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A children’s TV show – that I discussed in my article “Espionage and the Open Society” (New Age section) – hinted of the censorship that is being triggered in response to ‘fake news’.

“Spy School” is a British children’s TV game show in which trainee secret agents solve puzzles in order to defeat the evil villain GOLDFIST. In the episode “Operation: Fake News” (CITV, Feb 23rd 2019), Goldfist uses ‘fake news’ to boost his popularity in his bid to become ruler of the world. In a public speech, Goldfist imitates his hero, US President Donald Trump, whom he admires as a “fake news guru” (to quote the Spy School chief). Goldfist becomes so popular that some people want him to be knighted by the Queen. “We cannot allow that man near our Queen”, says the Spy School chief, who instructs the trainee agents to shut down Goldfist’s broadcasting HQ.

This “Spy School” episode was broadcast a month before the official Brexit leaving date, so possibly there was a subtle dig at some of the ‘fake news’ associated with Brexit.