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This is an ongoing article.

In response to the announcement of the 2019 and 2020 spread of the CORONAVIRUS PNEUMONIA, one of the world’s largest players in online education – ALISON – offered a free basic course on the virus in February 2020, based on WHO (World Health Organisation) advice/guidelines, with instructions on how to prevent the virus from spreading. The course was advertised by Alison’s founder and CEO: MIKE FEERICK, a ‘social entrepreneur’ regarded as a pioneer in the modern online education industry.

He wrote in one UK related advert in 2020: “As of Feb 10th, the deadly coronavirus disease has infected 40,574 people and has claimed the lives of 910 victims globally. As the number of cases in the UK doubles, the UK Government has declared coronavirus as a serious and imminent threat to public health. This move gives the Government additional powers to fight the spread of the virus.”

Feerick had an indirect connection to the famed Microsoft co-creator and philanthropist BILL GATES, who in turn had numerous links to the pandemic. Feerick set up the precursor to Alison, an e-learning sub-contracting business for MICROSOFT, called ADVANCE LEARNING. Feerick explained: “I owned a number of companies at the time including one creating content for Microsoft. I owned seven courses where we’d charge people to learn Excel, Word – local governments, schools. Then I decided I would put all that content online for free.” (quoted in “”, June 12th 2016).

Bill Gates’ numerous links to the pandemic will be expanded on throughout this article, but to begin with – he was involved with several events that anticipated the pandemic just a few months before it was officially announced. In a Netflix documentary on pandemics – broadcast in November 2019 (“Explained” series; episode ‘The Next Pandemic’) – Gates warned of the possibility of a global pandemic that kills millions. The documentary featured a wet market in China. Gates’ charitable Foundation was involved in some pandemic scenario planning in October 2019: EVENT 201, which was also organised by the WEF (WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM).

In 2010, 2 significant events occurred that anticipated the 2020 ‘pandemic’: firstly, global health leaders launched the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ collaboration, in response to Bill and Melinda Gates who – at the WEF (World Economic Forum) earlier in 2010 – had called for that decade to be the ‘Decade of Vaccines’. The collaboration also involved the WHO, UNICEF and the US government’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, headed by ANTHONY FAUCI). Secondly, in 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation engaged in some scenario planning, which I outlined in my article “Scenario Planning” in the Think Tank section. One of the 4 scenarios envisaged in the Rockefeller report (titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”) is a global flu pandemic in 2012, spread by geese, and is met with “…tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.” 

A suspicious death of a scientist occurred just a few months before the pandemic was declared, and just before Bill Gates’ and the WEF’s Event 201. It was the death of the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR process that would be used globally to diagnose the Covid19 virus: KARY MULLIS, who died on August 7th 2019, despite being previously fit and healthy. The official cause, according to his doctors, was heart and respiratory failure brought on by pneumonia. His death was suspicious because he had previously been a maverick figure who had been critical of ‘Big Pharma’ and critical of how the PCR process was being employed by health authorities for diagnosing the causes of illnesses, despite PCR not being designed specifically for that purpose. PCR, he said, “…doesn’t tell you that you’re sick. And it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you…” 

Kary Mullis was also highly critical of ANTHONY FAUCI, who after Mullis’s death would become Chief Medical Advisor to US President Joe Biden: “He [Fauci] doesn’t know anything, really, about anything…He doesn’t understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he’s in.” 

Mullis attracted controversy for his skeptical positions on climate change and AIDS. He rejected the idea that AIDS is caused by the retrovirus HIV, so became a long-standing member of “The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis”. He disagreed with poisonous drug treatments for AIDS, such as AZT. 

Alison developed a significant presence in China, as described in Feerick’s Linkedin article: “Alison in China: Taking on the Chinese Learning Dragon Differently” (February 12, 2019). He wrote: “Just a few short months after launching Alison in April 2007, I received a curious email from China. It was from a professor at Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious universities (Xi Jinping, the current Chinese leader, went there). The professor was excited by the launch of Alison and was an early user. He made an exciting proposal: If Alison would fund the purchase of a trophy cup, he would assign his students the task of developing a “Market Entry Strategy for China” for which the best business plan would win a competition.”

Alison became a noted global provider in the educational technology community, receiving an Honourable Mention Award in information and communications technology from UNESCO in 2010.

Early in his career, Feerick gained an internship with philanthropist and early mentor CHARLES “CHUCK” FEENEY, the founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies, one of the largest private foundations in the world. As a rich philanthropist, Feeney became a signatory to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s “The Giving Pledge”. In his letter to Gates and Buffett, Feeney wrote, “I cannot think of a more personally rewarding and appropriate use of wealth than to give while one is living—to personally devote oneself to meaningful efforts to improve the human condition. More importantly, today’s needs are so great and varied that intelligent philanthropic support and positive interventions can have greater value and impact today than if they are delayed when the needs are greater.”

Warren Buffett said of Feeney, “[he’s] my hero and Bill Gates’ hero. He should be everybody’s hero.”
Feeney had made his fortune as a co-founder of the “Duty Free Shoppers Group”, which pioneered the concept of duty-free shopping.

Feeney graduated from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and was a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi and a member of the Sphinx Head Society. The largest single beneficiary of Feeney’s giving was his alma mater Cornell University, which has received nearly $1 billion in direct and Atlantic gifts, including a donation of $350 million enabling the creation of Cornell’s New York City Tech Campus.

In 2013, Alison was a winner at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) awards, an initiative of the QATAR FOUNDATION, which had been founded by the Royal ruler of QATAR, the EMIR Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Qatar in the early 21st century had a strong anglo-american influence. For example, the Emir had graduated from the British Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, England.

The Qatar Foundation partnered with the American RAND CORPORATION (2003 –2013), resulting in the formation of the RAND-Qatar Policy Institute.

The Emir established the Qatar Investment Authority; by 2013, it had invested over $100 billion around the world, most prominently in The Shard, Barclays Bank, Heathrow Airport, Harrods, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Volkswagen, Siemens and Royal Dutch Shell.

Feerick was an ASHOKA Fellow. Ashoka was an international organization that promoted ‘social entrepreneurship’ by affiliating individual social entrepreneurs into the Ashoka organization. Their stated mission was “to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers”.
Ashoka supporters included:-
1) ARIANNA HUFFINGTON (“Huffington Post” founder; 2) ex-UNICEF Executive Director CAROL BELLAMY; 3) FORBES magazine.


Ashoka was started in 1981 by BILL DRAYTON, a social entrepreneur with a long record of founding organizations and public service. As a student, he founded organizations ranging from Yale Legislative Services to Harvard’s Ashoka Table, an inter-disciplinary weekly forum in the social sciences. After graduation from Harvard, he received an M.A. from Balliol College in Oxford University. In 1970, he graduated from Yale Law School.

In the year prior to the 2019 outbreak, the BBC broadcast a documentary on a possible outcome of a flu pandemic: “Contagion! The BBC4 Pandemic” (BBC4, 22nd March 2018). Associated with the programme was a BBC website app based on research in 2017 and 2018 that they conducted. They wrote:

“The government rates the global outbreak of a deadly flu virus as a major threat to the UK. It could happen at any time. To predict the impact of the next pandemic more accurately than ever before, new data is needed – and lots of it. Dr Hannah Fry is on the case. She sets out to recruit the nation to download the BBC Pandemic app in a ground-breaking experiment to help plan for when the next deadly virus comes to the UK. How quickly will it spread? How many could it kill? What can we do about it? The BBC Four Pandemic experiment will find out.”

“BBC Pandemic could be key in preparing for the next pandemic outbreak. In order to better understand how an infectious disease like flu can spread, researchers need data about how we travel and interact.”

“The data collected between September and November 2017 was used to simulate the spread of a highly infectious flu across the UK and predict how many of us might die – the results are revealed in “Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic”. The data collected between December 2017 and December 2018 will contribute to this new gold-standard set for use in future simulations and in wider Pandemic research.”

“This project has been commissioned by the BBC, and is being undertaken in collaboration with researchers at the University of Cambridge and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.”

The LSHTM (LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL MEDICINE) is significant because it is a major research body that originated after the ATHLONE Committee recommended the creation of an institute of state medicine, which built on a proposal by the Rockefeller Foundation to develop a London-based institution that would lead the world in the promotion of public health and tropical medicine. By 1926, the LSHTM had secured financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation in the amount of two million dollars for the building and equipment of the new school.

The LSHTM website currently (2020) read: “Research income has grown to more than £180 million per year from national and international funding sources including UK government and research councils, the European Union, the Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation and other philanthropic sources.”

