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New Age Rockefellers and the UN

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Two members of the Rockefeller oil/banking family actively participated in the ‘New Age’ movement: STEVEN CLARK ROCKEFELLER and LAURANCE SPELMAN ROCKEFELLER.

Steven Rockefeller was the son of NELSON ROCKEFELLER, of whom the latter became Vice-President of America under President Gerald Ford. Nelson attended the UN’s founding conference in 1945 and belonged to the CFR (Council Of Foreign Relations), which had played a major role in creating the UN. Nelson was Mayor of New York, so no surprise to hear that the UN’s 1st HQ was on land in New York gifted by the Rockefeller family. Also, the CFR’s HQ initially was in New York.

Steven Rockefeller (also CFR) continued his father’s public quest for a “…new world order” by co-creating “The Earth Charter” with ex-Russian President MIKHAIL GORBACHEV and with the pro-UN, Rockefeller-connected, ‘New Ager’ MAURICE STRONG. The Earth Charter, launched in 2000, is a declaration of values to underpin a global society. Its origins, we are told, began in 1968 with the establishment of THE CLUB OF ROME in meetings at the Rockefeller family’s estate in Bellagio in Italy. This Club wants a UN-based world government to solve environmental problems. Two of the Club’s members were Gorbachev and Strong.

Steven Rockefeller studied Buddhism (a strong influence on the New Age movement); wrote books on religion and the environment; was a Professor of Religion.

Laurance Rockefeller (CFR) links to Maurice Strong via the LA (LINDISFARNE ASSOCIATION), which was financed by Laurance and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and to which Strong served as its Director of Finance. The LA (1972- 2012) mixed ‘Green’ issues with spirituality in it’s “…study and realization of a new planetary culture.” It was partly inspired by the ideas of that New Age pillar TEILHARD DE CHARDIN.

Laurance (CFR, TC (Trilateral Commission), Bilderberger) was appointed by President Nixon- on the advice of Henry Kissinger- to lead a special Commission on population growth. It recommended population control for the USA.

Laurance financed research into spirituality, the paranormal, ESP, UFOs, and the crop circle research of Colin Andrews.

Laurance aided the ‘alien abduction’ research of Doctor JOHN MACK, who was a Professor at Harvard Medical School; a Pulitzer Prize-Winner; proposed a multidimensional view of the Universe; co-edited “Mind Before Matter: Visions of a New Science Of Consciousness”. John Mack’s book “Passport To The Cosmos” says that we humans are expanding our consciousness to embrace multidimensional entities/spirits/ETs. But whose side are these INTRAterrestrials on? I think that many of them are part of “The Great Work”.

Mack knew “The X-Files” creator CHRIS CARTER, and is credited by Carter with helping to inspire the TV show’s creation. “The X-Files” is about FBI agents who investigate the paranormal and the unknown. The central character FOX MULDER shares the same name as the Rupert Murdoch-owned media organisations that originally produced and broadcast “The X-Files”: “Fox Broadcasting Company” and “20th Century Fox Television”. Rupert Murdoch published David Icke’s New Age books in the early 1990s, not long before the first airing of “The X-Files” in 1993.

A New York cathedral (‘St. John the Divine’ in Manhattan) served as a common HQ for both the LA and the UN’s ‘spiritual counterpart’ The TOU (TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING), of which the latter is said to have been initially financed by another Rockefeller: JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV (aka JAY Rockefeller), who was a US Senator and member of the CFR and TC (Trilateral Commission), yet another transnational think-tank. Jay’s uncle David had previously chaired the CFR and co-created the TC in New York.

The TOU ran the religious chapel at the UN’s HQ in New York. The TOU works closely with the UN and with the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. The TOU sponsored the LT (LUCIS TRUST), which managed the UN’s meditation room.

The LT (originally the LUCIFER PUBLISHING COMPANY) published UN works, but originally published the spiritual writings of the TS (THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY) who believe that the Biblical Lucifer is the true good God, not Jehovah.

