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Clones and Holograms

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We humans are holographic fragments of the ‘Rebel’ who created our world out of itself in a desperate bid to escape from cause-and-effect (Karma) and escape from pain, I believe. The Rebel’s manifestation on Earth as holographic fragments is hinted at in channeled information and at the movies, e.g. “Multiplicity”; “Being John Malkovich”; “Attack Of The Clones”.

A similar, but more positive New Age view (where the ‘Creator’ is a ‘good’ Creator) is in the psychically channeled writings of KEN CAREY (“The Starseed Transmissions”), who was endorsed by New Age leading lights, e.g. JEAN HOUSTON, BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, LOUISE HAY, SIR GEORGE TREVELYAN, JOSE ARGUELLES.

The ‘Rebel’ can’t create in the normal way because that creates new karma, so is – in effect – living off just one karmic ‘breath’ that is endlessly recycled. Energy (karma) can neither be created nor destroyed, say scientists, only transformed. Note, this is my conclusion, not Ken Carey’s books.

Ken Carey was a humble man living in the forest when he channeled a mind that claimed to be a god-like entity. But I’m suspicious of the high profile New Agers who support his writing. His books were published by HarperCollins, owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also published David Icke’s early New Age books.

I reckon that the reason why physical pain can be so painful is because the Rebel’s karma (‘energy’) is highly concentrated. Normally the pain is insulated from us because it is stored in the energy that composes our bodies (acting like an insulator). But a break in the physical body’s harmony releases the energy/pain.

The energy/pain of the universe is like an exploding atomic bomb that needs to be controlled and diffused, hence us lifeforms who have evolved to act like buffers. The ultimate goal of the Great Work is to create a life form that diffuses the pain/energy/karma to nothing. Think of a stone creating ripples in water. The ripples look similar to each other but get smaller and less energetic as they spread away from the initial impact. The planets are similar ‘ripples’ spreading away from the highly energetic sun.

The stars are gigantic explosions of ‘energy’, so are holographic fragments of the original ‘Big Bang’.

In the Walt Disney movie “Fantasia”, the poet GOETHE’s poem “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is the basis for a sequence when a magic broom breaks up into smaller versions of itself (holographic/fractal). The apprentice is unable to stop the  broom from fetching pails of water (and causing a flood), so chops the broom up, but the pieces just become smaller brooms that continue working. This story has its’ origins at least with the 2nd century writer LUCIAN and his story “The Lover Of Lies”. Lucian wrote arguably the earliest known story about a trip to the moon.

Goethe wrote “Faust”, in which the Devil makes a bet with God. Consequently, the Devil makes a pact with a human (Faust), in which the Devil acts like a Genie, giving Faust what he wants. The Rebel similarly wants to eliminate its karma to get what it wants.

The holographic principle can be symbolised with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), which features in the sci-fi novel (and film version) “K-PAX”, in which a mental patient with MPD (a.k.a. DID) claims to be an alien from a utopian planet where there is no government; no formal laws; a peaceful self-organizing anarchy.

A split personality is a theme in the horror story of Jekyll and Hyde (good separated from evil).

The holographic principle is seen in the ancient Indian myth of the net of the deity INDRA, which consists of connected jewels (or pearls) that reflect each other. Indra is described as a magician/illusionist and – like Saint George and others – he slays an ‘evil’ serpent/dragon. Slaying a dragon symbolises the elimination of karma, I conclude.

Indra’s net is used to trap his enemies. Our world/realm is also a trap, in that it is difficult to leave. A net captures a large amount of fish thanks to Jesus, who says that he will turn fishermen into “fishers of people”. The Gnostics regarded our material world – especially human bodies- as a cosmic prison, which links to the notion of ‘sinful flesh’.

Indra’s net hangs over his palace at the centre of the cosmos/world/universe, located on a mountain (Mount MERU). The centre of the cosmos/world equates with the ‘eye’ of the karmic storm where there is no karma. At the centre of the world – in some legends – are dragons/serpents/snakes, e.g. the serpent PYTHON who is slayed by the Greek God Apollo.

Mount Meru features in Buddhism too, and is depicted at the centre of MANDALAS. A mandala represents the entire cosmos/universe. Meru has 5 peaks, corresponding with 5 Buddhas. There is a mandala of the “five Buddhas”. The Buddha wants to escape karma.

At the centre of a mandala called the WOMB REALM (or MATRIX REALM) sits the Primodial Buddha (or 1st Buddha or Celestial Buddha) named VAIROCANA (an aspect of Buddha). Vairocana, in this mandala, is surrounded by 8 Buddhas, who in turn are surrounded by numerous others who seek Buddhahood (enlightenment).

Womb realm mandala

To illustrate the principle behind Indra’s net, a Buddhist called FAZANG (FA-TSANG) devised a hall of mirrors with a statue of Buddha in the middle, whose image was replicated infinitely by the mirrors. A hall of mirrors features in the martial arts film starring BRUCE LEE: “Enter The Dragon” (1973), written by MICHAEL ALLIN, who also co-wrote the sci-fi movie “Flash Gordon” and who collaborated with Director NICOLAS ROEG (“The Man Who Fell To Earth” and “Don’t Look Now”).