A former LSHTM graduate and Honorary Fellow was the WHO Director-General during the corona virus outbreak: TEDROS ADHANOM GHEBREYESUS, who was criticised for chosing President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to serve as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador to help tackle non-communicable diseases for Africa. In his home country of Ethiopia, Tedros had been a high-ranking member of the militant left wing TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), which had helped overthrow Ethiopia’s Marxist dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Tedros denied genocide accusations made by numerous people, such as the American economist and Nobel peace prize nominee, David Steinman, who called for Tedros to face charges for allegedly directing Ethiopia’s security forces to kill and torture civilians. Tedros left his job as one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security services, in 2015. See the “Daily Star” article: “World Health Organisation chief could be charged over Ethiopia genocide claims” by Charles Wade-Palmer, 14 DEC 2020. 

From 2009 to 2011, Tedros Ghebreyesus was also Chairman of the Board of the UN inspired GLOBAL FUND, a program to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Global Fund originated in 2001 when the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan made the first explicit public call by a highly visible global leader for a new funding mechanism, proposing “the creation of a Global Fund, dedicated to the battle against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.” Secretary General Annan made the first contribution to the Global Fund in 2001. Having just been named the recipient of the 2001 Philadelphia Liberty Medal, Annan announced he would donate his US$100,000 award to the Global Fund “war chest” he had just proposed creating. In June 2001 the UN General Assembly endorsed the creation of a global fund to fight HIV/AIDS.

The Global Fund was formed as an independent, non-profit foundation and hosted by the World Health Organization in 2002. In January 2009, the organization became an administratively autonomous organization, terminating its administrative services agreement with the World Health Organization.

Ghebreyesus was a member of the Board of the GAVI Alliance for Immunization. Gavi’s core partners were the WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. GAVI’s CEO during the pandemic was SETH FRANKLIN BERKLEY, a global advocate of the power of vaccines. He was the founder and former president and CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation created IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative).

IAVI had many donors including: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the Ministry of Finance of Japan in partnership with The World Bank; the UK Department for International Development, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID administers the U.S. foreign assistance program providing economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Berkley worked for the Rockefeller Foundation, initially as program scientist and finally as associate director of the Health Sciences Division. During his eight years with the Rockefeller Foundation, Berkley managed programs in epidemiology, public health, medical and nursing education, vaccination, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive health in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

From 1984 to 1986, Berkley worked as a medical epidemiologist for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Berkley was a Fellow of the Council of Foreign Relations, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel assisting the UNAIDS High Level Commission on HIV Prevention.

When Tedros Ghebreyesus worked in Ethiopia as its’ Minister of Health, he worked indirectly with the former US President Bill Clinton, via the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the CLINTON AIDS Initiative (CHAI). The CHAI and Yale University joined forces with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health to launch an initiative designed to boost treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Tedros said: “The agreement with the Clinton Foundation is also unique in that it includes capacity building of the health system which is very crucial in sustaining the fight as indicated in our strategic plan. I would like to use this opportunity to thank President Clinton for his commitment to fight HIV/AIDS.”

Ghebreyesus and Bill Gates shared an ally in the prominent American physician in President Trump’s coronavirus task force: Dr. ANTHONY FAUCI, the Director of the US Government’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases), who had once worked with Bill Gates on the WHO’s “Global Vaccine Action Plan” (GVAP). GVAP involved the collaboration of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NIAID, GAVI Alliance, UNICEF and WHO.

The aforementioned 2010 ‘Decade of Vaccines’ Collaboration (see above near the start of this article) resulted in the GVAP (The Global Vaccine Action Plan) ― endorsed by the 194 Member States of the WHO’s World Health Assembly in 2012. The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration was headed by a Leadership Council that included: 

Anthony Fauci (then the Director of NIAID);  

Margaret Chan (then the Director General of WHO); 

Chris Elias (at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation he was the president of the Global Development Division).  

Seth Berkley (CEO GAVI Alliance). 

Fauci publicly praised Ghebreyesus, saying: “Tedros is really an outstanding person. I’ve known him from the time that he was the minister of Health in Ethiopia. The WHO has done very well under his leadership”. Tedros and Fauci in 2018 signed a memorandum of understanding between NIAID and WHO to enhance future collaborations on research activities conducted in response to emerging infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies.

Fauci’s wife CHRISTINE GRADY had a similar background. Combining her experience working with AIDS patients and bioethics, Grady wrote the 1995 book, “The Search for an AIDS Vaccine: Ethical Issues in the Development and Testing of a Preventive HIV Vaccine”. Christine Grady and Anthony Fauci have been married since 1985. They also have a professional partnership, having worked at the NIH together and published research together.

In the late 1980s, Grady served on President Ronald Reagan’s “Commission on the HIV Epidemic.”

Grady joined the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to treat AIDS patients when the epidemic was spreading rapidly. Grady was the Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH Clinical Center (2012 –2020 at least). From 2010 to 2017, Christine Grady was a Commissioner on the President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Returning to the aforementioned Seth Berkley (CEO of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance) – on the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ R&D WORKING GROUP he served as a Co-Chair with the RIIA (Chatham House) member DAVID SALISBURY, an influential vaccine ‘expert’. At the UK Govt’s Department of Health, Salisbury was Director of Immunisation, where he led the introduction of many new vaccines. Salisbury chaired the WHO’s SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts) on Immunization, which was the WHO committee that set global immunization policy. Salisbury chaired the WHO Global Commission for Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication.  

Salisbury was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his services to immunisation. Salisbury wrote Covid vaccine articles for the centre left British newspaper, “The Guardian”, in 2020, e.g. “Why a Covid vaccine doesn’t mean the end of face masks yet” (12 Nov 2020). 

Salisbury, during the Covid ‘pandemic’, chaired the Board of the JENNER VACCINE FOUNDATION, whose funders and partners included the usual suspects: Gates Foundation; Wellcome Trust; UK Department of Health; UK Medical Research Council; European Commission; US NIH; IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative); Gates Malaria Programme at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

The Jenner Vaccine Foundation is the financial arm of Oxford University’s JENNER INSTITUTE, which became famous in 2020 when it developed the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, in a project backed by the UK government. The Jenner Institute vaccinologist SARAH GILBERT was one of the leading scientists involved in the vaccine’s development. The Jenner Institute was co-founded by a government backed research institute, THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, whose Director during the pandemic – BRYAN CHARLESTON – was a Jenner Trustee under David Salisbury.  

Pirbright Institute developed and tested Covid-19 vaccines in collaboration with researchers at the University of Oxford and at the UK Government’s health watchdog: PHE (Public Health England). No surprise to hear that the Gates Foundation funded both the PHE and Pirbright Institute. PHE was replaced in 2021 by the UK Health Security Agency and by the UK Office for Health Improvement and Disparities. 

The LSHTM and Gates Foundation had a direct connection to the man who was Britain’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) during the pandemic: CHRIS WHITTY, as detailed here. In 2008, The LSHTM was awarded grant funding totaling $46.4 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and $12.7 million from other partners, to help find new and effective ways of treating and preventing malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS. The Malaria Centre at LSHTM was one of the most active malaria research groupings worldwide. The School coordinated the Gates Malaria Partnership (GMP), which was established in 2001 with a $40 million grant from the Gates Foundation to support malaria research and capacity development in Africa.  

The largest of those 2008 grants to the LSHTM, for $39,795,736.00 through October 2012, supported an LSHTM based organisation: the ACT CONSORTIUM, whose members included the LSHTM and the US CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention). Chris Whitty was the Principal Investigator for the ACT Consortium. He commented: ‘We are delighted. There have been great strides forward in developing new drugs. We now have to start to get them to the people who need them. The funding by the Gates Foundation to these studies on four continents, but concentrating on Africa, will help determine how best to achieve this’. 

The ACT Steering Committee included Gates Foundation senior adviser Dr. David Brandling-Bennett. 

Another former LSHTM student was the GAIA theory creator, JAMES LOVELOCK.

The LSHTM Director during the corona virus outbreak was PETER PIOT, a microbiologist known for his research into Ebola and AIDS. After helping discover the Ebola virus in 1976 and leading efforts to contain the first-ever recorded Ebola epidemic that same year, Piot became a pioneering researcher into AIDS. He held key positions in the United Nations and World Health Organization involving AIDS research and management. He was a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. He was a Scholar in Residence at the Ford Foundation, and a Senior Fellow at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

A day after the British government imposed new restrictions (a partial lockdown) on March 23rd 2020, Channel 4 broadcasted an episode of “The Simpsons” in which Mr Burns decides to implement a drill at his nuclear power plant, and chooses an emergency fire drill (“Mountain of Madness”, 24th March 2020).

