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Etymology of Time, Karma and the Devil

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Karma and Time are demonised by some New Agers. I think that this demonisation stems from the ruling elite (and their non-human rulers) who don’t want to face their karmic debts. Some occultists view Satan as the good guy whilst God (Jehovah) is the bad guy. Is this because Satan equates with Saturn and karma and time?

The Hebrew name Satan is usually translated as ‘Adversary’ or ‘Opponent’ , but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. For example, a mirror can be regarded as an opponent or opposite, but a mirror is usually truthful, as is karma, which is a cosmic mirror reflecting our true nature to us. The truth can be painful and unwanted, but not ‘evil’, not in the conventional sense of the world ‘evil’.

Etymology (the origins of words and their meaning, spelling, pronunciation) can help yield insights into occult ideas, because old languages were developed by the same people that spawned secret societies, IMO.

The word DEVIL can be linked etymologically to the word DOUBLE, implying a twin, but not necessarily an ‘evil’ twin.

Abbreviations: Gk= Greek; Lat= Latin; Fr=French; Skt = Sanskrit; Ch = Chinese

Etymology: DEVIL; DIABOLOS (Gk= DEVIL; SLANDERER); DOUBLE; TWO; DEUX (Fr= Two); DEUS (Lat = God); DEUCE (Two; the Devil); DIS (Gk = Twice; prefix = the opposite of); DUS (Gk prefix = Bad); DEVA (Skt = Deity, God); DAIVA (skt = Fate); DIES (Lat = DAY); DAY (unit of time lasting 24 hours); DAIAITA (Gk= Way of life); TAO (Ch = The Way; natural order; that which cannot be expressed); DUO (Gk= Two); THEOS (Gk= God);

TAO (births the 2 primal opposites of Yin and Yang); TAU (Greek letter “T”. Some crucifixions took place on a T-cross); TAV (Hebrew “T” and the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, once written as a cross or “X”. The last letter symbolises the completion of the ‘Great Work’.);
TAURUS (Lat= Bull. A bull has 2 horns, as does the goat and the Devil); GUD (Sumerian= Bull, ox); GOAT; GOD;

DEUTEROS (Gk= second); DIDUMOS (gk= Twin); DIVINE; DIVIDE; DUPLICATE; DIKE (gk= right, correct); DEI (gk= it is right); DEO (gk= god; at god);

DIE (cease to exist. Dying can imply a change, as the old gives way to the new. The Rebel -who initiated the Great Work to escape its’ karmic debts- doesn’t want to change).

DEATH (The Grim Reaper, aka Saturn or Time, harvests dead souls to be judged);
THOTH (Egyptian God associated with time, the moon, mathematics, wisdom, learning, divine law. Thoth judged the combat between SET and HORUS); TIDE (time; season; period of time); TIDY (orderly); TIME(English= flow of events; gk= honour, value, worth); DAIMON (gk= deity); DEMON (supernatural being; spirit; devil); DOMINUS (lat= lord; title of God; title of Jesus Christ); TAOMA (Hebrew= twin; Thomas); THOMAS (name of the disciple who doubts Jesus); DOUBT (uncertainty; to be in two minds); DUBIUS (Lat= doubtful); DOVE (spirit of God).

TOM (or THOMAS) is the name of the spokesperson for the ‘Council Of Nine’, who are supposedly cosmic entities who claimed to be overseeing mankind’s evolution, and whose messages are recorded in the New Age bestseller “The Only Planet Of Choice”. Tom also identified itself as the Egyptian God TEHUTI (aka THOTH), and as the Egyptian God ATUM (or ATEM, TUM, TEMU). ATUM, according to legend, is the supreme Creator God who created a pair of Gods, who in turn generated three more pairs, thus forming ‘the Nine’ (Great Ennead).

Atum initially emerged as a dry phallic-shaped hill out of the watery depths of the formless void called NUN. Similarly, Jesus walked on water, as did Noah on his Ark; and Moses the baby in a basket. The Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters.

The Sanskrit word KARMA means “action; work; fate; the deed done; work performed”. Its’ etymological roots lay in words that mean “to make; to form; to do”, thus linking karma with a creative function. Karma reflects the mind that acts and creates.

Etymology: KARMA; KWER (Proto-Indo-European = to make, form); KERAS (Lithuanian = charm); KI (Sumerian = Earth, the Earth Goddess); KA ( Egyptian = spirit; life force; double; guardian; guide; conscience); VIPAKA (Note the KA in this Sanskrit word and agricultural metaphor that is associated with karma. It means RIPENING; MATURING; CONSEQUENCES); KAMI (Shinto name for deities and nature spirits); KAMUY (Ainu = spiritual beings; gods).

