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8 is a Fibonacci number. In physics, 8 is a ‘magic number’ (number of nucleons). Spiders have 8 legs. 8 is associated with harmonic musical ratios.

In Egyptian mythology there is the Ogdoad (8 primal deities)

In Buddhism there is the 8-fold path that leads to the end of suffering and the start of Nirvana, which I think refers to the Rebel’s Great Work.

The Buddhist Wheel of Dharma has 8 spokes.

Some churches and cathedrals have 8-fold symmetry, e.g. 8 sided octagon towers.

In Chess, the board is 8 squares by 8

In Freemasonry, there is the double square, which yields an 8-pointed star.

In David Icke’s book “The Perception Deception” he writes that the number eight is a harmonic, natural number, i.e. not to do with the artificial ‘Matrix’. (See Page 372-374). But I get confused as to exactly when (and how), in David’s view, the Matrix is supposed to have begun influencing our world.

For example, David says that the number 8 is in the dimensions of the moon, but he also says that the moon is a vehicle for the Matrix.

I think that the Matrix was here right from the beginning of the universe (it is our universe), thus many numbers (occult or scientific) could theoretically be linked to the Matrix.

David says that the Earth’s natural resonance is 8Hz, but actually that is a rounded-up number of 7.83Hz (the Schumann Resonance).