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‘New Age’ Christians and the Rockefellers

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A few years after World War One, several significant political and religious events occurred, involving the Rockefeller family:

1) JDRII (John D. Rockefeller, junior) helped start the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) in New York in 1921, which would bridge the gap between the defunct LON (League Of Nations) and its successor the UN.

2) In 1921, the Rockefeller Foundation recruited RAYMOND FOSDICK as a Board member. Raymond’s brother HARRY would – a year later in 1922 – kickstart a well-known religious controversy with his speech: “Shall the fundamentalists win?”, which highlighted the split between ‘liberal’, ‘modernist’ Christians and the more ‘conservative’/fundamentalist Christians.

Harry Fosdick, a Protestant Christian, was a key spokesman for ‘Liberal’ Protestants who wanted a more tolerant view of Science, and who wanted to reconcile the Bible with modern developments in Science and Philosophy. Harry said that the Bible was not the literal word of God, and that Christianity needed to continually evolve. Consequently, he had to defend his views when investigated in 1923 by some Church elders: The Old Presbyterian Church in the USA. His defence was conducted by a Rockefeller-connected lay elder: John Foster Dulles, the future US Secretary of State. For more on Dulles, see my article  “New Age Rockefellers and the UN”.

John F. Dulles’ father had been a well-known liberal PRESBYTERIAN Seminary Professor. Dulles’ son AVERY became a Jesuit (mystical Catholic) and the first American theologian to be appointed as a Catholic Cardinal. See my article “Catholic Mysticism and the New Age”.

In 1924, Harry Fosdick become a Pastor at a New York church attended by JDRII: Park Avenue Baptist Church. JDRII gave money to Protestant and to Baptist institutions (Baptists are mostly Protestant). He donated to the WCC (World Council Of Churches, established in 1948), which had arisen from the ECUMENICAL movement that JDRII supported, and which advocated greater cooperation amongst the diverse Christian churches. The WCC had close links to the UN’s spiritual counterpart- The Temple of Understanding. See “New Age Rockefellers and the UN”.

JDRII erected an ecumenical (interdenominational) church in New York called RIVERSIDE, with Harry Fosdick as its’ principal Minister. A senior minister there was WILLIAM SLOANE COFFIN, junior: a Presbyterian; CIA case officer; peace activist; civil rights leader; President of SANE (later PEACE ACTION, America’s largest peace and justice group). Sane opposed the nuclear arms race.

William S. Coffin was Chaplain of Yale University and a member of Yale’s notorious SKULL AND BONES occult secret society, having been recommended by his friend (and future US President and CIA Director) George Bush, senior, also a ‘Bonesman’, as was his son George W. Bush.

“Coffin” is an appropriate surname because the Skull & Bones initiation ceremony reputedly involved lying in a coffin; also a Freemasonic ritual. The Skull and Bones is associated with the number 322, which approximates the ‘Golden ratio’ (phi ratio, 1.618034) raised to the power of 12 (12 is an esoteric number). The number 12 is esoteric because it is the number of:

1)faces of the regular dodecahedron, one of the ‘Platonic solids’ that supposedly underpins the geometry of the universe.
2)Gods of ancient Greece (Olympians).
3)Apostles/disciples of Jesus.
4)months of the year.
5)astrological signs.
6)animals of the Chinese zodiac.
7)Knights of the Round Table at the least, though the number varies.
8)Tribes/Kings of the Biblical Israel.
9)Devas/deities of the 12 directions in Japanese esoteric Buddhism, aka the 12 Gods that protect the world.
10)Heavenly Generals of Yakushi Buddha.
11)Vows of Yakushi Nyorai.

Coffin’s brother-in-law FRANK LINDSAY worked for the OSS (precursor of the CIA) and helped establish the OPC (Office of Policy Coordination, created by the US National Security Council) that merged with the CIA.

Coffin’s famous uncle HENRY SLOANE COFFIN- also a Bonesman – sat on Yale University’s governing body and was MODERATOR of the Presbyterian Church in the USA.

Henry Coffin was President of the UTS (Union Theological Seminary), where Harry Fosdick graduated. The UTS promoted liberal Christianity; neo-orthodoxy; black and female liberation. The Presbyterians, in general, encourage religious reform. Their origins lie in ‘Reformed’ Protestantism and in the works of John Calvin. The Presbyterians played a key role in the Ecumenical movement and the WCC.

Henry Coffin served as a Presbyterian pastor in a New York church frequented by one of the richest people in America along with JDRII: Andrew Carnegie, who supposedly started the career of self-help guru NAPOLEON HILL. See my article “Wealthy New Agers and Napoleon Hill”.

Hill claimed that Carnegie had spurred him to interview the future US President Woodrow Wilson when Wilson had been President of Princeton University. What is more certain is that – at Princeton- Wilson befriended Raymond Fosdick (see above) who later became President of the Rockefeller Foundation (1936-1948); attorney and adviser to JDRII; Board member of the Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research.