Etymology: DO; DEED; TITHEMI (gk= set; place); SET(arrange; arrangement; name of one of the Great Ennead); SATAN; THEME (subject; topic);
THEMIS (Greek Goddess of law and justice. Karma is a form of justice);
TEMPUS (lat= time); TIME; DUE (owing; what is owed. Karmic dues?); DEBT (karmic debt?); DUO (gk=two);

Etymology: DEBIT (sum owed that is recorded on the left-hand side of an account book, hence double-entry bookkeeping. The ‘left hand path’ is considered ‘evil’); DUTY (moral obligation; work; tax); TAX; TAXIS (gk= arrangement); DAIVA (skt= fate);
DIANA (Roman Goddess of the moon and of hunting. Karma hunts its debtors. Diana shoots arrows: arrows of time?);
DOOM (statute; law; decree; fate; destiny; death; the Last Judgement by God at the end of the world); DOMUS (Lat= house); DOME; DUOMO (Italian= Cathedral); DEMO (gk= build); DAMN (condemn; censure; curse); DAMNUM (lat= loss; harm. Tax is a form of loss); HARM (damage); HARMONY; HARMO (gk= join); DEO (gk= to bind; lat= god); KARMA (binds cause with effect);

CURSE (divine utterance consigning someone to divine vengeance); HERMES.

Hermes is the Greek God equivalent of Thoth. Hermes is a God of science and communication, and a messenger of the Gods, so is like an angel or light.

Abbreviations: sum= Sumerian

Etymology: LIGHT; LUCIS (lat= light); LUCIFER (the fallen angel and bringer of light); LOKI (Norse equivalent of Hermes); LACHESIS (one of the 3 Fates of Greek legend); LUKOS (gk=wolf. The big bad wolf tries to blow down the houses of the 3 little pigs. Angels blow wind or blow trumpets: the breath or spirit or word of God); LEGO(gk= speak).

Words and light both illuminate, and give wisdom: “Be as wise as the serpent”.

“The Word was with God, and the Word was God”, thus words symbolise the act of creation. Words reflect reality, but are not reality: the map is not the territory.

Abbreviations: Ger= german

Etymology: LEGO (gk=speak); LOGOS (gk= word; discourse; design; order; reason);
CHARM( word; sentence; verse; magic spell); KARMA; CARMEN (lat= song); DISCOURSE (talk); COURSE (onward movement; series of linked events or spaces; channel); CURRERE (lat= to run. “Everything is in motion”); CURSE; CURVE (bend); CIRCLE (the circle of life? the wheel of karma or dharma? King Arthur’s round table?);

COR (lat= heart; welsh= choir or circle or group of people: King Arthur and his knights at the round table? The ring of stones called Stonehenge is known in welsh as COR Y CEWRI: ‘the choir/circle/ring of the giants’);
COURIER ( running messenger. Hermes and angels and Mercury are messengers); KARDIA (gk= heart); CORD ( thin rope. A karmic tie?); CHORD (the string of a musical instrument; group of harmonious musical notes); CHORUS (lat= dance in a circle; band of singers and dancers);

KHORDE (gk= gut); GUT ( bowels; narrow water passage; inside of body); GOD; GATHER; GOOD; GOAT (the Devil is sometimes portrayed with goat features. The scapegoat carries the sins of the people); HAEDUS (lat= kid); GEODES (gk= earthy);
GE (gk= planet earth); GI or KI (sum= earth; dry land); GI (sum= see. To see is an act of creation and a kind of mental dissection/analysis); KI (sum= to cut off; to sever; to hollow out);
KHI (greek letter “X”, or a cross. A cross symbolises 2 opposites. Jesus is crucified on a cross);
CHI (Ch= universal energy created by the flow between 2 primal opposites: yin and yang); GO (move, run); DU (sum= go; ger= you); DUO; TU(fr= you; sum= uplands; heartland; lat= you);

Abbreviations: OE= Old English; Goth= Gothic

Etymology: THOU (you, not me. You and me = two people); TI (sum= life; rib. Adam’s rib birthed Eve); TITI (sum= belly. A baby grows in a belly);
TO (in the direction of); TOO (also; as well as); TWO;
TIE (cord for fastening; attach; equal score between 2 combatants. A karmic tie?); TEAG (OE= rope); TUG (pull); TOW; TAUJAN (Goth= do; make);

THUO (gk= sacrifice. Jesus is the sacrificial lamb. The Rebel has sacrificed its connection to God/karma); THUS (in this way; accordingly; as a result); TAO (Ch= the way); THEOS (gk= god);
THEAOMAI (gk= behold; see. To see is to create); GI (sum= see); BEHOLDEN (under obligation to; bound to. A karmic tie?);