David Icke’s old forum, which had remained available (but only for reading), became unavailable just before the partial lock down (March 23rd 2020), showing an Error message (502, Bad Gateway). It was still unavailable in May 2020.

A few days before the partial lockdown (19th March 2020), the British government downgraded the threat of the COVID-19 virus, removing its’ HCID status (High Consequence Infectious Diseases), despite going ahead with restrictions.

On 26th March 2020, the British TV channel, ITV2, controversially broadcast the movie “Contagion” (2011), about the spread of a virus; the loss of social order in a pandemic; and the introduction of a vaccine to halt its spread. Suspiciously, the movie shows the virus originating with a bat in China – similar to one way that COVID-19 might  have spread, according to some ‘experts’. Not surprisingly, one of the characters is a conspiracy theorist spreading misinformation. The movie’s screenplay was written by SCOTT Z. BURNS, who consulted with representatives of the World Health Organization as well as medical experts such as W. Ian Lipkin and Lawrence “Larry” Brilliant.

Dr. Lipkin had advised the Chinese government and the World Health Organization (WHO) during the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak.

Larry Brilliant was previously GOOGLE’s Vice President and the inaugural Executive Director of GOOGLE.ORG, the charitable arm of Google. He was Senior Advisor to JEFF SKOLL, the eBay inaugural President. Brilliant was the first CEO of SKOLL GLOBAL THREATS FUND, established in 2009 to address climate change, pandemics, water security, nuclear proliferation, and conflict in the Middle East. Brilliant was Chairman of ENDING PANDEMICS, and was also on the board of the SKOLL FOUNDATION. From 1973 to 1976, Brilliant participated in the World Health Organization (WHO) smallpox eradication program.

Scott Z. Burns co-produced AL GORE’s global warming documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth”, of which one of the production companies was Jeff Skoll’s PARTICIPANT PRODUCTIONS.

Another medical expert consulted for “Contagion” was a former CFR Senior Fellow (for Global Health) – LAURIE GARRETT, author of the 1994 book on epidemics, “The Coming Plague”.

Was pneumonia (which has numerous possible causes) confused with the COVID-19 virus? A British patient who had been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus and who had made national headlines in March 2020 – DAMION BROWN – posted a Facebook video on March 29th in which he described his condition as “pneumonia”, whereas previously he had referred to it as Covid-19.

The aforementioned BBC documentary on a hypothetical pandemic (“Contagion!”) drew a revealing response in the BBC’s TV listing magazine, “Radio Times”, in April 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. A reader’s letter read: “…it was incredible to see that this documentary was ahead of its time.” In reply, the “Radio Times” editor (I assume) wrote: “The chilling thing is that Dr Fry launched the experiment in Haslemere, Surrey – which is where the first case of Covid-19 caught in the UK was reported.” (“Radio Times”, 4-10th April 2020).

A BBC TV news presenter during the virus lockdown was CARRIE GRACIE, who had numerous links to China. A fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese, she has two children from her previous marriage with Chinese rock drummer Cheng Jin. In 1985 she went to China to teach English and Economics at Universities.

She became Beijing correspondent for BBC World Service in 1991.

In 2013, she was appointed BBC News’ first editor for China based in Beijing. She resigned from this post at the end of December 2017/beginning of January 2018, citing pay discrimination over gender for the BBC’s international editors.

Gracie was the daughter of an oil executive and studied at Oxford University.

Bill Gates and bats and the coronavirus all came together in a report that suspiciously predated the Covid-19 pandemic by 2 months. Published on October 18th 2019, “Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise” was produced by a trio of organisations:-
1) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
2) Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security;
3) the WEF (World Economic Forum).

The report “…simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms…The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths.”

The WEF President during the actual ‘pandemic’ was a member of the BILDERBERG GROUP steering committee: BORGE BRENDE, who served as Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development from 2003 to 2004. Brende had a link to China, because in 2005 he was international vice chairman of a Chinese government backed organisation: the China Council for the International Cooperation on Environment and Development (Brende on the advisory board to the State Council).

Event 201, they said, was supported by funding from the OPEN PHILANTHROPY PROJECT, of which a co-founder was a FACEBOOK co-founder: DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ, who had met Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University (both Jewish). Facebook banned numerous postings/videos that contradicted the official, ‘scientific’ advice on COVID-19 and its’ origins. Moskovitz signed up to Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s THE GIVING PLEDGE (for rich people to donate much of their wealth to philanthropy or charity).

The Open Philanthropy Project and the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION were the main financial funders of a Malaria ‘think tank’ called TARGET MALARIA, which worked in Africa and which ran a medical trial in the African country, BURKINA FASO, in 2018/2019 in which genetically modified mosquitoes were introduced in order to reduce the natural mosquito population. Fulfilling this kind of genetic engineering has been organisations such as OXITEC (originally Oxford Insect Technologies), a British biotechnology company that developed genetically modified insects to assist in insect control. The genetically modified populations act as a “living insecticide”.

Oxitec established partnerships with large agricultural industry leaders and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oxitec was founded working with Oxford University’s ISIS INNOVATION. Oxitec’s CEO GREY FRANDSEN was also the chairman of the board of directors for PILGRIM AFRICA, an NGO implementing malaria control programs in the African country, Uganda, that were funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Pilgrim Africa was headquartered in Seattle, where Bill Gates grew up and still has a home there because Microsoft is based there.

Frandsen got a Masters of Arts degree at the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS), where he was graduate student president. Johns Hopkins were involved with Event 201.

There was controversy in Germany during their lockdown when BEATE BAHNER, a German medical lawyer and prominent critic of Berlin’s coronavirus lockdown policies, was committed to a psychiatric institution, unfairly according to some. Bahner said that she was forcibly taken by police to a psychiatric clinic. Bahner, a 25-year veteran in her profession who had previously won three cases in the Federal Constitutional Court, and written five books on German medical law, issued a number of public statements decrying the Bundesregierung’s handling of the Covid19 pandemic.

During the lockdown in Britain, the “Horror” channel aired the 2015 film “Maggie”, about a deadly viral pandemic that turns people into zombies. Broadcast date: April 16th 2020.

An apparent consolation during the lockdown was the unusually pleasant weather in Britain and northern Europe during late March and April, historically associated with ‘April Showers’. The weather was mostly dry, sunny, not too hot nor cold – perfect weather for walking or just queuing outside the shops. Of course, it could have been pure coincidence (climate change?), but if you believe in artificial weather modification it is possible that the weather was deliberate. If so, a possible reason is that it pacified those who were outdoors (less likely to rebel), but frustrated those stuck indoors, so they would be more likely to get ill due to psychosomatic illness.

One of the ‘experts’ consulted for the aforementioned 2011 plague movie, “Contagion”, was a CFR member and Pulitzer Prize winner, LAURIE GARRETT, who was the subject of a flattering “New York Times” article during the corona virus pandemic in May 2020, entitled: “She Predicted the Coronavirus. What Does She Foresee Next?” (by FRANK BRUNI, May 3rd 2020).

Garrett was prescient not only about the impact of H.I.V. but also about the emergence and global spread of more contagious pathogens. Garrett warned about — in her 1994 best seller, “The Coming Plague,” and in subsequent books and speeches, including TED Talks — a pandemic like the 2020 one.

“We need either a cure or a vaccine”, she said of the 2020 pandemic in that “New York Times” interview, adding: “I’m quite certain that this is going to go in waves…It won’t be a tsunami that comes across America all at once and then retreats all at once. It will be micro-waves that shoot up in Des Moines and then in New Orleans and then in Houston and so on, and it’s going to affect how people think about all kinds of things.”

Garrett was a Member of the WEF (World Economic Forum) Global Health Security Advisory Board. The WEF and the Gates Foundation had, of course, both participated in EVENT 201, a pandemic exercise just prior to the official outbreak of COVID-19.

Garrett wrote a revealing 2003 private email (reproduced here with her spelling mistakes) about a visit to the WEF annual DAVOS meeting:
“Inside the World Economic Forum. Hi Guys. OK, hard to believe, but true. Yours truely has been hobnobbing with the ruling class. I spent a week in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. I was awarded a special pass which allowed me full access to not only the entire official meeting, but also private dinners with the likes the head of the Saudi Secret Police, presidents of various insundry countries, your Fortune 500 CEOS and the leaders of the most important NGOs in the world. This was not typical press access. It was full-on, unfettered, class A hobnobbing.”

