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Nuclear War is Unlikely

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I find it difficult to believe that the Ruling Elite would be daft enough to start the nuclear Armageddon that some people are constantly predicting: there’s not much point going to war if the whole world becomes barren and there are few slaves/servants willing to do your dirty work for you. Even Hitler didn’t want to destroy Paris.

The makers and distributers of nuclear weapons will have implemented all sorts of checks and balances to ensure that a mad dictator can’t start a nuclear war, e.g. fake bombs; an uncooperative military; etc. Nuclear weapons are there to scare and intimidate – and no more, I believe.

It could be argued that the anticipated World War Three has started already, only it’s a more subtle form of warfare: ‘soft war’; ‘cold war’; ‘anti-war’; economic war; cyber-war; weather war; etc, where conventional bloody war is kept to a minimum and the bulk of the ‘fighting’ is disguised as natural ‘acts of god’ and as ‘normal’ human competition.

The supposed threat of World War Three could be yet more ‘problem-reaction-solution’, where the solution comes via the United Nations and other global institutions.  The New Age movement is helping to reduce conventional warfare.