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Catholic Mysticism And The New Age Movement

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I have seen some suggestions that the ‘New Age’ movement is secretly a creation of the Catholic Church. I think that the ‘New Age’ movement is primarily a Ruling Elite creation that goes well beyond any Catholic influence. That said, I do acknowledge that certain representatives of the Catholic church have played a significant role, despite the Church’s seemingly public rejection (up till the early 21st century) of ‘New Age’ values.

Significantly, the current Pope (in 2017), Francis I, is the first openly JESUIT Pope: a controversial choice because historically the Jesuits have historically sat on the fringes of the Catholic Church; one of numerous fringe groups that have pressed for reforms of the mainstream church, and that have campaigned for a more direct, more mystical, contact with ‘God’, instead of relying on the human intermediaries who are favored by the mainstream Catholic church. Catholic ‘mystics’ want more meditation and intuition: two pillars of the New Age movement.

The Jesuits officially began in the 16th century as a militant secret society (similar to the Knights Templar) designed to combat the Protestant rebellion against the Catholic church. The Jesuit logo consists of 3 letters, “ihs”, of which the flowery lower case “h” resembles the astrological symbol for Saturn.

The Jesuit priest ADAM WEISHAUPT is credited with establishing a Freemasonic political secret society in Germany during the turbulent revolutionary period of the 18th century when the power of the Church and Monarchy and State were challenged throughout Europe: much of the rebellion fostered by the Freemasons, Rosicrucians (and others), who also want more intuition.

More recently, the Jesuit priest/scientist/philosopher PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN (1881- 1965), developed ideas later drawn upon by New Agers, e.g. the OMEGA POINT and NOOSPHERE. He postulated that the universe is evolving towards the ‘Omega Point’ when life forms (evolved from humans) will regain/reunite with the transcendent God-like consciousness from which physical matter was birthed.

Chardin developed his ideas along with his Catholic friend and top mathematician EDOUARD LE ROY, the latter a ‘disciple’ of the eminent French philosopher HENRI BERGSON who won the Nobel prize for Literature. Bergson wasn’t Catholic. He had a Jewish education (and Jewish ancestry) but said that he had lost his faith. His sister MOINA married one of the founders of the notorious occult Order of the Golden Dawn (Aleister Crowley, et al).

Bergson promoted intuition.

Pope Francis hinted of a change in the church’s attitude towards intuition and the subconscious mind, when he wrote of the need for women to play a greater role in church affairs, because of their enhanced intuition, sensitivity and special ‘genius’, though he- at the time of writing, 2017 – does not want women to be ordained.
The Pope also might have hinted about intuition in his 2014 book “The Church Of Mercy”, in Chapter 3, where he writes of the need for each person to be guided by “The Holy Spirit”, and to make contact with God in our ‘heart’.