LT co-founder ALICE BAILEY (Theosophist) claimed to psychically channel the intelligent minds/forces who (or that) are overseeing human evolution. TS President ANNIE BESANT was a leading light of the influential FABIAN SOCIETY that promoted World Socialism and supported Britain’s Labour Party.

Bailey’s ARCANE SCHOOL (still active) emphasizes the electrical nature of life and of the material world. The chemical element CARBON is deemed important because of its electromagnetic qualities that make it a ‘house’ for spirit and make it a gateway for transcending the physical plane. Thus our Solar System can transform into a ‘living temple’.

Another LT offshoot is WG (World Goodwill), an NGO that regularly attended UN briefing sessions. WG’s public goals are:
1)to mobilize the ‘energy of goodwill’;
2)to educate the public on the causes and solutions of the world’s problems;
3)to prepare for the reappearance of the spiritual government (“the Christ and his Church”) that guides our planet.

A fan of Alice Bailey was DONALD F. KEYS who was a speechwriter for the UN Secretary-general U. THANT (a Marxist Buddhist). Keys attended the UN as representative of the WAWF (World Association of World Federalists), which wants a world government. Keys and Thant both were original members of PC (PLANETARY CITIZENS), founded in 1974 (now defunct) to create positive change in the world. PC’s inaugural Board of Directors included Keys (as Registrar); Thant (Honorary Chairman); NORMAN COUSINS (Honorary Chairman; CFR; co-creator of the WAWF).

Endorsing PC officially were Maurice Strong; AURELIO PECCEI (co-founder of the Club Of Rome; Freemason; CEO of the FIAT Motor Company); the Dalai Lama (Buddhist leader).

The PC’s inaugural Advisory Council included 2 members of the LA:
1) ERNST F. SCHUMACHER, economist; author of “Small Is Beautiful”; Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University;

2)WILLIAM IRWIN THOMPSON, co-founder of the LA, and on the LA’s Advisory Council; MIT Professor. Thompson and Maurice Strong were both Trustees of yet another Ruling Elite ‘New Age’ creation: THE ASPEN INSTITUTE FOR HUMANISTIC STUDIES, which sprang primarily from the oil industry due to it :-
a)being created by the ‘green’ oilman ROBERT O. ANDERSON;
b)being financed partly by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; c)including as members oil executives such as Maurice Strong. Anderson is credited with financing the creation of the ‘green’ campaign group “Friends Of The Earth”.
The Aspen Institute and the LA supported Strong’s New Age centre in Colorado: “The Valley Of The Refuge Of World Truths”, intended to be a model for how the Earth should be managed. Strong’s remarkable CV also lists the following:
1) Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation;
2)Senior Adviser to the UN Secretary-General KOFI ANNAN;
3)the inaugural Secretary-General of the UN’s ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM;
4)Secretary-General of the UN-sponsored 1992 “Earth Summit” in Rio De Janeiro; aka the ‘UN Conference On Environment and Development’, from whence ‘Agenda 21’ came;
5)Secretary-General of the 1972 UN Environmental Conference in Stockholm, where the WAWF’s proposal for a powerful UN environmental agency was discussed;
6)Wrote the introduction to the TC book “Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing Of The World’s Economy and The Earth’s Ecology” (1991). David Rockefeller wrote the book’s foreword. The book built upon the earlier report “Our Common Future” by the Brundtland Commission.
Strong’s CV continues:
8)helped media mogul TED TURNER to set up the UN FOUNDATION;
9)co-chairman of the Council of the WEF (World Economic Forum) that convenes annually in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF began in 1971 as a European outfit supported by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION;
10)More recently, Strong lived in the new economic superpower China, whose recent embrace of capitalism fits in with Strong’s public call for a merger of capitalism with socialism: a Ruling elite goal. Merging 2 opposites is a common New Age theme.

Returning to PC (see above). Some of its inaugural Advisory Council included NASA astronaut EDGAR MITCHELL, WILLIS H. HARMAN and ERVIN LASZLO.

