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James Bond

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In the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”, the film begins with Bond faking his own death then being temporarily mummified. After his ‘resurrection’, he is late for an appointment so quips: “We corpses have absolutely no sense of time.”

These are occult themes, IMO, especially the reference to ‘no time’ (escaping time), which I believe relates to the ‘Great Work’.

Faking a death is a theme that occurs in other stories, including another Bond movie. Faking a death is what Jesus supposedly does in some interpretations of his death and resurrection. Jesus is the ‘anointed’ one: Anointing/embalming is done to mummies for their preservation, so that the ‘dead’ pharaoh can achieve immortality. Immortality, IMO, is not a reference to everlasting life (that’s what the ruling elite want you to think), rather escape from the laws of God/karma/cause-and-effect.

“You Only Live Twice” was written partly by children’s novelist Roald Dahl, a British intelligence agent who worked with and was friends of Bond creator Ian Fleming, the latter also a MI6 agent and accused of occult activities.

Dahl’s tales are often dark, with children, cruelty and sadism. He is credited for creating the child catcher in Fleming’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

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