TIAMAT (Sumerian Goddess and one of the initial trinity of Sumerian gods: the holy ghost? Tiamat is split in two); TEAM (working animals who are harnessed together; OE= family; offspring); TEMPUS (lat= time); TEMPT (test; try. The Devil tempts Jesus. God tests Abraham.);
TAMR (Arabic= date. Is the date the forbidden fruit with which Satan tempts Adam and Eve?); TEST (examination; shell; hard covering); TESTA (lat= tile; jug; shell); TESTIS (lat= witness; someone who sees); TILE (hard covering, often square-shaped);

Etymology: TILE; TESSERA (lat=small square. A square has 4 sides); TESSARES (gk= four); TETTARES (gk=four); TUT (lat= see; watch); TUTTI (Italian= all); THOTH (Egyptian God of time).

4 is 2 squared: squaring is a kind of doubling. The number 4 and the square are both symbolically associated with the physical world and its creation, e.g. according to the “Tao Te Ching”, “From the Four springs the 10,000 things” (10,000 = 10 to the power of four).

There are 4 letters in God’s name: the tetragrammaton (IHVH or YHWH, aka Jehovah).
4 rivers flow into the Garden of Eden. A cross has 4 points. 4 horses of the Apocalypse.
4 eyes and 4 ears are possessed by the Sumerian God NIBIRU who cleaved TIAMAT in two. Does Nibiru possess 2 heads? See Page 30 “Genesis Revisited” (Zecharia Sitchin).
The 4-sided tetrahedron is a ‘Platonic Solid’, i.e. a primal geometric shape.
A square generates the ‘golden ratio’ (phi ratio), if the square is divided into two equal rectangles, and a diagonal line dissects one of the rectangles. See my article “The Golden Ratio and The Great Work”.

Etymology: TETTARES (gk=four); TETHER (rope, chain, tie); TETE (fr= head. The Godhead?); TESTA (Roman= head; lat= tile, shell);
TITLE (distinguishing name/appelation placed at the head of a body of words; name that denotes a person’s status, e.g. Lord. The Rebel is the ‘man with no name’, or ‘horse with no name’, because it has no ‘soul’, no connection to God).

TOME (volume; book); TOMB (subterranean hole for the dead); TOMBER (fr= to fall. The fall of man?);

TOME (gk= cutting); TEMNO (gk= cut); CUT; CUTIS (lat= skin, outer layer); COTE (fr= rib. Adam’s rib?); COAST; GHOST (soul of a dead person. The Holy Ghost is the spirit of God);

COTE (fr=side; way; direction); COTERIE (fr= set); COTEAU (fr= hill); GOAT; GOD; TUMERE (lat= to swell); THUMOS (gk= mind); MIND; MOUND (hill. The mound of Atem? The sermon on the mount?); MUNDUS (lat= world); MONOS (gk= one; alone; single);

SECARE (lat= to cut); SECOND (unit of time; next after the first); SEQUENCE; SEPARATE; SPIRIT; SE (lat prefix= apart; without); GI (sum= earth); KI (sum= cut off; sever; hollow out); KIMAR (sum= tomb);
SIDE (edge); SIDUS (lat= star. The evening star is Lucifer. The 3 wise men follow a star); ZEIT (ger= time; times); ZED (letter “Z”, the last letter of the English alphabet;

SIDEROS (gk= iron); FERRUM (lat= iron); FERRY (boat; carry); FERRE (lat= to bear; to carry); CARRY; CAR; CARRUS (lat= 4-wheeled vehicle); FARE (go; travel); FOUR; CARRE (fr= square);

POROS (gk= passage); PORTARE (lat= to carry); POUR (flow; descend. God’s flood?); GEOTAN (OE= pour); GUT (passage); GOD; GUTTA (lat= drop);

PARA (gk= beside; beyond; wrong); PRO (gk= before; for; in front of; instead of); PURE (unmixed; clean. Alchemy is a purification or seperation); PAIR (set of twp); PAR (lat= equality); PUR (gk= fire); FIRE (fire purifies);

Etymology: FIRE; FOUR; PYRE (funeral pile for burning corpse).

The sacrificial fire is central to Hindu philosophy and equates with the sacrificial lamb of Christianity, i.e. Jesus, bringer of light. The Hindu practise of SATI involves burning a widow along with her dead husband.

