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This is an ongoing article.

THE GREAT ENNEAD – group of 9 deities in Ancient Egyptian mythology, headed by ATUM.

In Classical ATHENS, there were 9 rulers (ARCHONS).

THE X-FILES – In the pilot episode, 9 minutes are seemingly ‘lost’ at a location marked by a red cross, or “X”. The X could be a reference to the “X-Files”; or maybe an occult reference to the Rosicrucians (Red Rose on a cross); The Knights Templar (red cross for a logo); the flaming sword of truth; the fiery cross, etc.

See my article “Star Trek, NASA and the Nine”.

STAR WARS – the TIE FIGHTER has a circular window divided into 9 segments ( 8 around a central segment).

ODIN (the Norse God) hangs from a tree for 9 days.

FREEMASONRY – A 9-pointed star (3 triangles) is in an emblem for the Freemasonic ORDER OF THE SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL.

“The Nines” (2007) – sci-fi thriller movie starring RYAN REYNOLDS who plays 3 characters, of whom one is obsessed with the number 9. Confused identity is a theme in the film, which was written and directed by JOHN AUGUST who had collaborated with film director TIM BURTON, e.g. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005). Also in “The Nines” is actress MELISSA McCARTHY whose character MARGARET had appeared in a previous film by August: “God” (1998), in which Margaret befriends God.

BAHA’I religion – in the fairly modern Persian religion called Baha’i, the number 9 is considered a symbol of perfection. Baha’i temples usually have 9 sides. The Baha’i temple in New Delhi, the LOTUS TEMPLE, looks like a lotus flower with 27 petals. 27 is 9*3. See my article on 27.

More to come…