A mirror owned by the Devil, and that is shattered into many pieces, is in the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” (by HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN). The mirror only reflects the bad and ugly aspects of the world. The Devil (a troll in the story) tries to take the mirror up to Heaven, but it falls and shatters. The tiny fragments of the mirror find their way into the eyes and hearts of many people, who consequently only see the bad things in life.

Multiplicity is a commandment of the Biblical God who after his flood tells the surviving humans (Noah et al) to be “fruitful” and “multiply”. On a smaller scale, all life forms begin  as single cells that divide and multiply. We humans, writes Ken Carey, will become the ‘brain cells’ (so to speak) of a superorganism that will explore the universe, directed by the ‘Creator’.

Many versions of the comedian ROBIN WILLIAMS appear in the “Family Guy” episode “Family Guy Viewer Mail #2”. Robin Williams appears in manifold forms after Peter Griffin’s love of Williams magically results in everyone he touches turning into versions of Williams, a bit like the mythical King Midas whose touch magically turns everything and everyone to gold. But his wish is more of a curse, when food and people also transform to gold. Creating gold from base metals is a goal of Alchemy. This alchemical gold- I conclude- is symbolic of the  quest for immortality, which is the Rebel’s liberation from time and karma.

Holograms and Gnosticism are central themes in the Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel “VALIS”, in which we are told that the esoteric/alchemical writer HERMES TRISMEGISTUS described the holographic principle with the maxim “As above, so below” (“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above…” in order to “…accomplish the miracle of the One Thing”). This maxim is depicted with characters who have one hand raised upwards and the other hand pointing downwards. See the following images:

Baphomet, who represents the alchemical Great Work
Tarot card
Tony from “Saturday Night Fever”

Modern day magician/illusionist DAVID BLAINE described his 40 days of fasting as “Above The Below”.

Multiple selves in parallel universes are the basis of the martial arts/sci-fi movie “The One” (2001) starring JET LI. The protagonist is a man who works for the MULTIVERSE AUTHORITY that polices interdimensional travel. One of his alternate selves wants to eliminate his other selves in order to become an immortal, god-like, being called “The One”. The film was written by two writing partners (JAMES WONG and GLEN MORGAN) who had been early writers/producers/directors recruited for the paranormal hit TV series “The X-Files”, created by CHRIS CARTER who would recruit Wong and Morgan again for his TV series “Millenium”, also aired by FOX. The Rebel similarly wants to eliminate the weaker life forms as it evolves to become the ‘perfect’ survivor.

Multiple personality disorder is the main theme of the horror movie “Split”, about a man with 23 different personalities. In the film is kidnapping and underground imprisonment. Underground = Hell? “Split” was written by the renowned  Director/writer M. Night Shyamalan, whose trademark film involves the supernatural, e.g. “The Sixth Sense”; “Signs”. He wrote the basic story of the film “Devil”, about people who are trapped with the Devil.

“…a fractal future” and “broken realities” are descriptions on the cover of the novel “Amnesia Moon” (my copy) by the Philip K. Dick fan JONATHAN LETHEM, whose admiration for P.K. Dick resulted in him co-editing a summary of Dick’s work (“The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick) and writing the introduction to “Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick”.

As the title hints, “Amnesia Moon” is about an amnesiac on a quest to discover who he really is; what is reality and what are imaginary worlds. On the cover of the novel (my copy) are the 2 protagonists sitting  next to what looks like the Grim Reaper (a skeleton wearing a cloak and carrying a scythe). The Grim Reaper symbolises karma and time, IMO, as well as death. You reap what you sow.

It’s difficult to spoil the plot because there doesn’t appear to be an obvious one. The confused identities, the dream sequences and no obvious ending render the novel not so much a ‘Who done it?’, but more of a ‘Who am I?’

“Amnesia Moon” enters into ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ territory in Chapter 19, which begins: “The Clock was happy.” This timepiece can speak, has feelings and memories and can even stop time. The Great Work? The Great Work is actually referenced, in name at least, when we are told that the clock’s unique feature is that it possesses a reflective, mirror-like quality: “And reflection; that was the great work, the distinction. The curved casing of the clock held the whole room in miniature, bent and gilded. But the light flowed both ways”. (Chapter 19, Page 205).

A hall of mirrors is obviously reflective. A holographic fragment is a mirror of the whole, albeit an imperfect mirror.

In an episode of “American Dad” (“The Two Hundred”), a science experiment unexpectedly results in one character’s various personas separating out into separate physical bodies.

RED DWARF – Sci-fi comedy series. In the episode “Dimension Jump”, the story revolves around the multiverse theory and the many different versions of ARNOLD RIMMER.

“The 6th Day” (2000) – sci-fi film set in a future where the cloning of lifeforms is commonplace.

“Spy Kids: All The Time In The World” (2011) – spy adventure film featuring the manipulation of time and featuring the creation of multiple selves.

“Quantum Leap” – sci-fi TV series. A time travel experiment by a physicist, SAM BECKETT, goes wrong. He is thrown back in time, and on gaining consciousness, finds that while he physically exists in the past, he appears to everyone else as a person that he had “leapt” into. Furthermore, he has partial amnesia related to his own identity. See my amnesia article in the Symbolism section.

EGO THE LIVING PLANET, the MARVEL COMICS character who was born of a merger of a planet and a scientist. Ego appears in the 2017 sci-fi film “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” in human form. Ego reveals that he planted seedlings on thousands of worlds that can terraform into new extensions of himself.