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Disclaimer – I’m not prejudiced

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I do NOT believe that our world is controlled by one single identifiable group, thus the topmost Ruling Elite is NOT Freemasonic, nor Jewish, nor even a ‘white, middle age men’ plot.

I promise you that I am NOT anti-semitic, NOR do I believe that Jews rule the world. But I do believe that the Ruling Elite have deliberately promoted some Jewish people (only a minority), usually Zionists, into positions of power and wealth, for various reasons, not least to confuse, misinform and discredit conspiracy theorists.

Modern Israel was a Ruling Elite creation (mostly Anglo-American), IMO, designed primarily to destabilize the Middle East and to allow Western governments to gain partial control of Middle Eastern oil and gas reserves. The bitter irony (and hypocrisy) of modern Israel is that the Palestine people have at times been treated almost as badly as the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. Israel has always been a no-nonsense ‘Right Wing’ country.

The famous British scientist STEPHEN HAWKING, who was not seriously regarded as anti-semitic, was one of numerous people over the years who boycotted pro-Israel events/activities. He cancelled his appearance in 2013 at the Israeli President’s annual conference, in protest of the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people. And yet this type of boycott is now being classified as ‘anti-semitic’ and soon will be illegal around the world, at the time of writing, 2019.

Racism by Jews themselves has been overlooked and tolerated in a way not seen with other more cliched, stereotypical racists. There have always been Jewish people (especially Jewish Rabbis) who regard the Jews as superior to everyone else, such as a higher IQ (intelligence). In 2018, an Israeli Zionist and lawmaker and politician, MIKI ZOHAR, publicly said that the Jewish race is the “smartest” in the world and is “the highest human capital.”

I find it puzzling that many ‘Jewish atheists’ have been happy to accept the idea of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East, despite rejecting the Jewish religion that is the source of that notion of a Jewish homeland (chosen by God) in the Middle East.

An example of the Ruling Elite promoting Jewish people into influential positions is the influential American ‘think tank’ called the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR). In 2019, the CFR’s Chairman, President, a Vice Chairman, a Chairman Emeritus, were all Jewish, as was the CFR’s editor of its’ magazine: “Foreign Affairs”. To elaborate, the CFR’s President from 2003 to 2019 at least was RICHARD HAASS. The Chairman from 2017 to 2019 at least was DAVID RUBENSTEIN, previously the CFR’s Vice chairman (2012 – 2017) and a co-founder of the CARLYLE GROUP. The CFR’s co-Vice chairman was BLAIR EFFRON. A CFR chairman emeritus was ROBERT RUBIN, previously the CFR’s Vice chairman (2003 – 2007) and co-Chairman (2007 – 2017) and the former Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. The “Foreign Affairs” Editor from 2010 to 2019 at least was GIDEON ROSE, who at Yale University was a member of one of its’ secret societies: the SCROLL AND KEY, thus followed in his father’s footsteps who had also been a CFR member and also studied at Yale.

It’s noticeable that other historically persecuted groups (not Jewish) have NOT received the same accusations of wealth and power as Jewish people. I have never heard of a ‘female conspiracy’ to control the banking system, nor have I heard of a ‘black conspiracy’ to control the mainstream media. If all the accusations leveled at some rich, influential Jews are just ‘racist nonsense’, then it seems strange that other persecuted groups have not received the same ‘mindless’ accusations.