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A dictator’s true home- the political ‘centre’?

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Mainstream politics in the 21st century will see the culmination of the shift towards the so-called CENTRE where ‘left’ merges with ‘right’, and where – supposedly – there are no left or right wing dictators. But is the Centre the true spiritual home of the dictator?

Before I explain myself, I am using my definition of ‘left’ and ‘right’, which may be different to yours. Those definitions have altered over the years. Originally, they referred to support for the Monarchy (Right Wing) and rejection of the Monarchy (left wing). More recently, the right wing has been associated with low government. Just to confuse matters, left wing COMMUNISM (in theory, if not in practise) has no government, just self-organising workers in a classless society.

To me, a ‘left wing dictator’ is a contradiction in terms, as is a ‘right wing dictator’, because both left and right – in theory if not in practise – are trying to prevent a dictatorship, but going about it in different ways. The right wing solution is to let each individual chart his/her own course. The left wing solution is to create teams/groups that are united by shared goals.

A dictator can’t succeed in those environments, so the only remaining place to go is the centre where compromise is the order of the day – the compromise being to subordinate oneself to a dictator(s).