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David Icke and the Archons

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In David Icke’s book “The Truth Vibrations” (published in 1991) he wrote positively about the “Archons”, who were created by the Godhead (see P103 and 104). The Archons he wrote, are ‘Deva spirits’ who create solar systems, including our own. Other beings (such as the Solar Logos) then move in to oversee the evolution of life on planets.

The ‘negative’ Archons of Gnostic belief, which Icke now says control our world, serve the Fake God (Demiurge) who created our world.

So who told him originally that the Archons were wise and good?

“The Truth Vibrations” was initially published by “The Aquarian Press”, then a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s “HarperCollins Publishers”.