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Barclays Bank and the Labour Party

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Did the British bank BARCLAYS secretly back the British Labour Party in 2016? I saw a TV advert in April 2016 for Barclays Bank that – IMO – could have been a subtle attack on the current (2016) Prime Minister David Cameron. The advert featured Barclays’ attempts to prevent banking fraud. It begins with a seemingly respectable, well-groomed, clean-shaven, youngish man who looks a bit like David Cameron and who says: “Hello, I’m David from Barclays”, to which another voice responds: “He’s lying”. Standing behind ‘David’ is a Barclays representative who exposes David as a fraudster. The Barclays rep had a moustache and beard – very fashionable for young men in 2016 – as did Cameron’s main political rival, the Labour Party leader and political ‘messiah’ Jeremy Corbyn. The religious messiah Jesus is usually portrayed with facial hair and has the same initials: J.C. The rep is too young to be a dead ringer for Corbyn, and he wears a necktie, but his moral superiority is familiar. Here’s the advert:

A significant Barclays Bank employee in 2016 who actively supported the Labour Party was ALLEN SIMPSON, who since 2012 had worked at Barclays as the head of public policy for its’ Corporate Banking division, thus he wrote speeches for senior Barclays executives.

Simpson stood as a Labour candidate in 2015; belonged to “Labour In The City” (a network for Labour supporters who work in the financial services industry); served as a researcher for the Labour MP KEITH VAZ, of whom the latter belonged to the Queen’s Privy Council and who from 2007  chaired the influential Home Affairs Select Committee, succeeding his fellow Labour MP and Fabian JOHN DENHAM.

Simpson wrote a regular economics column in the Fabian (to be precise, YOUNG FABIAN) magazine “Anticipations”, aimed at Fabians under 31 years of age. Simpson wrote articles for ‘centre left’ journals and he currently belongs to the ‘centre left’ think tank DEMOS, as an Advisory Group Member. One such DEMOS article that he wrote was “Trust The Experts” (Oct 24, 2014), which fits in with the Fabian and Ruling Elite desire for a world government mostly staffed by unelected scientists and technocrats.

Simpson worked for the CEO of the London Stock Exchange.

The Barclays Bank chairman in 2016 was Scots-born JOHN McFARLANE (OBE), nicknamed ‘Mac the knife’, who gained Australian citizenship after successfully leading the Australian bank ANZ.  He possesses some ‘New Age’ traits that are becoming increasingly commonplace in business, politics, etc, e.g. he is a fan of the ancient Chinese ‘energy’ practice of FENG SHUI, wherein a person’s environment is designed to encourage ‘positive’ energy (QI or Chi). McFarlane reportedly replaced black executive cars with silver ones, because silver is apparently more harmonious. He criticised the bonus culture in business, complaining that bankers get paid too much, even if not successful. He is a Fellow of the influential RSA (Royal Society of Arts).

McFarlane headed CITIBANK in Ireland and the UK (Citibank was run by the Rockefellers in the 1950s and 1960s); chairman of AVIVA (insurance company); educated at Edinburgh University and the LBS (London Business School). The LBS is a ruling elite outfit, IMO. Business ‘guru’ CHARLES HANDY was a Professor there and he was chairman of the RSA.

Barclays Bank in 2015 was a major corporate member of the very influential British think-tank Chatham House (RIIA), but then who isn’t supporting RIIA? Other major corporate members included the BBC and the British Army.
RIIA Key Project Sponsors in 2015 included the Rockefeller Foundation; NATO; World Bank; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
RIIA Corporate members (2015) included AVIVA (insurance).
RIIA Partners (2015) included the UK Ministry of Defence; Royal/Dutch Shell; UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office; British Petroleum.
RIIA Academic Institutional members (2015) included the LSE’s Dept of International Relations.
RIIA Director’s Circle (2015) included Sir EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD.