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David Icke’s Wembley poster

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The signed poster of David Icke at his Wembley arena talk in 2014, which was sold on his website, showed him with his arms outstretched in a horizontal position, reminiscent of the portrayals of Jesus on the cross.

But why was that photograph chosen out of the many that are available? Surely someone must have spotted the obvious negative connotation? This is not going to help his cause if he wants to distance himself from the cliched ‘Icke thinks he’s the son of god’ representations of him in the mass media.
Note that I consider my view here as  ‘constructive criticism’ because David has received enough ridicule over the years without adding to it via gestures/behaviour that could be easily misconstrued, especially by those who still view him (incorrectly) as ‘that guy who thinks he’s the son of God’.

Also, his actions contribute significantly to how conspiracy theorists are viewed in general.