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Neanderthal man and racism

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If ‘white people’, especially ‘redheads’, have more Neanderthal DNA than other ‘races’, as some scientists are suggesting, I wonder if that might contribute to ‘white racism’. Maybe there is some ‘genetic memory’ of the persecution of Neanderthals by Homo Sapiens, leaving some white people (but not all) with an irrational fear/dislike of anyone with darker skin.

White racism could be something less cultural and more primeval, more genetic, more subconscious. I wonder if the association of red hair with Jews and Celts is symbolic of some differentiation of white people (and Neanderthals) from the rest of humanity. The colour red is associated with occult themes to do with rebelliousness, e.g. the Lucifer rebellion, so maybe Judas (and his red hair) has multiple meanings covering mankind’s evolution.

The work of the late STAN GOOCH might be relevant here. He proposed that modern man is a hybrid of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon man, hence our divided mind that creates rational behaviour (predominantly Cro-magnon) and intuitive (mostly Neanderthal). He proposed that the brain’s cerebellum (mostly derived from Neanderthals) was linked to dreaming, intuition and psychic ability, and contributed to neurotic behaviour such as multiple personality disorder.

He said that left-wing politics was more Neanderthal in nature than right-wing politics. I would add that White racists are on both the left and right. I think a distinction needs to be made between what people say in public and what they privately feel. Many people, IMO, who wish to be ‘good’, may suppress or deny any uncomfortable feelings, so their true feelings about race are unlikely to show up in statistical surveys. I don’t believe white people are born racist, but their environment can push them in that direction quite easily due to an underlying racial ‘unease’.

Are ‘white’ people more anti-social? More autistic? If so, is Neanderthal DNA anything to do with it? Some researchers have speculated that Neanderthals were more anti-social than Homo Sapiens, due to a different brain structure (See the BBC’s “Focus” magazine, November 2018, “Recreating the Neanderthal Brain”, JV CHAMARY).

It’s pure speculation, but I wonder if Neanderthals are more descended from the red-haired orangutan, whilst homo sapiens might be more descended from other black-haired apes, chimpanzees, etc. No doubt the orangutans had their battles too.

Racism is likely to be discussed in any talk of genes and ancestry. I’ve seen a Jewish website in which their supposed Jewish ‘superiority’ was explained in terms of their supposedly high proportion of Neanderthal genes.

Although genes exert a powerful effect on the human mind, I think genetic engineering, mind medicine and trans-humanism will render racism obsolete, or at least shift ‘racism’ to a different type of differentiation and prejudice, e.g. the influential psychologist ABRAHAM MASLOW (Jewish) said that there could be a biological elite who are more able to ‘self-actualise’ (achieve one’s full potential).