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Don’t worry, there are no significant plot spoilers. K-PAX is a sci-fi film starring KEVIN SPACEY as a mental patient with  several alter egos (Multiple Personality Disorder) , or is he an alien from the planet K-PAX? The film’s title might be wordplay, because the original novel of the film (also “K-PAX”) was written by a geneticist called GENE BREWER, whose name sounds like his job (he ‘brews’ genes).

K-PAX = K-PACS = anagram of K-SPAC = K-SPACEY = Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey made the headlines in October 2017, for the accusations made against him for sexual impropriety, though he claimed not to remember the event, assuming it even took place. Spacey’s case is not helped by his use of hand gestures in publicity photos (not to do with the film) guaranteed to arouse the suspicion of conspiracy researchers: the ‘one-eye’ gesture and the 666 gesture.

Kevin Spacey and 666 and one eye
Kevin Spacey and one eye


Coincidentally or not, on the same day that Spacey went public over the sex conduct allegations (30th October 2017) his name was mentioned several times in the British TV premier of the American TV comedy paranormal series “Ghosted” (aired on ITV2), which has added significance because the reference occurs when a physicist is talking about the multiverse theory, i.e. there is more than one Kevin Spacey. Is this alluding to Spacey having MPD for real? Some actors claim to channel alter egos when acting, e. g. Peter Sellers.

Also on the 30th October on British TV, the American TV series that Spacey starred in – “House of Cards” -is watched and mentioned by PETER GRIFFIN in the “Family Guy” episode “Foxx In The Men House” (Broadcast on ITV2), aired originally in America several weeks earlier on the 8th October.

In the film K-PAX, the date July 27th is significant. It’s also the last day (for real) of the Satanic ceremony known as the GRAND CLIMAX.

Gene Brewer’s novel is said to be an uncredited adaptation of “Man Facing Southeast” by the Director/writer  Eliseo Alberto Subiela, whose works are considered to be in the ‘magic realism’ genre, e.g. the film “The Adventures of God”.

Kevin Spacey had been mentioned earlier in the comedy animation “Family Guy” (episode “Emmy Winning Episode”), broadcast in Britain on ITV2 (another ITV2 premier) on 23rd October, just one week before the “Ghosted” episode. In “Family Guy”, Peter Griffin jokes about Spacey’s previous controversy in a park that occurred in the middle of the night.

There is a Murdoch media empire connection to all this, involving its’ “Fox” television channel and production company “20th Century Fox Television”. Both the “Ghosted” and “Family Guy” episodes were premiered on the same day in America on October 1st 2017 (a month before the controversy) and both aired on “Fox” and co-produced by “20th Century Fox Television”. This Fox connection also applies to “The X-Files” (an inspiration for “Ghosted”) and “The Simpsons”, of which the latter has an indirect connection. There have been numerous “Simpson” writers with links to the Harvard University satirical magazine “Harvard Lampoon”, of whom an editor was “Ghosted” co-creator KEVIN ETTEN.

Spacey is one of several public figures in September, October and November in 2017 (Harvey Weinstein, Ted Heath et al) in Britain and America getting negative publicity over sexual allegations. Coincidence? Problem-Reaction-Solution?

Spacey and Weinstein have both been public friends and political supporters of  Bill and Hillary Clinton (more sexual controversy).

There was yet another “Family Guy” reference to Spacey in an episode broadcast on “Fox” on the 3rd December 2017, just over a month after the allegations on 30th October, though it’s possible this one was a last minute addition in response to the publicity. Can they respond within a month? The “Spoiler TV” website wrote an article on that episode on 28th Nov 2017, so they saw the show just under a month after 30th October.

I won’t say what the Spacey reference was, because to do so would be a plot spoiler.