Garrett rejected conspiracy theories, as her email reveals:

“Watching Bill Clinton address the conference while sitting in the hotel room of the President of Mozambique — we were viewing it on closed circuit TV — I got juicy blow-by=blow analysis of US foreign policy from a remarkably candid head of state. A day spent with Bill Gates turned out to be fascinating and fun. I found the CEO of Heinekin hilarious, and George Soros proved quite earnest about confronting AIDS. Vicente Fox — who I had breakfast with — proved sexy and smart like a — well, a fox. David Stern (Chair of the NBA) ran up and gave me a hug. The world isn’t run by a clever cabal. It’s run by about 5,000 bickering, sometimes charming, usually arrogant, mostly male people who are accustomed to living in either phenomenal wealth, or great personal power. A few have both. Many of them turn out to be remarkably naive — especially about science and technology. All of them are financially wise, though their ranks have thinned due to unwise tech-stock investing. They pay close heed to politics, though most would be happy if the global political system behaved far more rationally — better for the bottom line.” (her email published online by RAN PRIEUR).

Were her spelling mistakes deliberate? To make us believe that she’s one of the plebs?

Garrett was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in 1996 for a series of works published in the New York newspaper, NEWSDAY, chronicling the Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire. She left Newsday to join the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), where she created its’ Global Health Program and served as the program’s Senior Fellow from 2004-2017.

Laurie Garrett wrote her bestselling book, “THE COMING PLAGUE: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance”, while splitting her time between the Harvard School of Public Health and the New York newspaper, Newsday. Garrett was a Fellow at Harvard, where she worked closely with the emerging diseases group, concerned with the surge in epidemics of previously unknown or rare viruses and bacteria.

She worked on a broad variety of public health issues including SARS, avian flu, tuberculosis, malaria, shipping container clinics, and the intersection of HIV/AIDS and national security.

The old maxim, ‘The ends justifies the means’, summarised the behaviour of the WHO and many national governments throughout the pandemic. It was appropriate then that March 2020 saw the release of a biography of the notorious, influential Italian diplomat, NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI, famed for his ‘ends-justifies-the means’ advice for rulers of kingdoms. Written by ALEXANDER LEE, “Machiavelli: His Life and Times” made the point that Machiavelli’s infamy is undeserved. Seemingly sharing that opinion was the lead book reviewer for the centre left political magazine “New Statesman”: JOHN GRAY, a former Oxford University Professor and LSE Professor. Gray reviewed Lee’s book in his “New Statesman” article, “How Machiavelli was misunderstood” (May 6th 2020), saying:
“Machiavelli did not revel in tyranny. Instead, quite calmly, he observed that Christian virtues have no place in politics. Machiavelli’s unpardonable sin was to reveal that, if they are genuinely practised and not just hypocritically professed, Christian humility, loving kindness and trust bring ruin to any state that honours them. In contrast, what Machiavelli called virtù – a pagan resolve “to do whatever may be necessary for the attainment of civic glory and greatness” – enables the state to achieve republican self-government, which he considered the supreme political good.”

Gray had expressed similar views back in 2013 in another “New Statesman” article on Machiavelli: “What Machiavelli knew” (July 18th 2013). Gray wrote: “It’s a delusion to believe, as the western powers do, that law can ever supplant politics. And in politics, achievable and worthwhile ends justify the means.

“In the view of most liberal thinkers today, basic liberties and equalities should be embedded in law, interpreted by judges and enforced as a matter of principle. A world in which little or nothing of importance is left to the contingencies of politics is the implicit ideal of the age.

“The trouble is that politics can’t be swept to one side in this way. The law these liberals venerate isn’t a free-standing institution towering majestically above the chaos of human conflict. Instead – and this is where the Florentine diplomat and historian Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527) comes in – modern law is an artefact of state power. Probably nothing is more important for the protection of freedom than the independence of the judiciary from the executive; but this independence (which can never be complete) is possible only when the state is strong and secure. Western governments blunder around the world gibbering about human rights; but there can be no rights without the rule of law and no rule of law in a fractured or failed state, which is the usual result of western sponsored regime change.”
“The true lesson of Machiavelli is that the alternative to politics is not law but unending war. When they topple tyrants for the sake of faddish visions of rights, western governments enmesh themselves in intractable conflicts they do not understand and cannot hope to control. Yet if Machiavelli could return from the grave, he would hardly be annoyed or frustrated by such folly. Ever aware of the incurable human habit of mistaking fancy for reality, he would simply respond with a Florentine smile.”

Gray’s 1998 book “False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism” was praised by GEORGE SOROS as “A powerful analysis of the deepening instability of global capitalism. It should be read by all who are concerned about the future of the world economy”.

Gray supported ‘green’ ideas, drawing on the Gaia theory of James Lovelock. Gray made several broadcasts for BBC Radio 4’s programme “A Point of View”. Gray’s links to the New Statesman and the LSE are not surprising as both organisations were started by Fabians.

On May 16th 2020 there were public protests in Britain opposing various aspects of the pandemic: the lockdown; proposed vaccination, etc. But were those protests – organised supposedly by the mysterious UK FREEDOM MOVEMENT – actually organised by the UK government in order to lure protesters out into a controlled environment? At the same time, the David Icke website was ‘hacked’/attacked repeatedly in a sustained attack that lasted at least a week.

Bill Gates and the British NHS linked indirectly during the pandemic via the American health care company UNITEDHEALTH GROUP, of which a former senior executive was the NHS CEO during the pandemic, SIR SIMON STEVENS, who during Tony Blair’s premiership had been the Government’s health policy adviser. Stevens knew Boris Johnson when they were students at Oxford University. UnitedHealth Group R&D partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others to conduct a study that claimed to demonstrate that a simple, self-collected test was as effective in identifying COVID-19 infections as the then current clinician-collected test. Widespread adoption of this less invasive test would reduce exposure for health care workers and improve overall testing efficiency across the country, they claimed.

The UnitedHealth Group President during the pandemic was an adviser to the Gates Foundation: SIR ANDREW WITTY, who in April 2020 assisted the World Health Organization in developing a vaccination for COVID-19. In May 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he was appointed to the expert advisory group for the UK Government’s Vaccine Task Force, chaired by Patrick Vallance. Witty had been previously CEO of the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. He served as an economic adviser to the Governor of Guangzhou, China from 2000-02. Witty was on the IMPERIAL COLLEGE Commercialisation Advisory Board.

A book on preventing epidemics (that was written 2 years before the pandemic) was littered with familiar names and opinions. “The End of Epidemics” (2018) was authored by a Rockefeller Foundation employee and former WHO employee: Dr. JONATHAN QUICK, who in 2020 was appointed by the Rockefeller Foundation as Managing Director of Pandemic Response, Preparedness, and Prevention. His book, he wrote, had developed in 2015 at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre (Lake Como) where was a Resident Fellow. In writing the book he acknowledged the help of Bill Gates, Laurie Garrett (see above), PETER PIOT (see above). Bats are mentioned in the book’s cover notes: “Somewhere in nature, a killer virus is boiling up in the bloodstream of a bird, bat, monkey, or pig, preparing to jump to a human being. This not-yet-detected germ has the potential to wipe out millions of lives over a matter of weeks or months.” Endorsements for the book came from:- 

1) the Rockefeller Foundation President, RAJIV SHAH (Trilateral Commission member), who previously had been the head (Administrator) of USAID (United States Agency for International Development). Shah joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2001, serving in a range of leadership roles including Director of Agricultural Development, Director of Strategic Opportunities, Deputy Director of Policy and Finance and Chief Economist. During his time at the Gates Foundation, Shah led the launch of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, an alliance with the Rockefeller Foundation that focused on addressing the specific environmental and agricultural needs of African farmers. 

Shah raised money for the Gates funded GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) through his work at the IFFIm (International Finance Facility for Immunization), which raised more than $5 billion for GAVI. Shah announced the Rockefeller Foundation’s donation of $5 million to GAVI in 2020. At the USAID, Shah announced an increased U.S. commitment to GAVI. 

2) the WELLCOME TRUST Director, SIR JEREMY FARRAR (OBE), who played a key role in the UK government’s response to the pandemic, and who joined forces with Bill Gates in setting up CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations). In May 2020, Farrar was appointed to the expert advisory group for the UK Government’s Vaccine Task Force. He was part of the UK’s SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, led by Patrick Vallance).  During his time at the Wellcome Trust, together with CHRIS WHITTY (who would become Chief Medical Officer for England during the pandemic) and NEIL FERGUSON (whose coronavirus predictions heavily influenced the UK government), Farrar co-authored an article in “Nature” titled “Infectious disease: Tough choices to reduce Ebola transmission”. Farrar co-chaired the WHO’s working group on dengue vaccines from 2015 until 2016. Farrar chaired the Scientific Advisory Group of the WHO R&D Blueprint, a global strategy and preparedness plan that allows the rapid activation of research activities during epidemics. Farrar served on the joint World Bank/WHO Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), co-chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland.  

