish hair, white skin and freckles. This image was spotted by Kurtz, he said, on a postcard belonging to “MAD” contributor BERNARD SHIR-CLIFF, an Editor at BALLANTINE BOOKS. Ballantine co-founder IAN BALLANTINE also co-founded BANTAM BOOKS. Ian Ballantine’s mother was the niece of the Anarchist EMMA GOLDMAN (Russian Jew).

Kurtzman was succeeded as editor by ALBERT FELDSTEIN for 30 years (1956- 1985).

27000 people rallied for US Democrat BERNIE SANDERS in New York ahead of a primary (17th April 2016). See link: Bernie Sanders

27 people died from a disease in the “X-Files” episode “Our Town” (ep 24, season 2, 1995), written by FRANK SPOTNITZ, later an  executive producer of the series. He also founded a TV production company that produced shows such as “The Man In The High Castle”, based on the novel by sci-fi legend P.K. Dick. Spotnitz was an executive producer of that series, along with renowned Director RIDLEY SCOTT.

DANA SCULLY’S colleague FOX MULDER resides at apartment number 42, possibly a reference to the sci-fi classic “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, in which the number 42 has great cosmic significance, possibly (no-one is sure). 42 also pops up in the fantasy writings of LEWIS CARROLL. 42 could refer to the the  4th and 2nd letters of the alphabet- D & B, the initials of “X-Files” character DUANE BARRY, an alleged alien abductee. Barry’s character was based on the real medical case of PHINEAS CAGE, who suffered a personality change after an injury to his brain. Consequently, his left eyelid drooped to cover his eye, thus suitable for use for occult symbolism because a one-eyed person/creature is an old occult/religious/mythological symbol.

27 is the number of the apartment of a key character in the “X-Files” episode “2Shy” (episode 6, season 3), while 47 is the number of murder victims killed by a parasitic murderer. Parasitism/vampirism are occult themes because the ‘Rebel’ is living off its’ own inner resources- feeding off itself, so to speak (The ouroboros snake eats its own tail). A key character in the episode is called VIRGIL INCANTO, probably alluding to the Roman poet Virgil who is also the fictional guide of Italian poet DANTE as he travels through Hell (“The Divine Comedy”). Virgil Incanto translates Italian literature and knows medieval poetry. The name ‘Incanto’ is Italian for “magic, enchantment, spell, charm”.

27 books in the New Testament bible, with the 27th and last being the Book of Revelation.

27 city blocks need to be deprived of electricity in order for the chosen one, NEO (in the movie “The Matrix Reloaded”), to find his way to the source of the Matrix (computer generated virtual realm).

27 years is the amount of time that 2 sisters have spent apart from each other, in the British TV drama “Pat and Margaret” (1994), written by the late comedian/actor/director VICTORIA WOOD, who spent many years married to the TV magician GEOFFREY DURHAM (aka “The Great Soprendo”), a member of the British “Magic Circle”, and a member of its prestigious ‘Inner Magic Circle”. He won their MASKELYNE Award in 2002 and was a Quaker.

“Pat and Margaret” is about a successful English actress (Pat) who after 27 years is reunited with her sister MARGARET MOTTERSHEAD (initials M.M.) on the TV show “Magic Moments” (also MM). MM is the initials of MARY MAGDALENE (supposedly Jesus’ lover) and actress MARILYN MONROE. Pat is ashamed of her past and her ‘less successful’ sister Margaret- a roadside cook. Separation and reunion are occult themes.

27 Pound note: silly counterfeit money forged by Eddie in the BBC comedy sitcom  “Bottom” (episode “Dough”), first broadcast on the 27th (Jan, 1995). The show starred, and was written by, RIK MAYALL and ADRIAN EDMONDSON, who met at Manchester University, where they also met their future “The Young Ones” writing colleagues BEN ELTON and LISE MAYER.

27 times, the number of times that a million pound lottery win is counted, according to one of the ‘Old Gits’ in an episode of the BBC comedy sketch show “Harry Enfield’s Television Show” (not sure which episode). Harry Enfield’s father EDWARD was a BBC TV/Radio presenter and a magazine writer, e.g. a reporter on the BBC’s “Watchdog” consumer show. Edward oversaw the privatisation of school meals and cleaning whilst  working at West Sussex County Council.

