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666 is a seemingly odd choice by Christians and others to denote a Satanic force (“The number of the Beast”). The number’s occult origins lie in ancient mathematics. This is an ongoing article.

666 units of gold are gifted to the Biblical King SOLOMON in one year. Gold is the goal of alchemy. Solomon builds a temple that houses the Ark of the Covenant. This Temple is a key piece of symbolism in Freemasonry.

THE MAGIC SQUARE OF THE SUN – a group of numbers that when added together give 666. Magic Squares in general occur in ancient writings and are associated with magic, numerology and the supernatural. They are square grids of numbers where each row and each column all yield the same total. The ‘Sun square’ is 6 rows by 6 columns containing the numbers 1 to 36. Each row adds to 111. The Sun is associated with both 666 and 6. The Sun brings light, as does Lucifer and Jesus and other mythical characters. The Sun equates with gold, hence Solomon’s 666 units of gold.

The 666 hand gesture is so-called because the thumb, forefinger and middle finger form a ‘6’, while the 3 upright fingers denote 3 sixes. This gesture is more commonly used to denote excellence or satisfaction or the number zero.

Note John Lennon making the Devil’s horns sign.

‘666’ hand gesture used in “Halifax” Building Society online advert in 2017

In the L & H film “Our Relations” (which I also discuss in my article “One Eye”) 4 characters each make the 666 gesture as part of an ongoing physical gag: Stan, Ollie, Finn and a judge. The judge clearly belongs to some sort of influential fraternal society, which he demonstrates to Stan by making several hand gestures, including holding both hands in the 666 position. This film’s main theme is the confusion caused by Stan and Ollie’s twin brothers. Twins and confused identity are occult themes.

“Towed in A Hole” (1932) – When Olly tells Stan to put a water hose into a boat porthole, he makes the 666 gesture, as if simulating a hole.

PAPER TURN advert (2018)

“The Man Who Fell To Earth” (1963) – sci-fi novel made into the 1976 sci-fi film of the same name, starring DAVID BOWIE as the alien who ‘falls’ to Earth (the Biblical ‘fall’ of man? The fall of Lucifer?). The alien’s name denotes 666 because there are 6 letters in his Christian name, Middle name and Surname: THOMAS JEROME NEWTON.

NOSEYBONK – strange looking character in the 1970s/1980s British children’s TV series JIGSAW. Noseybonk wears a mask with a long phallic nose. In one episode he plants some seeds called NOSEGAYS, which grow into similar phallic plants. He then gives the 666 gesture and a thumbs up.

“Last Action Hero” (1993) – fantasy action film. An Italian mobster makes the 666 gesture when threatening a tied up victim. Benedict’s boss makes the 666 gesture.

PAUL DANIELS – TV magician. There are several publicity photos of him making the 666 gesture.

Paul Daniels

The letter M – when 666 is written in Hebrew (each Hebrew letter has a numeric value) the Hebrew letter VAV (value = 6) when repeated 3 times resembles the English letter M, as seen in advertising logos, e.g. The M in MONSTER energy drink and the M in DAILY MAIL (British newspaper).

The M also looks like 777, an occult number given prominence by Aleister Crowley.

THE SIMPSONS – “A Tale Of Two Simpsons” – Springfield is divided in two, with new telephone area codes for each half: 636 and 939, one of which is close to 666. If you add up each single digit of the area codes, you get 36, which is the same for 666 repeated (6 sixes). 6 upside down is 9. Carl says that “the 9 has less to do with Satan” because the 6 is closer to the 3, thus the 6 is more Satanic. See my articles on the numbers 6 and 9. The 636 side of Springfield is more brain than brawn (not physical?) and is denied water, but finds gold in the their empty riverbed, so use the gold to artificially bring the water back. (no water symbolism). The wall that divides the town is made of mostly recycled waste ( The Great Work is a kind of recycling). “The Wall” is a Pink Floyd album. One half of the town is denied food and electric light, so is dark at night (light/dark duality). The notoriously rebellious pop group “The Who” come to Springfield and play a gig on a full moon (full moon!) and sing “…take a bow for the new revolution…”. The concert is described as an “insane experiment”. “The Who” singer ROGER DALTREY says “We have a handshake agreement…and that’s a sacred bond”. A Freemasonic handshake?

“3663 First for Foodservice”, once the UK’s leading foodservice wholesale distributor. Note that the threes at each end add to 6. The company said that it is so-called because 3663 equates with the word FOOD when typed on a phone pad.  Note the 2 curved marks that seem to connect the 2 threes.

Note the ring. The ring of Saturn?

More to come…