The aforementioned CEPI was launched at the WEF’s Davos annual meeting by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, the WEF, the governments of Norway and India. CEPI secured financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, the European Commission, and numerous national governments such as Australia, Germany, Japan, and the UK. CEPI Board members included Jeremy Farrar and Peter Piot. 

Farrar was a council member of the Japan based GHIT Fund (The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund), an international public-private partnership between the Government of Japan, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, GlaxoSmithKline, the UN Development Programme, et al. The GHIT Fund announced that Bill Gates and Farrar had both received from the Government of Japan the prestigious “Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun”. 

Another of the above book’s endorsers:  

3) the UNILEVER CEO PAUL POLMAN (KBE), who was chairman of the UN offshoot: the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (initiated by Maurice Strong, the Secretary-General of UNCED (UN Conference on Environment and Development).  Polman was a Vice Chairman of the UN GLOBAL COMPACT.  At the invitation of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Polman served as one of the 27 members of the UN High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Polman was a member of the WEF International Business Council. In 2016 Polman was selected by former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to be an SDG Advocate, tasked with helping build widespread support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Polman co-created a Foundation called IMAGINE – to help combat poverty and climate change by helping companies meet UN global goals for sustainable development. Another IMAGINE co-founder was Unilever’s Chief Sustainability Officer, JEFF SEABRIGHT, who spent 20 years in the US government, serving in the US State Department, USAID, US Senate and the Clinton White House. Seabright was a board member of the WEF Global Future Council on Food Security and Agriculture. Seabright had a Rockefeller connection, as he had served in the Office of the Senator JAY ROCKEFELLER, who like Bill Gates also received the Grand Cordon Order of the Rising Sun (Japan).  

Jay Rockefeller’s in-law, SUSAN ROCKEFELLER, belonged to IMAGINE on its’ mission board, sitting alongside RICHARD BRANSON, ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, SUZY CAMERON (wife of filmmaker James Cameron), MO IBRAHIM (billionaire businessman whose Foundation had as a board member the ex-Irish President MARY ROBINSON, the latter appointed the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Change). 

Returning to the book’s author Jonathan Quick…at the WHO, Quick was Director of essential drugs and medicines policy. There, he worked with his friend and another WHO Director – DAVID HEYMANN (CBE) – who would write the foreword to Quick’s book and he headed the global response to SARS. Heymann was a professor at the LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). At Chatham House (RIIA), Heymann was a distinguished fellow in its’ Global Health programme. 

Quick’s book, he wrote, was primarily funded/supported by the MSH (Management Sciences for Health), of which he was President/CEO. The MSH collaborated with the usual suspects:- Gates Foundation; WHO; World Bank, USAID, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), UNICEF. 

Quick chaired the GHC (GLOBAL HEALTH COUNCIL), which originally had been funded by US Federal grants (primarily from USAID and CDC). The GHC received grants of varying sizes from a variety of foundations, including the Gates, Rockefeller and George Soros’ OSI. 

Bill Gates said that he would have been hacking biology if he had been a teenager in the 21st century, according to a “Wired” online article by STEVEN LEVY in 2010 (“Geek Power: Steven Levy Revisits Tech Titans, Hackers, Idealists”, April 19 2010). Levy wrote: “Just ask Bill Gates. If he were a teenager today, he says, he’d be hacking biology. “Creating artificial life with DNA synthesis. That’s sort of the equivalent of machine-language programming,” says Gates, whose work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has led him to develop his own expertise in disease and immunology. “If you want to change the world in some big way, that’s where you should start — biological molecules.””

A fictional highly infectious virus was seen on Channel 4 (a mainstream UK TV channel) in August 2020 during an evening of programs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the TV debut of illusionist/mind control expert DERREN BROWN. The first program (“Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control – Live”, August 16th 2020) mixed highlights of his career with a dangerous stunt broadcast live, during which Brown and his assistant wore face masks and washed their hands (because of the pandemic), which seemed to me to contradict the danger of the stunt itself. The remaining programs were the 2-part program, “Apocalypse”, which had won the public vote for the most popular Derren Brown episode, and was also Brown’s personal favourite. Was the timing of this broadcast pure coincidence? 

In “Apocalypse”, Brown fooled a hypnotised victim (STEVEN) into thinking that the end of the world (as we know it) had happened, thanks to meteorites and the release of a virus. The program was originally broadcast in 2012 to coincide with the ‘end of the world’ headlines in 2012 predicting major changes for the world. Steven hears a radio broadcaster talk about the Mayans and their supposed predictions for some major event in 2012. Actually, the Mayans made no such claim (it was modern day interpreters), but no matter. The virus appears on 31st August, the same date as Diana Spencer’s death in Paris. Steven wakes up in a hospital several weeks later, on September 13th, just 2 days after the date of 9/11. The meteorites interfere with TV and radio signals, so I don’t think it was coincidence that during the 2020 live show, Brown apologised for the TV interference that had briefly affected the beginning of the show, e.g. the picture split in two. 

“Apocalypse” wasn’t just mindless entertainment but, said Brown, was an attempt to improve Steven’s questionable behavior and personality through a traumatic experience. As one journalist put it: “…imagine “The Walking Dead” meets “The Wizard of Oz”. Brown seemed to reference “The Wizard of Oz” when he said that in order for Steven to succeed, he would need a brain, a heart and courage. The Covid-19 pandemic is being described in similar life-changing terms. 

In August 2020, a primary school in the English town of MILTON KEYNES became the first in the country to declare that it would be making all young children (as young as 5 years old) wear face masks when they start the new term in September 2020. Only children in reception class would not be forced to cover their faces, according to the edict sent out by WARREN HARRISON, the headmaster of the Premier Academy’s Eaton Mill Primary School. Mr. Harrison criticised the way the government had handled its response to the pandemic. The school also cancelled breakfast and after school clubs. 

A suspiciously timed NETFLIX documentary series on pandemics was released in January 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic went global. “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak” covered a range of issues such as the possibility of an influenza pandemic; research into achieving a universal vaccine; emerging viruses; anti-vaxxers; and the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Filmed over the course of the 2018 – 2019 flu season, “Pandemic” was full of what-if scenarios that actually came to fruition. In the show, the USAID Emerging Threats Unit director, Dr. Dennis Carroll, warned that we should be most worried about influenza and respiratory viruses. The Gates Foundation funded one of the flu vaccine start-ups featured in “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak”. 

One of the “Pandemic” executive producers was Dr. SHERI FINK, a Jewish “New York Times” journalist and former physician who wrote about health, medicine and science. She received the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. Sheri Fink was a senior fellow with the Harvard University HHI (Harvard Humanitarian Initiative), which maintained partnerships with major relief organizations and government agencies to improve the effectiveness of aid delivery worldwide, including: the WHO; the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees); USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development); U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

Fink’s Jewish Zionist father, HERSCHEL FINK, regarded as one of America’s premier media attorneys, belonged to the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America), the first official Zionist organization in the United States. The ZOA, especially early in the 20th century, was the primary representative of American Jews to the World Zionist Organization, espousing primarily Political Zionism. The ZOA was instrumental in mobilizing the support of the U.S. government, Congress, and the American public for the creation of Israel in 1948. 

Herschel Fink represented American celebrities in First Amendment and intellectual property cases, including filmmaker Michael Moore; chat show host Jay Leno; musician Dr. Dre; author Stephen King; and “The Temptations”. Fink’s first paying journalism job was with the Detroit based THE JEWISH NEWS, where he worked under its’ founder, the Zionist publisher PHILIP SLOMOVITZ, who knew Israel’s founders as well as America’s leaders.  

Sheri Fink previously worked at 3 Gates-funded organizations:  

1) ProPublica; 


3) the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS, which received a $700,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to respond to a deadly cholera outbreak in northern Cameroon. 

Just to expand on the above 3 organisations: New America (formerly the New America Foundation) was a centre-left US think tank that was criticized for its perceived close ties with GOOGLE, of which Google chairman Eric Schmidt was a former chairman and a major financial donor with his wife WENDY. Other major donors to New America included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the US Department of State; Rockefeller Foundation; Ford Foundation; Omidyar Network; Reid Hoffman Foundation. A New America co-chairman was George Soros’ son JONATHAN SOROS, succeeding Schmidt, of whom the latter became its’ Chairman Emeritus. 