27000 people (approx) signed a petition to cancel or delay the 2016 British Referendum on European Union. Click on the following link: 2016 referendum

Was the murderer of Jo Cox a ‘manchurian candidate’ (mind- controlled) designed to tip the vote in favour of the Remain camp? The timing of the vote was noteworthy, bearing in mind that we want as few distractions as possible. The Referendum vote came in the middle of the European football championship, so the inevitable hooliganism was used to highlight  ‘racist, xenophobic, right-wing nationalists’. Football distracts sports fans and patriots. The June exams distract young voters at college/university. June is holiday time for many.

27 storeys – the height of GRENFELL TOWER in London, in which many died in a high profile fire, although the mass media couldn’t make up its mind whether it was 27 or 24 storeys. The figure in Wikipedia is 24, but 6 months after the fire I saw the number 27 on the BBC’s News channel. Was this confusion deliberate? Here are some of the reports: Grenfell, ITV This morning
Grenfell, Evening Standard
Grenfell IB Times

27 million miles to freedom: in an advert that I saw in 2001 for the “Economist” magazine. The advert related to  a man jailed in South Africa (I think), and showed a fake road signpost with the words “Freedom: 27 million miles”. Note- I haven’t been able to verify this advert.

27000 light years, the approximate distance of the Earth to the centre of our galaxy.

27 million degrees Fahrenheit: the approximate temperature of the core of our Sun.

Batch 27, a group of simulant droids in an episode of the sci-fi comedy series “Red Dwarf”, which I believe is full of occult/religious themes. In this episode (“Twentica”, episode one, series 11), time travel features. The simulants want the  ‘casket of Cronos’ (a reference to the Greek time-god Kronos). The “Red Dwarf” chief writer DOUG NAYLOR also wrote comedy sketch shows on BBC Radio, and was a writer on the popular British satirical TV series “Spitting Image”.

27 years old is the age of Bart Simpson’s Fat Camp leader in “The Simpsons” episode “The Heartbroke Kid”, written by IAN MAXTONE-GRAHAM who was also a writer for “Saturday Night Live” and for the short-lived comedy magazine “Army Man”, a recruiting ground for “The Simpsons”. “Army Man” was created by GEORGE MEYER, previously a President of the “Harvard Lampoon”. Maxtone-Graham’s father, John, was a naval historian and a Broadway stage manager.

27 million to one: the odds of a chance meeting between some twins, according to “X-Files” FBI agent DANA SCULLY, in the episode “Fight Club” (Series 7, episode 20), written by the show’s creator Chris Carter. The episode revolves around twins and look-alikes: an occult theme, e.g. the ‘evil twin’. Karma is a ‘double’ in the sense that it reflects/mirrors our true state. The Biblical Adam is a double in the sense that he is made in the image of God.

27 robberies  are reported to have been committed in the “X-Files” episode “The Pine Bluff Variant” (series 5, episode 18).

The 27th July was not only the date of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony and the annual Satanic “Grand Climax”, but is also a key date in the fictional sci-fi film “K-Pax” (2001), starring KEVIN SPACEY as a man claiming to be an alien from an idyllic planet called K-PAX, where there are no wars, disease, etc. Although the word PAX is Latin for PEACE, the name K-PAX could be a coded version of Spacey’s name. K=Kevin; PAX = PACS = anagram of SPAC = abbreviation of SPACEY. More word play is in the name of the author of the original novel “K-Pax”, written by a geneticist called GENE BREWER (a brewer of genes?). Brewer wrote the novel “Becoming Human”, about a human-like artificial brain created by scientists. Our universe is controlled by an artificial intelligence, I reckon.

Is the K-PAX alien real or a human mental patient with multiple personality disorder?, wonders a psychiatrist.

Approximately 2.7 million tickets were offered and sold for the 2012 London Paralympics (according to the official website of the Paralympic movement), thus maintaining the London Olympics connection to 27. See the link:

2 years before the Olympics, was the following website headline: “The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is to make £27 million in procurement savings…” (“Supply Management” 21/July/2010). Also, “Olympics Delivery Authority returns £27 million in savings” (“The Daily Telegraph”, 19th July, 2010). See link: £27 million in savings

£27 million in savings “The Telegraph” 

The opening ceremony cost £27 million, featured a giant bell that weighed 27 tonnes, and was watched on TV by “Almost 27 million Britons” (Reuters News, 28th July, 2012).

