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KIDULTS – extended youth

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Adults who behave like kids/teenagers (Kid + Adult = ‘Kidult’) have become more prevalent in the post war era. I believe this is a significant aspect of the ruling elite’s next phase of control, though some will no doubt see it as just a natural, unintended side-effect of modern society.

For example, just recently a BBC TV documentary- “The Men Who Made Us Spend”, showed how the business world has tried to exploit adults’ ‘inner child’ to get us to make impulse purchases, rather than employing our ‘mature’ rational thinking. A skeptic of conspiracy theories might blame this on capitalism and the simple desire for profit. But who created capitalism?

Another example: there has been a rise in recent years in adults either living with their parents or relying on the ‘Nanny state’, hence are behaving more like teenagers because they don’t have to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves. This behaviour is seen with domesticated animals who are more childlike than their counterparts in the wild.

But I believe that the ruling want us to see the world as a fun game; they want to return us to a more innocent, intuitive, mindless state, so that we let others make all the big decisions on our behalf. See my articles:

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Childlike people are in H.G.Wells’ novel “The Time Machine”. In our distant future, the ELOI are a passive, peaceful, childlike race who have lost their intellectual curiosity and seem almost autistic in their emotions. They are blissfully unaware of who is really running the show and why.

That novel may have influenced the satirical movie “Idiocracy”, in which two average adults are put into suspended animation, then awake 500 years later to find themselves in a world where a low intellect and low curiosity is the norm. The ‘suspended animation’ theme in stories, fables, etc, is an occult reference to ‘The Great Work’, IMO, i.e. the ‘Rebel’ awakens when the Great Work is complete.

I think that although much of humanity will stop thinking in the future, they will tap into great intelligence and creativity via a ‘Universal Mind’. But is it the true ‘God’ or a phoney version?

Humans are turned into idiots in an episode of the sci-fi animation “Futurama”: “The Day The Earth Stood Stupid”, featuring alien brains who rove the universe on a quest to wipe out all thought in the universe, except their own. Other lifeforms’ thoughts hurt the aliens.

The New Age movement wants us to subordinate our thinking to feeling and intuition and higher minds.

The main character of “Futurama”, Philip J. Fry, is a central character in the universe’s evolution. He finds himself living in the future after being frozen in suspended animation.

A theme in sci-fi is the eradication of old age. In the real world I’m convinced that there are increasingly more physically young-looking people in spite of their age. If true, is this created by evolution? A gentler lifestyle? Mind over matter? Chemicals in food, water etc?

No doubt genetic engineering will keep us young.