ProPublica was a New York City based “newsroom” founded by a Jewish husband-and–wife team of mortgage lenders – HERBERT and MARION SANDLER, who appeared on TIME magazine’s 2009 list of “25 people to blame for the financial crisis” (the 2008 crisis). The Sandlers signed up to Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s “The Giving Pledge”, as did Marion Sandler’s brother BERNARD OSHER. 

Was it just coincidence that London’s Big Ben and the nearby Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster) were being refurbished during the low tourist numbers created by the pandemic? 

China, in October 2020, joined the WHO-backed vaccine programme COVAX that had been rejected by US President Trump. By October 2020, 184 countries and economies had joined COVAX, an international initiative co-led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and partners to ensure effective and equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines (so the official advertising said). The COVAX Facility was hosted by GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance. GAVI’s core partners were the WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

COVAX was one of 3 pillars of the ‘Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator’, a global collaboration to accelerate development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines. The ACT Accelerator was launched at the end of April 2020, at an event co-hosted by the Director-General of the WHO; the President of France; the President of the European Commission; and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The ACT Accelerator brought together governments, scientists, businesses, civil society, and philanthropists and global health organizations (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CEPI, Gavi, The Global FundUnitaidWellcome, the WHO, and the World Bank). 

Vaccine deaths reported in “Euro Weekly” in 2021 (January). 

“Norway Changes Vaccine Guidelines After 23 Deaths” By Sarah Keane 15 January 2021 @ 16:02 

“NORWAY changes its vaccine guidelines after the deaths of 23 people who received the vaccine. Norway has taken the lead in changing its guidelines for people receiving the Covid-19 vaccine after 23 people have lost their lives shortly after receiving the jab. Norwegian authorities have confirmed to national new outlet The Epoch Times that, of the 23 people who have died, 13 of the deaths “could have been caused, directly, by the secondary effects of the vaccines. The negative reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine have prompted spokesperson for the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Steinar Madsen, to announce a change to official guidance on who should receive the jab. According to Madsen, “people in weak health probably should not be vaccinated.”” 

When the Covid vaccines were initially released for mass vaccination programs in late 2020 and early 2021, some doctors challenged the vaccines’ supposed efficacy and safety. One doctor – Dr DAVID E. MARTIN – declared that some of the vaccines weren’t even vaccines, rather just medical devices, because they: 

1) didn’t provide immunity and  

2) didn’t prevent transmission of the virus. 

He said so in January 2021 in an online livestream event “Focus on Fauci” (“Earth Heroes”, 5th January). He said that one of the vaccines “…is a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator”. Other speakers included vaccine critic and Kennedy clan member Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  

But did David Martin have ulterior motives? He was a multi-disciplinary scientist rather than a medical doctor and had more of an Economics background than a medical one, although “His mathematics helped unravel the way the human body processes hormones and led to the detection and treatment of many diseases.” His apparently ‘New Age’ career included, according to his website, “…He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments.” 

Martin created an organisation that partnered with the World Bank: the GLOBAL INNOVATION COMMONS, “…a massive interactive archive of energy-saving technologies whose patents have expired, been abandoned or simply have no protection… The World Bank is a partner on this project, along with the International Finance Corporation’s infoDev unit.” 

Martin “… has spoken at the United Nations General Assembly on citizen-led peacemaking initiatives and has been featured on Bloomberg television and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”   

“Dr. Martin has worked closely with the United States Congress and numerous trade and financial regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, and Asia in advocating and deploying infrastructure to support growing reliance on contract and proprietary rights in business transactions. Martin was the Founder/Chair of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in INNOVATION finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. “M·CAM has supported the modernization of banking, intangible asset, tax, and accounting laws through its work with oversight agencies and policy makers.” 

Martin “…was a Co-Chair of the ADC (Australia Davos Connection) Forum’s Leadership Retreat and Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Councils.”  The ADC Forum was originally founded to promote the World Economic Forum (WEF) within Australia, and to promote Australia’s interest within the broader WEF community. 

Martin’s link to Robert Kennedy Jr. was significant as Kennedy is another ‘conspiracy theorist’ (although he rejected that description) whose motives remain unclear to me. Some of his family publicly criticised him for his views on vaccines. Kennedy claimed that he wasn’t fundamentally against vaccines, if they were shown to be safe and effective. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy claimed that both Anthony Fauci and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were trying to profit off a vaccine. For more on Kennedy, see my article on Climate Change in the Science section. 

Another Kennedy ally was ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, whose ‘liberal’ news website “HuffPost” published numerous articles and blog posts by anti-vaccine activists and vaccine skeptics (including Kennedy) when Huffington was editor-in-chief. Huffington resigned in 2015 when the HuffPost was acquired by VERIZON. Subsequently, HuffPost positioned itself squarely against vaccine conspiracy theories, although it temporarily continued to host dozens of articles that alleged a link between childhood vaccines and autism, almost all of which were published between 2005 and 2011, when Arianna Huffington served as editor-in-chief. (See the “Insider” online magazine article, “Looking for anti-vaccine conspiracy theories? You can find them on HuffPost”, J.K. Trotter, Jun 21, 2019.) That “Insider” article indicated that Huffington had subsequently changed her stance on vaccines:  

“Arianna Huffington declined to comment on the specifics of this article. “Arianna has never commented on HuffPost articles or any other HuffPost issues since she’s left,” said Monica Lee, a spokesperson for Thrive Global, a wellness company Huffington launched in 2016. “Thrive Global is 100% based on the latest science. Since the science on vaccines is crystal clear, we do not allow anti-vaccine posts on our contributor platform. The importance of vaccines for public health is not up for debate.” 

Huffington and Kennedy also teamed up on environmental issues. See my article on Climate Change in the Science section. 

A major piece of BBC propaganda on anti-vaxxers came in February 2021 with a prime time BBC1 documentary: “Vaccines: The Disinformation War – Panorama”, broadcast initially at 7-35pm (Friday 15th Feb). To prime the audience, just before the program there was an advert for a BBC2 series on Donald Trump: “Trump Takes on the World”. Throughout the documentary the background music reflected the bias in the program; there was uplifting, upbeat music for scenes where people took the vaccine, but there was an eery, downbeat, heartbeat sound when anti-vaxxers and pandemic deniers were shown. There was sad music for a patient who had died with the virus, so we were told. Apparently, the patient had contracted the virus in hospital. The patient had received a vaccine jab but that wasn’t enough to help him, so the presenter said. 

The documentary’s presenter, MARIANNA SPRING, stereotyped anti-vaxxers negatively as scaremongers, saying: “Targeting people already hesitant about the vaccine, anti-vaxxers aim to exploit this nervousness by sharing false claims online”. Spring brought in an ‘expert’ from the Ruling Elite LSHTM (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) for commentary: LIAM SMEETH, who had just been selected to be the new Director of the LSHTM, starting later in August 2021 and succeeding Peter Piot. Smeeth naturally disagreed with the anti-vaxxers. In the documentary, doctor AMEET BAKHAI compared the supposed misinformation to a pandemic itself. 

Spring featured the prominent human rights protester LOUISE CREFFIELD, founder of the campaign group SAVE OUR RIGHTS UK, but only interviewed Creffield’s cousin MEGAN (MEGHAN?) who disagreed with Creffield’s anti-vax, anti-lockdown stance. 

Spring boasted that when she and her team presented their research to the online payments company PAYPAL, Paypal consequently suspended their Paypal account for donations to the film company ORACLE FILMS, who had co-produced the video “Ask the Experts”, which had urged caution on taking the covid vaccine. 

Spring interviewed an employee from the ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue), of which more is in my article on the ISD in the Think Tanks section. 

Spring’s boss for the documentary was MIKE WENDLING, the editor of BBC TRENDING (The BBC bureau on the internet). They teamed up to present a BBC radio documentary aired the previous month: “A Year of Misinformation” (BBC Radio 4, Jan 26th 2021), exposing the supposed ‘lies’ and misinformation during 2020, focusing on the pandemic and the US election. Wendling authored the book “Alt-Right”, on the ‘Alt-Right’, who Wendling regards as the white nationalist, misogynist, far-right movement that rose to prominence during Donald Trump’s successful 2016 election campaign in the United States. Wendling had been part of the BBC team that covered that 2016 US election. He produced the BBC radio series “America’s Own Extremists”. 