The ceremony featured Harry Potter author J.K Rowling reading a passage from “Peter Pan”, a story that contains the number 27, the number of the house that Wendy’s parents are visiting when Peter Pan lures Wendy and the other children away to the island of Neverland. Peter Pan author James M. Barrie was a Freemason, while 27 is a Freemasonic number. Barrie has been suspected of being a pedophile. In the olympic ceremony, there was the ‘child catcher’ from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

Child sex leads onto the day of the opening ceremony- the 27th day of July, which to Satanists is the final day of the annual ‘Great Climax’, when blood and sex rituals take place. These are not actual death sacrifices, say the ‘good’ Satanists, just sex and blood practises designed to release energies, in conjunction with the ‘law of synchronicity’.

If the 27th July is a significant day in the Earth’s energy field, then what happened to David Icke on the night of the 26th/27th July in 1993 when he and others visited Stonehenge stone circle? In his book “Heal The World” (Page 101), David writes that he channeled some very powerful energies. There were reports the next day of power cuts, bright lights in the sky, psychics seeing vortexes, etc, some of it in the USA.

If you add half a year (6 months) to 27th July, you reach 27th January, which is now “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” (prisoners were liberated from Auschwitz on the 27th Jan 1945). Perhaps the 2 dates are harmonically linked (resonate with each other).

It’s probably coincidence, but in 2016 there were approx. 27 million households in Britain, as has been made clear in the British media. See link: households

Up to 27 million people are living in slavery, according to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. See link 27 million people

There are 27 cut-out-and-keep route cards in each edition of “Country Walking” – Britain’s best-selling walking magazine. See link: Country walking

270,000 was the viewing figures of Piers Morgan’s CNN chat show when it was axed – down from the initial 2 million. See link: chat show

2700 victims of fuel poverty predicted in 2011 for Britain. See link: fuel poverty

2700 killed over 25 years in religious festival, and 270 stoned. See link: religious festival

2700 kills by top US soldier. See link: soldier

In the recent British government’s spending plans, the Chancellor announced a £27 billion windfall. See link: windfall

270 schoolgirls were kidnapped in 2014 by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. See link: Boko Haram

“The Law of Takeaway No.27” was in the TV advert for, sponsors of the “Big Bang Theory”, on 26/11/2015 Channel E4.

27 links to the phi ratio (golden ratio) indirectly via 54 (27*2). In trigonometry, Sine 54 degrees = phi ratio/2
27 minutes is the amount of time that someone spends in a ‘cryo-chamber’ (for freezing) in an episode of the TV comedy horror “Scream Queens” (episode 11, season 1). The freezing could be an occult reference to the freezing of time, and to immortality, and to Peter Pan who doesn’t want to grow up.

“Scream Queens” revolves around a serial killer who dresses up as a red devil.

One of the series’ co-creators was Brad Falchuk, a co-creator of hit TV show “Glee”. His mother Nancy was President of the influential Jewish/Zionist/feminist organisation HADASSAH. Falchuk has been dating actress Gwyneth Paltrow whose father was Jewish. Paltrow raised her children in the Jewish tradition.

The other “Scream Queens” co-creators were Catholics.

270 votes are needed to win the US Presidential election, at least from the year 1964 onward. Prior to that the number was less, e.g. 269 or 266, etc.

£2.7 billion is “waiting to be saved”, according to a “Go Compare” TV advert that I saw on the 15th/Jan/2016.

27 British ships fought against 33 Spanish & French ships in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. 33 is another occult number. There were other ships, but not ‘of the line’. Including the others, there were 33 British ships and 41 Spanish/French.

27 = 9+9+9. 999 is the American police code for “Officer Down”, as in the film “Triple Nine” (2016), about criminals blackmailed by the Russian Mafia.

27000 ravers at a legendary concert by The Stone Roses, dramatized in the film “Spike Island”. See link: Stone Roses