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Ex-Labour Party Strategist supports trans-humanism

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GEOFF MULGAN, who was Director of the British Labour Party’s Strategy Unit under Prime Minister Tony Blair (2002- 2004), spoke in a BBC Radio interview in 2016 of his experiment in hooking his body up to an electronic device that can open doors and manipulate the external world. Mulgan is a big fan of ‘smart technology’/Artificial Intelligence, and in 2016 wrote online of the need for creating a “Machine Intelligence Commission” that would improve the General Public’s trust/understanding of smart technology. He wrote of this need as the CEO of the influencial charitable Foundation NESTA, which researches innovative ideas, and which was once a British government QUANGO or NDPB (I.e. an organisation that is supported by the government, but is not a part of government). NESTA was created by Tony Blair’s Cabinet Office in 1998, and is financially backed by  the National Lottery and 4 major British banks: Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, RBS.

A former Barclays Bank CEO, MARTIN TAYLOR, collaborated with Mulgan as a member of the Advisory Council of Mulgan’s ‘think tank’ DEMOS, a  ‘think tank’ that Mulgan co-founded in 1993 that claims to be a cross-party organisation, but appeared initially to be centre-left and pro- ‘New Labour’ under Tony Blair. Taylor worked at the Bank of England (its’ Financial Policy Committee); adviser to GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL;

Another Barclays Bank employee, ALLEN SIMPSON, is currently (2017) a DEMOS advisory group member. For more on Simpson see my article on Barclays Bank and the Labour Party.