Abbreviations: eng= english; ON= Old Norse; OHG= Old High German;

Etymology: SATI; SATURN; SATAN (lives in the fires of Hell); SATORI (Buddhist enlightenment. The enlightened Buddha escapes from his karma);
SOOT (burnt remains that rise from a fire, like the phoenix rising from its ashes); SEED (a seed is sown, like karma); SOOTH (truth; fact); SATYA (skt= truth); SUTRA (skr= thread; rule. A karmic thread?);

FIRE; FAIRY (small magical being); FAY (fairy); FATE; FAIRE (fr= to make; to do); FARI (lat= speak);
VERB (type of word. The word of God?); VERUS (lat= true); WORD; WYRD (OE= fate; destiny); FAR (lat= corn); CORN (seed; grain); GRAIN (archaic english= fork); FURCA (lat= fork. Snakes have forked tongues);

VERSUS (lat= towards; against. God versus the Devil?); VERTEX (top; apex; head; meeting point of two lines); VERTERE (lat= turn);
ANGLE (space between two connecting lines); ANGEL; ANGUIS (lat= snake. Snakes twist and turn, and coil up when sleeping); VERMIS (lat= worm); WORM (snake-like animal); FORM (shape; build; structure);

WARM (mildly hot; excite; animate. Fire warms things up); GHARMA (skt= warm); KARMA; WARA (OHG= Truth); TEMPERATURE (degree of heat); TEMPEST (violent wind. Angels blow wind); TEMPUS (lat= time);

Etymology: TIME; TAMMUZ (aka DUMUZI) (Babylonian son of God, similar to Jesus); TEMPERATE (of mild temperature); TEMPER (moderate; successive heating and cooling of metal); TEMNO (gk= cut);

THERME (gk= heat); TIMERE (lat= fear); FEAR (fear divides?); FAR (a long distance); PEUR (fr= fear); PAIR (set of two); PERI (gk= round); PAR (equality);
FUR (eng= coat of hair; lat= thief); THIEF (person who steals); THEOS (gk= GOD); FORTUNE (Goddess of fate, chance and luck); FORS (lat= chance); FERIAE (lat= holiday. A holy day. “Thou shalt not work on the Lord’s Day/Sabbath”);

FAIR (just; equitable; moderate); EQUAL; AEQUUS (lat= equal; even); EQUUS (lat= horse); HORSE (4-legged animal that carries riders. The 4 horses of the Apocalypse, or that pull Arjuna’s chariot?); HORUS (Egyptian God equivalent to Jesus and Tammuz);

Etymology: HORA (gk= time); HORAO (gk= to see); HOROS (gk= limit);

EDGE (side; meeting line of 2 surfaces; boundary); EGG (ON= edge; eng= vessel containing a baby bird); ACIES (lat= edge); AGIS (goth= fear); AWE (reverential fear or wonder); AGE (period of time); AGONY (struggle; mental anguish); AGON (gk= contest. God versus the Devil?);

AGER (lat= land; field); AGITATE (move; shake; revolve mentally); ANGUISH (mental or bodily pain); ANGUSTIA (lat= tightness); ANGUIS (lat= snake);

ANGEL; ANGLE; AGKOS (gk= bend); AGGELOS (gk= angel); AGGAROS (gk= Persian courier); AGERE (lat= to do); ACT (deed; carry out; represent; mimic);

AKTIS (gk= ray of light); AKROS (gk= topmost or outermost); ARCH (curved apex; chief); ARK (Noah’s Ark? The Ark of the Covenant?); ACHE (pain. The Rebel is trying to escape any pain); AXE (sharp-edged cutting tool); ACUS (lat= needle); OXUS (gk= sharp); OX (2-horned, 4-legged herbivore); OVIS (lat= sheep: also a horned, 4-legged herbivore. The Lamb of God?);

Etymology: OVUM (lat=egg); EWE (female sheep); EYE (The eye of Horus? The all-seeing eye of God?); EAGLE (sharp-sighted bird of prey. The winged messenger of God?);

AVIS (lat= bird); AQUILA (lat=eagle); AQUA (lat= water. God’s flood? The watery Nun?); AEUVUM (lat= age); AYE (ever, always); AEI (gk= always); AION (gk= age; Roman God of time, sometimes portrayed with 4 wings);

EVER; EVEN (equal); EQUAL; EVIL; UBIL (OHG= evil); UBI (lat= where);
DOVE (italian= where; eng= bird that symbolises the Holy Spirit); UGGA (ON= to dread; to fear); WHERE (what location); HWAR (goth= where); QUATUOR (lat= four); QUAERERE (lat= to ask, to seek);

SEEK; SECULAR (of the world; temporal not spiritual); SAECULUM (lat= age; generation); ASK; ASH (powdery remains of burnt substance); ASS (type of horse. Jesus’ mother Mary rode an ass);

ABEL (the second son of Adam and Eve); HEBHEL (Heb= breath; vanity); IBLIS (name of Satan in the Koran); AZAZEL (Heb= name of the scapegoat who carries sins; name of the Islamic Satan); AGGELOS (gk= angel);