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David Icke- pro or anti-democracy?

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I still can’t work out where David stands on democracy. On the one hand, he has spoken contemptuously of Democracy as a form of “mob rule”, while on the other hand he is critical of ruling elite organisations that are anti-democracy, e.g. in his book “The Perception Deception” he criticises the UN for the way in which it has implemented its “Agenda 21” programme: with little public participation. He writes on Page 624 that the ruling elite “…want NO democracy…” and want a ‘Post-Democratic” society.

My impression is that he really doesn’t like democracy, and prefers intuition as the main ‘organiser’ of human affairs. The trouble is, the Ruling Elite also want intuition to come to the fore.

I agree that Democracy isn’t perfect, but we have never had a proper democracy, so it’s difficult to pass judgement on something that is more theory than practice. Democracy that is ‘Direct’ (rather than ‘Representative’) might inspire more confidence in Democracy. That said, the ex-British PM Tony Blair said that he wasn’t keen on ‘Direct’ Democracy, when interviewed for a BBC Radio 4 series “Can Democracy Work” (Episode one, 13th Jan 2015). If his comments don’t make people more open to ‘Direct’ democracy, I don’t know what will. If direct democracy does catch on, I’m sure the Ruling Elite will try to channel it to their advantage; maybe use it as a stepping stone.

I see Direct Democracy as a stepping stone rather than an end in itself. Whatever the solution is to the world’s problems, it’s not going to happen overnight, so compromises will need to be made, especially bearing in mind that there are 7 and a half billion people in the world, with diverse opinions. We need to talk with each other and negotiate.