JDRII had initially hired Raymond Fosdick in 1913 to head a study for JDRII’s BUREAU OF SOCIAL HYGIENE.

Fosdick served as a civilian aide to General John Pershing during the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War One. Fosdick was recruited by Wilson to be Under-Secretary General to the LON, which JDRII supported.

Wilson was a Presbyterian. His father was one of the founders of the Southern Presbyterian Church in the USA; a Minister of the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (Columbia); a Professor at the Presbyterian COLUMBIA THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, as was Woodrow Wilson’s uncle James Woodrow who controversially supported Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Wilson’s post war peace plans stemmed from a group that he convened known as the “Inquiry”, which included the Dulles brothers John and Allen. John Dulles defended Harry Fosdick. Allen Dulles became CIA Director.

At the beginning of the 1st World War, 1914, Wilson proposed that “all nations must be absorbed into some great association of nations.” He spoke in 1916 at a banquet of the Carnegie-funded LEAGUE TO ENFORCE PEACE.

Carnegie led the expansion of the US steel industry, though according to David Icke his steel company was a front for the empire building of the French Prince LOUIS (son of the deposed French King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette), who disguised himself as DANIEL PAYSEUR (P191,192 “The Biggest Secret”). Payseur received support and American land from the British King GEORGE III. Another Payseur stooge, writes Icke, was the banker/industrialist J.P. Morgan, who purchased “Carnegie Steel” in creating his “US Steel”, of which JDRII was a Director.

J.P. Morgan’s personal attorney JOHN W. DAVIS served as the CFR’s inaugural President. Davis’ PR Advisor IVY LEE also represented JDRII and the Rockefellers in general and their Standard Oil company (founded by JDR senior).

Ivy Lee supported Harry Fosdick’s controversial sermon on the need for a modern Christianity. IVY LEE is considered one of the fathers of modern PR (Public Relations). Lee was an inaugural member of the CFR; was investigated by the US Congress for his work in Nazi Germany for the company I.G.Farben (a German chemical cartel) that worked closely with Standard Oil.

Another Rockefeller/Presbyterian connection comes via the sister of JDRII: Edith Rockefeller McCormick, whom I mention in my article “New Age Rockefellers and the UN”. Edith married Harold Fowler McCormick, the son of the industrialist CYRUS MCCORMICK (1809-1884), of whom the latter sat on the Board of Trustees of one of the 11 schools of theology of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and which was named after him: the McCormick Theological Seminary (Chicago).

A lecturer at the McCormick Theological Seminary was WILLIAM SADLER, who was a physician in Chicago in 1911 when he investigated a man supposedly psychically channeling messages from spiritual beings about mankind’s place in the universe. The resulting book in 1955 was the well-known ‘New Age’ book “The Urantia Book”, published by the Chicago-based URANTIA FOUNDATION. The book claims to unify science, religion and philosophy, though at its’ heart is the clarification and expansion of Christian beliefs, e.g. Jesus was born naturally, not by virgin birth.

Sadler’s medical and religious mentor was the “Corn Flakes” co-inventor JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG, whose niece LENA married Sadler. Kellogg was a prominent member of the 7th Day Adventist church (protestant), but later was rejected. Kellogg assisted Sadler in disseminating the Urantia material. Kellogg’s views encompassed the idea of a Universal Soul (God’s soul) animating the Universe (Panentheism).

Sadler and Kellogg were eugenics supporters, especially Kellogg who wanted racial segregation. He co-founded the RACE BETTERMENT FOUNDATION with 2 employees of the Rockefeller/Carnegie-funded ERO (EUGENICS RECORD OFFICE): namely Charles Davenport (who founded the ERO in 1910) and Irving Fisher. I say more on the ERO below.

Sadler in 1910 studied psychiatry under Sigmund Freud. Sadler was a psychiatry Professor in Chicago.

Edith Rockefeller McCormick’s sister Elizabeth (‘Bessie’) married the philosopher/psychologist CHARLES AUGUSTUS STRONG who studied at Harvard University where he was influenced by the famous philosopher/psychologist WILLIAM JAMES, considered by some as the ‘father’ of modern American psychology. James belonged to the Theosophical Society and co-founded the American SPR (Society for Psychical Research), the sister to the British SPR, which researched the paranormal.

Strong also studied at Harvard under James’ friend the famous philosopher GEORGE SANTAYANA. Strong and Santayana co-founded the Harvard Psychological Club.

Some of Santayana’s Harvard students became famous too, e.g. T.S. ELIOT (poet); ROBERT FROST (poet); Gertrude Stein (novelist, poet, student of William James); WALTER LIPPMANN (journalist, CFR member, student of William James).

