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Looking For a Star Gate

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I’m convinced that the ‘Great Work’ (to escape from Karma) is to be completed away from our planet and solar system, so what exactly are the Ruling Elite looking for in another galaxy far, far away? Some sort of cosmic ‘Well of Immortality’? A special star? A black hole? A ‘stargate’ to another dimension? A new type of energy? An energetic null zone? Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be here on Earth, otherwise the Ruling Elite wouldn’t be so keen for space exploration. 

Relevant sci-fi movies are: – 

“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968). 

“The Black Hole” (1979) – produced by Walt Disney Productions. 

“Stargate” (1994) – co-written by the German film director ROLAND EMMERICH and his longstanding writing/producing partner DEAN DEVLIN. The duo also co-wrote the alien invasion movie “Independence Day”.  

Emmerich wrote/produced/directed the climate change sci-fi disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow”, based on the 1999 book “The Coming Global Superstorm” by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. 

Emmerich wrote and directed “The Noah’s Ark Principle”, a sci-fi film about an orbiting space station capable of controlling the weather. 

Dean Devlin co-wrote the sci-fi movie “Universal Soldier” (directed by Emmerich), about an amnesiac soldier who had died but was revived after cryogenic freezing, then transformed into a super soldier.