In May 2021, the US government (under Joe Biden) publicly indicated that the corona virus might have accidentally escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Coincidentally or not, also in May 2021 was the publication of a fictional novel about Russian bio-weapons and a deadly viral pandemic, written by the BBC’s security correspondent, FRANK GARDNER. He spoke about his novel, “Outbreak”, in a BBC interview published in May 2021 in the BBC’s magazine “Radio Times” (May 29th 2021). In the article he says: “I started writing the book in December 2018, and was speaking to virologists and epidemiologists and Cobra team members long before most of us had heard of those things.” Speaking of the China lab/virus leak theory he said: “I think it’s perfectly possible that it escaped from experiments being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because there is a precedent.” Gardner said that it was unlikely that the British government similarly creates bio-weapons, though he did acknowledge that very lethal pathogens are created in British labs (e.g., at Porton Down) in small quantities for testing antidotes and protective equipment. 

Some blatant propaganda that demonised anti-vaxxers was seen on Britain’s Channel 4 in June 2021. The Channel 4 documentary, “The Anti-Vax Conspiracy” (June 1st 2021), tried to portray the anti-vaccination movement as a sinister conspiracy in itself, as the programme’s title suggested. Speaking of Channel 4’s decision to commission the programme, Steve Boulton (the commissioning editor of Channel 4 News and Current Affairs) said: “This is a time of powerful anti-social conspiracy theories and we felt we needed to take a deep dive into one of the most troubling, a movement which threatens to damage public health just as science starts to deliver us all from a killer pandemic.” (Channel 4 online news release, May 5th 2021). For the documentary, Channel 4 commissioned 2 production companies who also were pro-vaccination: CARAVAN and QUICKSILVER MEDIA.  

Caravan was founded by BAFTA (the British film and TV charity), the RTS (Royal Television Society) and a former BBC producer: DINAH LORD, who was Caravan’s Managing Director in 2021 and an Executive Producer for the documentary. Caravan’s senior team in 2021 included another former BBC producer, MATTHEW BARRETT. 

Quicksilver Media was headed by a former Channel 4 producer, EAMONN MATTHEWS, an Executive Producer on the documentary, who said: “Just at the moment when Covid vaccines offer the best chance for saving the lives of millions across the globe, the anti-vaxx movement has grown in strength.  “The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement” [the working title for the documentary] investigates this well-funded and organised movement and the methods it uses to draw in and hold its followers.” (Channel 4 News release, May 5th 2021). 

The documentary featured Piers Corbyn, amongst others, but there was no mention of David Icke, strangely, and Alex Jones only appeared very briefly. That said, David Icke’s disembodied voice was heard for a few seconds.   

The documentary concluded with the narrator saying of the anti-vax movement: “Now it’s political; they’re preaching a New World Order; an outright rejection of science, experts, and established authority.” Note the blatant use of a name usually employed by conspiracy researchers to describe the Ruling Elite’s plans: ‘New World Order’.  

‘Anti-hate’ spokesperson IMRAN AHMED got free reign in the documentary to – hypocritically – whip up fear and hate of anti-vaxxers. Inevitably, the documentary focused on the weaknesses (real or illusory) of anti-vaxxers, rather than their strengths. Imran Ahmed (and the documentary in general) portrayed anti-vaxxers as a sinister, well-funded, cult that preys on vulnerable people, and that is primarily interested in making money. Imran Ahmed said “We’re up against a really organised, ruthless, evil anti-vax industry.”  Of course, he was just lazily employing more or less the same accusations that conspiracy researchers direct against the Ruling Elite. The Ruling Elite’s pro-vaxx industry is the one with the real money and power. 

Imran Ahmed was the founder and Chief Executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a British not-for-profit NGO that claimed to study online hate and misinformation and develop solutions for countering them, across fields including medical misinformation and climate denial. The CCDH focused its work on tackling coronavirus misinformation, publishing the government-backed guidance. In April 2020 the CCDH launched a campaign against David Icke.  

Previously, Imran Ahmed had been the Senior Political Adviser to the UK Shadow Foreign Secretary, Hilary Benn (Labour Party). Imran Ahmed co-authored a book, “The New Serfdom”, with the Labour Party politician, Angela Eagle MP, published in 2018. 

The BBC’s not very impartial TV reviewer DAVID BUTCHER took the side of pro-vaxxers in his magazine review of the aforementioned Channel 4 documentary, when he wrote: “The pandemic has given most of us a fresh appreciation for vaccines, but not for everyone. For vaccine sceptics, the last year has been a golden opportunity to peddle misinformation and conspiracy theories, as this one-off investigates… [The documentary hears from] Piers Corbyn…who argues that the vaccine rollout is on a par with experiments carried out in Nazi concentration camps. Amazingly, ANDREW WAKEFIELD, the disgraced doctor whose study “linking” vaccines and autism helped spark the movement, is still going strong in America.” (“Radio Times”, May 29th, 2021). 

Andrew Wakefield was the former doctor who had been struck off the medical register after co-authoring a report claiming there was a link between autism and the combined jab for measles, mumps and rubella. 

In the Channel 4 documentary, Imran Ahmed spoke contemptuously about Andrew Wakefield (so much for ‘anti-hate’), and focused attention on Wakefield as if he was the only anti-vaxxer in history who mattered: “The guy who triggered all this; the granddaddy of the anti-vax movement; the first person to realise that you could target the vulnerable using misinformation about vaccines, and build a business, build a living, build a franchise off it – Andrew Wakefield…and he’s back, this time all over the Internet, telling us that you don’t need to wear masks; Covid isn’t real; and vaccines are dangerous”. Wakefield was obviously targeted by Ahmed and by the documentary makers because of his controversial career, though I don’t see a problem with Wakefield’s recommendation that multiple vaccines are safer when taken individually, spread out over time, rather than together in one shot (not that I’m a fan of vaccines). 

Another critic of Wakefield interviewed for the documentary was FIONA GODLEE, the editor in chief of “The BMJ” (“British Medical Journal”, published by the NHS approved trade union, the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION). Godlee spent a year at Harvard University as a ‘Harkness Fellow’ (the American reciprocal version of the Rhodes Scholarships) evaluating efforts to bridge the gap between medical research and practice. She served as President of the World Association of Medical Editors, whose foundation conference was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, and held at the Rockefeller Foundation Study and Conference Center in Bellagio. 

Andrew Wakefield dated supermodel Elle Macpherson, which annoyed one of Wakefield’s critics in the documentary who regarded it as unfair justice. This was irrelevant to the ‘evidence’ against Wakefield, but Channel 4 included it anyway. 

The documentary complained about the fact of deaths of children following their vaccination being used by anti-vaxxers as evidence, as if this could only be a coincidence. 

Coincidentally or not, on the same evening as the Channel 4 documentary was a BBC4 repeat of a medical documentary on the history of the use of poisons as medicine: “Pain, Pus and Poison: the Search for Modern Medicines”, episode 3, BBC4, June 1st 2021). An example discussed was chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, which presenter MICHAEL MOSLEY regarded as basically a good thing. Were the BBC audience being manipulated into viewing vaccines as a beneficial poison? 

Imran Ahmed, in the Channel 4 documentary, showed delight that the anti-vaxxer LARRY COOK had been censored by Facebook and Twitter. Cook had consequently tried to sue those companies. Ahmed commented on Cook’s legal challenge unsympathetically: “He said his revenue had been demolished – boo hoo…[Ahmed said] these are economically motivated bad guys; these people need to be out of business; they need to be pariahs.”  

Pariahs? People considered to be outcasts? This is the language of intolerance and hate. Ahmed regards anti-vaxxers as a virus to be wiped out. 

In the documentary, a pro-vaxxer featured was ETHAN LINDENBERGER, a young man who had gained fame for publicly opposing his mother’s anti-vax stance and belief in conspiracy theories. Consequently, Lindenberger had been invited to testify before a US Senate hearing that dealt with epidemics of diseases such as measles, and dealt with the dissemination of misleading information about vaccines. Lindenberger also gave a TED talk on vaccine misinformation. Curiously, in the Channel 4 doc, Lindenberger had a tattoo on his right arm of the CADUCEUS symbol (the winged staff of HERMES with 2 intertwined snakes) that had been adopted in America as a symbol of medicine. Did the symbol have another meaning? Andrew Wakefield regarded Lindenberger as a “useful idiot” (to the pro-vaxxers) and as a “role model” for young people to rebel against their parents. This division between parents and children is a Ruling Elite goal, I believe. Wakefield said he was a fan of ‘maternal instinct’. 

The pandemic was used as an excuse to accelerate the Ruling Elite’s plans for a cashless society, by falsely linking physical cash to the spread of the virus. Noticeably, the WHO made no such link themselves; they even publicly claimed to have been misrepresented on the issue by a British newspaper (“The Telegraph”) back in the early months of the pandemic (March 2020): “We did NOT say that cash was transmitting coronavirus,” said WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib, “We said you should wash your hands after handling money, especially if handling or eating food. Doing so is good hygiene practice.” 