Lippmann worked on Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Inquiry’ as its’ Head of Research. Lippmann worked under Wilson’s adviser (his ‘alter ego’) Colonel Edward M. House, who some say controlled Wilson.

Strong’s father AUGUSTUS had become friends with JDR, senior. Augustus was President of a Baptist church seminary (Rochester Theological Seminary) in New York whose co-founders included Augustus’ father and an uncle.

Augustus Strong’s brother HENRY worked for the photography company EASTMAN KODAK as its’ inaugural President.

Charles A. Strong went with Santayana to Berlin (Germany) where Strong studied under Professor CARL STUMPF, whose other students included those who would establish GESTALT Psychology (A Gestalt is summarised by the maxim: ‘the whole is different to the sum of its’ parts), e.g. KURT LEWIN. Lewin helped pioneer experimental social psychology in America.

Lewin met and influenced the TAVISTOCK CLINIC member ERIC TRIST, who would co-found the TIHR (Tavistock Institute For Human Relations) with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Tavistock institutions played a key role in disseminating psychoanalytic theories and psychology theories in general.

Lewin worked at MIT where he laid the foundations of what is now called SENSITIVITY TRAINING. Lewin co-founded the NTL (National Training Laboratories), which developed the famous ‘T-Group’ methodology.

Charles Strong also studied in Berlin under FRIEDRICH PAULSEN, a pupil of GUSTAV THEODOR FECHNER. Fechner was an early pioneer of experimental psychology and a founder of PSYCHOPHYSICS (physical stimuli and the sensations/perceptions that they generate). Fechner held a mystical view of the universe, writing of a universal mind/soul that pervades the whole universe. Fechner’s father and grandfathers were Presbyterian Ministers.

Charles Strong lectured in psychology at the University of Chicago, where he set up Chicago’s first psychological laboratories. The University of Chicago was created by Baptists and a donation from JDR, senior (a Baptist). The McCormick seminary was in Chicago, as were the Mafia.

At the University of Chicago in the 20th century was the influential ‘New Age’ psychologist CARL ROGERS, considered one of the founders of the HUMANISTIC APPROACH (‘client-centred’) to psychology. JDRII gave Rogers a copy of the book “The Second American Revolution”, according to Rogers in his book “A Way Of Being”.

Rogers collaborated at Chicago with JARED KASS who later received a grant from JDRII’s son LAURANCE ROCKEFELLER for research into spirituality and meditation. For more on Laurance, see my thread “New Age Rockefellers and the UN”.

Rogers spent 2 years studying at the UTS where Harry Fosdick graduated.

Rogers became President of the American Psychological Association.

He and ABRAHAM MASLOW pioneered the HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY MOVEMENT that put emphasis on ‘self-actualisation’ (reaching one’s full potential). Maslow’s mentor ALFRED ADLER had been a colleague of Sigmund Freud.

Rogers was a long-term resident of the WBSI (Western Behavioural Sciences Institute) in California, co-founded by Rogers’ lifelong friend RICHARD FARSON who had been Rogers’ research assistant at the University of Chicago. Farson became President of the ‘New Age’ Esalen Institute, which Rogers and Maslow attended. For more on Esalen, see my article “Star Trek, NASA and the Nine”.

Another Chicago connection is the notorious Catholic banker PAUL MARCINKUS, President of the Vatican bank (1971- 1989). Famously accused of links to the Mafia and of financial fraud, Marcinkus was born in the Chicago suburb of CICERO, the home of legendary gangster AL CAPONE.

Cicero’s bank “First National Bank of Cicero” (later renamed) was thought to be secretly controlled by Marcinkus, who became a Priest in Cicero. Later he became an american Archbishop of the Catholic church.

Some researchers say that the Pope/Catholic Church controlled a bank in Chicago: CONTINENTAL BANK.

Andrew Carnegie (see above) contacted the US President THEODORE ROOSEVELT for help in establishing his CIS (Carnegie Institution For Science). Consequently, Roosevelt and other top US politicians became Board members; its’ inaugural President being DANIEL COIT GILMAN who had been a member of JDR, senior’s GENERAL EDUCATION BOARD.

Gilman belonged to the Skull & Bones and co-founded its’ business division: the RUSSELL TRUST ASSOCIATION.

The CIS supported eugenics research after it took control of the Rockefeller-funded EUGENICS RECORD OFFICE.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT (who would succeed Roosevelt as US President), had belonged to the Skull & Bones that had been co-founded by his father ALPHONSO TAFT (US Secretary of War). William Taft was inaugural President of the LEAGUE TO ENFORCE PEACE, established in 1915 during World War One, and which promoted the need for a global institution for world peace. It supported the LON and was praised by Woodrow Wilson, the successor to Taft as US President.

Carnegie’s CEIP (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) was one of numerous tax-exempt charitable Foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, et al) accused of fostering the two world wars.