Returning to the LA (Lindisfarne Association)(see above). More of its members were:
2)DORION SAGAN, the son of Lynn Margulis and famed NASA scientist CARL SAGAN.
Carl Sagan said in a TV interview that the unconscious mind is “often wiser” than the conscious mind, thus he often listened to his unconscious.
3)HAZEL HENDERSON (economist; member of the Club of Budapest and Club Of Rome).
4)GREGORY BATESON (cybernetics pioneer) and his daughter MARY C. BATESON.
Another LA member was MICHAEL MURPHY, co-founder of the New Age ESALEN INSTITUTE.
At the Esalen Institute in 1988 were conferences financed by Laurance Rockefeller’s “Fund For The Enhancement Of The Human Spirit”, which also sponsored New Age writer BARBARA MARX HUBBARD (Club Of Budapest) and the religious writer MATTHEW FOX.

Laurance sponsored the HUMAN POTENTIAL FOUNDATION, which was co-established by US Senator CLAIBORNE PELL. Pell (Club of Rome and founding member of the USA Club of Rome) attended the UN’s founding conference in 1945. He received from US President Bill Clinton the “Presidential Citizens Medal”.
Laurence Rockefeller’s involvement in UFO/alien research peaked in the 1990s with his WHITE HOUSE INITIATIVE when he put pressure on the US government (under President Bill Clinton) to release documents on UFOs and ETs. Clinton even visited Rockefeller in August 1995 at his ranch near WYOMING, in a mountain range called the GRAND TETONS. Coincidentally or not, those mountains are considered to be a New Age centre for several reasons:
1)UFOs sighted there.
2)Located at the hub of ‘ley lines’, supposedly.
3)The tallest of its mountains – The Grand Teton – is a ‘stargate’ and a retreat of the ‘Ascended Masters’ of the ‘Great White Brotherhood’.
4)New Age author SOLARA underwent a ‘Teton Initiation’ where she also received a psychic message from the ‘Central Sun’ about her personal rising into “…a new frequency grid patterning…” (see “The Star-Borne”, Solara)

5)GUY WARREN BALLARD, who established the New Age “I AM Foundation”, alleged that the ‘Ascended Master’ Saint Germain induced Ballard into an out-of-body trip to a mountain in the Tetons. Underground was a huge complex with advanced technology, he claimed. (See “The Gods Of Eden”, William Bramley). St. Germain first met Ballard on Mount Shasta (California), another renowned New Age hotspot. St. Germain told Ballard that no-one ever got seriously wealthy without the help of an Ascended Master. Some New Agers associate great wealth with great spirituality.

6) LEO SPRINKLE, a trained hypnotist who – like John Mack- was part of the White House Initiative, regularly organised the Annual Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in LARAMIE, WYOMING. Sprinkle hypnotized ‘alien contactees’ to explore their experiences, as did John Mack (funded by Laurence Rockefeller). Sprinkle was a Professor at Wyoming University (1964- 1989). In 1968, Sprinkle served as a psychological consultant to the notorious UFO study by Colorado University (The CONDON Report) that some researchers speculate was an attempt by the US Military (and CIA) to debunk UFO reports and to thwart the UN Secretary-General U. THANT in his attempt to make UFOs a major UN priority.

Sprinkle invited some researchers to lecture on Crystal skulls at his Wyoming UFO conference in 1986. Their subsequent book “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (Sandra Bowen, Nick Nocerino, Joshua Shapiro, 1988) proposes that the crystal skulls (and crystals in general) will assist humanity in creating a fruitful New Age.

7) The Grand Teton National Park incorporates a large conservation/preservation area owned by Laurance Rockefeller, but initially purchased by his ancestor John D. Rockefeller (junior) in 1932. The elder Rockefeller contributed significantly to several national parks, e.g. The Great Smoky Mountains; and Acadia. Laurance’s early career involved conservation work, and he advised US Presidents on conservation.

