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This is an ongoing article.

6 crops up in the natural world, e.g. some crystals have 6 sides. Bees make 6-sided cells (hexagonal).

In the Jewish Kabbalah, the TREE OF LIFE is composed of 10 spheres, of which the central sphere is the 6th sphere, associated with the Sun. The Sun also equates with 666 (3 sixes).

STAR OF DAVID – 6-pointed star composed of 2 triangles intersecting with each other. Although commonly associated with the Jewish people, the star is used as a symbol elsewhere, e.g. magick, alchemy or as a symbol of good luck.

Bible – Man is created on the 6th day.

6 million – a number made famous by the Jewish holocaust. A million is ten to the power of 6. In the sci-fi classic STAR WARS, 6 million languages at least are spoken by the droid C3PO. There are several Jewish sounding names in STAR WARS, e.g. the JAWAS, the JEDI, YODA. Yoda speaks in a Hebrew or Yiddish way.

THE 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN – TV series about a man who is rebuilt with artificial body parts, e.g. a bionic eye. The show’s executive producer, HARVE BENNETT, was born into a Jewish family. Bennett collaborated with other Jewish producers for the American TV show “The Mod Squad”: AARON SPELLING, DANNY THOMAS, TONY BARRETT.

THE PRISONER – British TV series in which a secret agent is imprisoned in a surreal village and assigned the NUMBER 6. The show’s co-creator GEORGE MARKSTEIN was born in Germany to a Jewish family.

More to come…