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Numbers in the Simpsons

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The number 127 (see my article on 127 and 27, etc in the Numbers section of the Symbolism section) is in the episode “Days Of Future Future” [note- the word FUTURE is repeated]. Marge buries Homer 127 times, because he is constantly dying then resurrected as a clone, hence 127 clones. See my article on clones.

There are 128 Homers in total. 128 = 2 to the power of 7, which when written in shorthand looks like 27.

“Days Of Future Future” was written by J. STEWART BURNS, who studied maths at university (UC Berkeley). At Harvard, Burns wrote for the satirical “Harvard Lampoon” magazine.

521 – In the episode “The Falcon And The “D’Ohman”, the number 521 appears, which is very close to the golden ratio (1.618 approx) raised to the power of 13. It’s in a fantasy sequence featuring “The Terminator” robot. Homer and his colleagues are holding a banner: “Skull Crushers Local 521”.

42 – “Alone Again, Natura-Diddily” – race car number 42 crashes close to the Simpsons.

More to come…