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Michael Crichton

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“Jurassic Park” and “Westworld” creator MICHAEL CRICHTON appeared to me to possess occult knowledge about our world, as seen in the themes of his novels, the main one being non-human forces that overwhelm we humans. Educated at Harvard Medical School, he also investigated the paranormal and – judging by his autobiography “Travels” – demonstrated psychic ability himself, e.g. seeing auras.

He wrote about an ‘exorcism’ that he underwent, though I wonder how much of it is true, because the account has occult themes in it, almost as if he were writing a fictional story. He wrote that a psychic friend informed him of some dark entities that had attached themselves to his aura for much of his life, including one that manifested as a ‘Walt Disney Fantasia’ Devil with wings, though when it was eventually banished it took the appearance of a young child. A childlike ‘devil’ personality has cropped up often in my researches. This devil entity acted as an emotional protector for Crichton, shielding him from emotional pain, so hints of Peter Pan not wanting to grow up; the elixir of life; immortality; etc. That devil entity also hints to me of the fabled Jewish Golem, a kind of Frankenstein monster (based on God’s first human Adam) created to protect its Jewish creator, just as God protects the Jewish people.