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NASA, Gaia and the Great Work

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James Lovelock, who conceived the GAIA hypothesis, wrote that mankind has initiated a new era of human-directed evolution that should, he advises, be complemented with increased use of intuition, and the merging of human intelligence with electrical/machine intelligence. See his “A Rough Ride To The Future”.

Lovelock conceived GAIA whilst working at the NASA-run JPL labs. He developed the idea further with LYNN MARGULIS, the ex-wife of cosmologist CARL SAGAN who worked with Lovelock at JPL. At the oil company SHELL, Lovelock received further support for GAIA from Shell’s head of research: VICTOR ROTHSCHILD (3rd Lord Rothschild) who, like Lovelock, belonged to British Military Intelligence (MI5).

Royal Dutch/Shell has had numerous employees/consultants who are taking new age ideas into the mainstream, e.g. PIERRE WACK, DAVID BOHM, JOSEPH JAWORSKI.

PIERRE WACK – studied under the Sufi mystic Georges Gurdjieff. Wack wanted to merge clairvoyancy with scenario planning.

DAVID BOHM – top physicist who worked with Robert Oppenheimer on the atom bomb. Worked with Albert Einstein after the war. Developed the hologram theory.

JOSEPH JAWORSKI- talked to David Bohm on management issues before they worked for Shell. Jaworski wants businesses to embrace New Age ideas such as love; intuition; connecting with the ‘source’ of creativity; synchronicity; ‘group mind’; manifesting the ‘future waiting to happen’.

Jaworski was a top lawyer and son of the top lawyer LEON JAWORSKI, the latter a Special Prosecutor at the Watergate trial of Nixon. Leon was a friend of future US President LYNDON JOHNSON, and represented him in trials.

As President, Johnson’s subordinates included two politicians who would collaborate with Joseph Jaworski and his ALF( American Leadership Forum): JOHN GARDNER and HARLAN CLEVELAND.

John Gardner- US Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Johnson; founder of the lobby group ‘Common Cause’; President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Harlan Cleveland- Johnson’s US Ambassador to NATO; Rhodes scholar; Club of Rome; President of the World Academy of Art and Science.

Two influential business ‘gurus’ who have worked for Shell were Roger Harrison and Charles Handy who were friends and collaborated with each other on organisational cultures. Harrison was regarded as a major contributor to OD (Organisational Development). He blended New Age ideas with the business world, e.g. love, intuition, etc.

Harrison was influenced by the T-Groups, sensitivity training, encounter groups, etc. that arose from organisations such as the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the National Training Laboratories.

NASA, the US Navy and other govt. agencies funded the dolphin-human commmunication studies of the famed ‘New Age’ neurophysiologist John C. Lilly, who is credited with inventing the Isolation Tank for sensory deprivation.

Lilly was the son of a wealthy, well-connected bank President. He studied physics at CalTech (California Institute Of Technology) under top physicists such as Paul Dirac and Robert A. Millikan.

Lilly’s father knew the Mayo family (founders of the Mayo Clinic), thus at Dartmouth College Lilly befriended Charles William Mayo, who would be a surgeon and appointed by the US President Dwight Eisenhower to work at the United Nations.

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