Another ‘green’ Rockefeller was David Rockefeller (junior): Chairman of the NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION; chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Board of Trustees (currently in 2015); CFR; much conservation work.
The Rockefeller Foundation enhanced its ‘green’ credentials in 1998 by recruiting for its President one of the pioneers of ‘sustainable agriculture’: Sir Gordon Conway, who was an agricultural ecologist; President of the Royal Geographical Society; Director of AGRICULTURE FOR IMPACT (funded by Imperial College, London and by the BILL and MELINDA GATES Foundation). Bill Gates is criticized by Icke in his “Perception Deception”.
Conway authored “The Doubly Green Revolution: Food for All In The 21st Century”(1997). Conway’s 2012 book “One billion Hungry” was praised by Bill Gates and by the ex-UN Secretary General KOFI ANNAN.
Conway’s Rockefeller recruitment in 1998 coincided with Steven Rockefeller (see above) becoming Chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund Board of Trustees. Steven (CFR) had previously been a member of the NATIONAL COMMISSION ON THE ENVIRONMENT organised by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Steven was a trustee at the Buddhist ZEN CENTER (Rochester, New York). He wrote on the interrelation of spirituality, ecology and democracy.

Laurance Rockefeller, according to some researchers, funded the GEF (GREEN EARTH FOUNDATION), which aimed to bridge the gap between ecology and psychology, hence research into shamanism; consciousness expansion; alchemy and ECOPSYCHOLOGY. The GEF’s founder RALPH METZNER had previously collaborated with the famous ‘drug gurus’ TIMOTHY LEARY and RAM DASS (formerly RICHARD ALPERT) on the Harvard University research into psychoactive substances such as PSILOCYBIN (mushroom).

Metzner befriended drugs guru TERENCE MCKENNA who wrote a book on psilocybin. Mckenna claimed that ancient cultures consumed natural drugs to telepathically link to ‘spirits’/’gods’/’aliens’. He proposed that psychedelic mushrooms, etc, had spurred on human evolution by making our ancestors better hunters; more communal; more creative; more linguistic.

Also at Harvard (one of America’s oldest and influential universities) was the alien abduction researcher Doctor John Mack (Harvard Medical School) who attended conferences of the Laurance Rockefeller-sponsored HPF (see above). The HPF dissolved in 1998 but its co-founder and President C.B. SCOTT JONES led a replacement called PEACE Inc. (“Peace And Emergency Action Coalition For Earth”). Jones was a political aide to HPF co-founder Senator Claiborne Pell. Jones served in diverse branches of American Military Intelligence (Navy, Army, etc). Jones was chairman of the American SPR (Society For Psychical Research. The highly influential British original SPR began in the 19th century).

Jones met with David Icke in the 1990s during Icke’s ‘new age’ phase, as seen in a photograph of them with other ‘New Agers’ such as the prominent crop circle researcher COLIN ANDREWS (funded by Laurance Rockefeller) and ex-Olympic athlete DAVID HEMERY, who participated in the research for the influential new age book “The Only Planet Of Choice” (published by Icke’s publisher, “Gateway Books”).

Mack was a leading light of ECOPSYCHOLOGY, the new scientific discipline that advocates that the deepest levels of the human mind are linked to the natural world. Mack’s UFO/alien research led him to propose that the aliens/spirits/gods had an ecological warning, i.e. don’t destroy the environment. Laurance Rockefeller similarly said that our planet had been visited by mostly benevolent ETs who posed no threat to our world. Contrast that with Icke’s negative view of aliens/spirits/gods who want to control this world.

Mack wrote that a cosmic intelligence is rectifying an imbalance in the human psyche (a common new age theme). See his “Passport To The Cosmos”. Mack wants humanity to embrace intuition and altered states of awareness. For his book, he acknowledged the help of Laurance Rockefeller; NASA astronauts EDGAR MITCHELL (IONS) and BRIAN O’LEARY; and the new age mind researcher STANISLAV GROF.

The ‘good ET’ view was supported by former Sergeant-Major ROBERT DEAN, who claimed that he got his top secret information whilst working at NATO’s SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in 1964.
Mack wrote an essay “The Politics Of Species Arrogance” for the book “Ecopsychology: Restoring The Earth, Healing The Mind” (1995), published by the SIERRA CLUB, which is an old environmental campaign group that predates the modern green movement. The Sierra Club Foundation received money from the Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund. The Sierra Club endorsed Steven Rockefeller’s co-created Earth Charter.