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A wolf in sheep’s clothing

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A wolf in sheep’s clothing could refer to the lambskin used to make a Freemasonic apron, which symbolises the sacrifice of the ‘Lamb of God’ and also the fig leaf that Adam and Eve use to cover up their genitals. The sheep’s clothing could also be the mythical GOLDEN FLEECE: the wool (made of gold) removed from a sacrificial lamb, and which is guarded by a dragon/serpent. Gold is associated with immortality and with the alchemical Great Work, though I believe that the true meaning of immortality is the Rebel’s escape from cause-and-effect; NOT the quest for eternal life.

Another wolf in sheep’s clothing is the fabled Big Bad Wolf disguised as the Grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf eats the grandmother and Little Red (in some versions of the story), but they escape from its belly – yet another recurring mythical theme, e.g. the Greek hero JASON escapes from the mouth of the serpent that guards the Golden Fleece; the Biblical JONAH escapes from the belly of a whale. Note the similarity of the names JASON and JONAH with JESUS and JOHN (the Baptist) and JANUS ( the 2-faced Roman God) and OANNES, the Babylonian God who is depicted as part man, part fish.

In an episode of THE SIMPSONS (“Moe Goes From Rags To Riches”), some demon sheep have demon wool that is woven into fabric that can talk.

“A Close Shave” (1995) – animated movie featuring WALLACE and GROMIT and a wool shop owner. A villain accidentally wears a woolen jumper.

More to come…