“Cash is so old school”, was a slogan on the website in 2021 of the British bus/coach company STAGECOACH, who acknowledged the WHO’s comments on cash yet still encouraged its’ passengers to avoid using cash. Stagecoach still accepted cash, but operated an ‘Exact Fare Policy’ for some areas. On their website in June 2021 they wrote: “Paying by cash? Our priority is to protect the safety of our customers and our colleagues. We’re really pleased that the amount of cash being handled on our buses has reduced since the Covid-19 restrictions began, but we recognise that there’s more we can do to help prevent the spread of this virus. Whilst we have seen a reduction in cash handling as a result of asking customers to use contactless, we are looking at opportunities to further minimise cash use.” 

On Stagecoach’s Exact Fares FAQ’s it said: 

“Q. Why are you introducing an exact fare policy?…This is a temporary change to our policy that takes into account feedback from our customers and drivers to provide added protection and reassurance during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Q. Are you saying it isn’t safe for people to handle cash? The latest advice from the World Health Organisation says that there is no evidence of virus transfer from cash. However, we are listening carefully to our staff and customers on extra measures that will help them feel safe at the current time, and from the feedback we have received in some parts of our business, we know that reducing cash handling will help with this.” 

In October 2021, a UK NHS Chief and former Tony Blair adviser urged PM Boris Johnson to enforce ‘Plan B’ to avert a COVID crisis in Winter. The UK NHS CONFEDERATION Chief Executive MATTHEW TAYLOR (CBE) urged the government to bring back certain measures, including mandatory face coverings in public places, in a bid to prevent Britain “stumbling into a winter crisis”. The NHS Confederation was the membership organisation that brought together, supported and spoke for the whole healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Matthew Taylor had previously served PM Tony Blair as head of the Number 10 Policy Unit. He headed the centre left think tank IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research). Taylor was CEO of the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). For many years he was a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s “The Moral Maze”, thus he followed in the footsteps of his left-wing socialist father LAURIE TAYLOR who regularly presented the BBC Radio 4 discussion show “Thinking Allowed”. 

Matthew Taylor’s NHS predecessor was another BBC man, NIALL DICKSON, who was social affairs editor for BBC News. 

In 2010, the same year as the aforementioned Rockefeller scenario report and the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ collaboration, a new episode of “The Simpsons” was aired (in November) that poked fun at conspiracy theories involving viruses and vaccines. “The Fool Monty” (episode 6, series 22) begins with a conspiracy by a sinister cabal of American media executives. The cabal’s head says: 

“I’d like to call to order this secret conclave of America’s media empires. We are here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong– in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials…I think we should go with a good old-fashioned public health scare.” 

The cabal decide to release a virus, but a real one, not a fictional virus. Fortunately, they have a suitable deadly virus in a suitcase. “Now we just have to blame it on something that’s in every household… something that people are a little bit afraid of already.” 

They call it ‘Housecat Flu’. The TV news reader KENT BROCKMAN announces: “The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the Housecat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.” Of course, there is a vaccine on offer, but not enough for everyone.

In 2022, Robert Kennedy junior appeared to me to have received some help from certain sections of the mainstream media (in spite of the general backlash from the MSM) in popularizing his bestselling book on Fauci and Gates, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” (2021). I realised this after seeing his book in one of Britain’s most prevalent high street bookshops: WATERSTONES, a retailer that had originally risen to prominence with help from Britain’s top book/magazine high street retailer, W.H. SMITH.  

Waterstones in 2022 was mostly owned by an aggressive ‘activist’ investment firm, ELLIOTT INVESTMENT, which was founded by Jewish billionaire PAUL SINGER who had signed Bill Gates’ “The Giving Pledge”. Singer seemed well prepared for the ‘pandemic’, because on February 1, 2020, several weeks before many Americans had heard of COVID-19, Singer wrote a memo to his employees about preparing for the possibility of being quarantined for at least a month due to the virus. 

Singer’s firm, Elliot, owned a stake in TWITTER, leading to an audacious attempt by Singer to oust Twitter CEO JACK DORSEY, but Dorsey survived and Elliot partner JESSE COHN (Singer’s right-hand man and also Jewish? His name sounds Jewish) joined the Twitter board. Cohn gained a fearsome reputation for laying siege to Silicon Valley firms.  

Singer was accused of bolstering Israel’s tech economy at America’s expense: “How Neocon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel” (WHITNEY WEBB, JUNE 11TH 2019, MintPress News). Click here for the article: 

Singer’s primary Israeli vehicle was START-UP NATION CENTRAL, an “independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation.” Its’ CEO in 2022 was AVI HASSON, who served as Chief Scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry and as the Founding Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), a key government driver of Israel’s tech explosion over the past decade.  

Another Waterstones owner (minority stake) in 2022 was its’ previous majority owner, LYNWOOD INVESTMENTS, whose billionaire Russian owner – ALEXANDER MAMUT – had appointed JAMES DAUNT to be Waterstone’s CEO – a role he still occupied in 2022. Daunt is the son of the diplomat Sir Timothy Daunt.  

Why would Waterstones sell a supposedly ‘controversial’, ‘discredited’ book that has an endorsement on its’ back cover from controversial Trump supporter and Fox News talk show host TUCKER CARLSON? How did the book become a #1 bestseller on AMAZON, and a bestseller according to the NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY? I believe it’s partly because Kennedy is not quite the anti-establishment figure he appears to be, and partly because Fauci and Gates were going to be brought under control anyway by the Ruling Elite, just as the social media giants were tamed, and Western capitalism is being tamed. 

Kennedy publicly claims to be pro-vax in theory, but anti-vax in practise, due to dodgy covid vaccines. He also appears to support the notion of the covid virus as the cause of the pandemic. I say more of Kennedy in my article “Climate Change”, in the Science section. 

Another reason for the book’s success is that its’ official distribution was handled by one of America’s top mainstream book publishers, SIMON & SCHUSTER, operating on behalf of the publisher of Kennedy’s book, SKYHORSE – an ‘independent’ publisher, though I’m not sure that Skyhorse can claim to be ‘independent’ when they are being helped by a mainstream publisher, and bearing in mind that Skyhorse’s Editorial Director, MARK GOMPERTZ, had been at Simon & Schuster as a top executive. 

Simon & Schuster don’t seem to have been put off by Skyhorse’s reputation for publishing the sort of books other publishers won’t touch. Despite their conspiracy theorist reputation, Skyhorse published a flattering book on John D. Rockefeller: “John D. Rockefeller on Making Money”, which is particularly appropriate here as Simon & Schuster’s New York HQ has been for many years at the Rockefeller Center. 

Am I allowed to say that Simon & Schuster’s founders were Jewish? And that its’ CEO in 2022 was Jewish? (JONATHAN KARP) Am I also allowed to say that Simon & Schuster’s owner in 2022 was PARAMOUNT GLOBAL, whose chairman then was Jewish (SHARI REDSTONE, daughter of media magnate SUMNER REDSTONE) and whose President/CEO was Jewish (BOB BAKISH). Don’t shoot the messenger! 

Not long after I saw Kennedy’s book in Waterstones, I heard of the need for more taming of the capitalist ‘big pharma’, in a BBC Radio discussion show: “Start the Week” (BBC Radio 4, June 27th 2022). One of the guests who attacked the drug companies for being overly profit-driven was the climate change activist and ‘Google Scholar’ and New York University Professor, JENNIFER JACQUET, who once spoke at Chatham House (RIIA) in 2015 (according to her CV). Jacquet, in the BBC radio show, was able to advertise her expose of the corporate world’s corruption of science: “The Playbook: How to Deny Science, Sell Lies, and Make a Killing in the Corporate World” (2022). 

Jacquet advocated shaming as a form of ‘positive’ social control, hence her book “Is Shame Necessary?” She even had a ‘Shame Gallery’ on her website. She encouraged the shaming of anti-vaxxers and anti-mask wearers, writing of the pandemic: 

“With such high stakes, it is no surprise that the first wave of shaming was related to individual behavior affecting the spread of the virus and our public health: personal hygiene, social distancing, nonessential travel, hoarding. During the first half of March, I found myself shooting dirty looks at people who coughed without covering their mouths. (I live in Manhattan, so… a lot of looks.) In one of the pandemic’s most infamous (and effective) shaming moments to date, the media singled out a man for hoarding hand sanitizer. The next day he donated all of it to people in need.” (See her website article: “Public Shaming Has Only Just Begun: Shame has already fostered social distancing, but the most interesting and constructive shaming is yet to come” (April 8th 2020)


More to come…