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One Eye

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One eye symbolism occurs in different ways:
One eye closed while the other is open; One eye covered; One eye hit or poked; One eye missing; Winking; false eye; one-eyed creatures; one eye alone; swollen eye; attention grabbers, e.g. ‘black eye’, scars, makeup, different coloured eyes.
Cameras and telescopes cover one eye, though for wide cameras it can seem a little odd because usually the camera is held over both eyes.

This is an ongoing article.

cover of “The Economist” magazine (24th November 2017)

In addition to the eyeless socket, note also the pyramid and all-seeing eye (of the one dollar bill) where the nose would be.

JAMES CORDEN – OBE; TV chat show host; actor; producer; writer.

Corden’s autobiography cover
Corden photoshoot for the Wall Street Journal magazine
Corden on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal magazine in 2016

Note his fake tattoos, of which some are just one eye. They were for a photoshoot for the Wall Street Journal Magazine.

Corden received widespread criticism for a ‘joke’ he made at a charity event about the disgraced media mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN (October 14th 2017) not long after Weinstein had been accused of numerous acts of sexual misconduct, harassment and rape. To make matters worse, Corden had known Weinstein since 2013 (at least) after Corden played the lead role in the film “One Chance”, of which Weinstein had been an Executive Producer and was distributed by his company “The Weinstein Company”. Corden credited Weinstein with helping him up the career ladder.

Magician/illusionist DAVID BLAINE drew an eye onto his hand (“for protection”) and showed it during an infamous TV interview in Britain when publicising his endurance feat of 44 days without food (“Above The Below”).

David Blaine shows his eye of protection

In the Laurel & Hardy film “Our Relations” (1936), FINN (played by JAMES FINLAYSON) screws up one eye in his trademark way.

James Finlayson

Finn makes the 666 hand gesture with one hand then places the ‘hole’ (or ‘zero’) of his 666 hand over one eye. Later on, Stan Laurel is positioned so that the end of a hammer handle covers up one of his eyes.

In the Laurel & Hardy film “Pack Up Your Troubles”, Stan has a baby’s doll with one doll hand over an eye of the doll. He then moves the doll hand away from the eye.

In the “L & H” film “Saps At Sea”, Olly gets a black eye. He and Stan have a white goat named “Narcissus” (named after the Greek God who falls in love with his own image) who has some devilish looking horns. Olly is allergic to horns – the musical variety, that is, which send him into a rage. Another character is an escaped convict called NICK, also called OLD NICK (the Devil is nicknamed ‘Old Nick’), a wanted killer who has stolen some valuable naval plans.

In “A Chump At Oxford”, Stan bets Olly that he can hit someone (a portrait) in the eye with a jet of water from a drink dispenser. Stan wears a monocle over one eye. Memory loss and altered personality is a theme.

In “Brats”, Olly gets poked in the eye several times, and on one occasion he covers his hurt eye with his hand.

In “Below Zero”, Olly gets hit in his left eye twice.

In “The Music Box” (1932), Olly is hit in the eye several times.

Both Oliver Hardy and Finlayson were Freemasons, who are famous for their winks. Hardy spoke a Freemasonic expression in “A Chump At Oxford” when he says “It’s on the level, then”. Finlayson appeared in the KEYSTONE KOPS silent movies, named after the KEYSTONE PICTURES STUDIO. The keystone is a significant Freemasonic symbol, so was it just coincidence that the studio became a unit within a film studio named after another symbol with Freemasonic links: the TRIANGLE FILM CORPORATION, of which a partner was the Freemason and influential filmmaker D.W.GRIFFITH.


RED DWARF – sci-fi TV comedy. This popular sitcom has numerous philosophical/religious themes that I consider to be occult in nature. In the episode TERRORFORM (series 5, episode 3), an injured robot/android removes one of his eyes and a hand in order to create a mobile camera to search for help. The story revolves around a PSI MOON, an artificial moon that tunes into a person’s mind (conscious and subconscious), then manifests that mind as physical reality on the moon’s surface. Our universe is the manifestation of the Rebel’s mind and karma.

In “The Simpsons” episode “Girl’s Just Want To Have Sums”, Milhouse gets a paper dart in his eye. The story concerns the separation of girls and boys at school. The occult separation of male and female? There is cross dressing, so hints of the occult merger of male and female. At school, the girls sit on the left hand side of the classroom. Is this alluding to the ‘Satanic’ ‘left hand path’ that is associated with ‘Black Magic’ and sex magic? The left hand side is traditionally (at least in the West) associated with evil, e.g. in the Bible, Jesus sits on the right hand side of God. Jesus says that the ‘blessed’ sheep are on the right whilst the evil goats are on the left. The left eye of Horus is lost during his battle with Set.

For more Simpsons imagery, see my Simpsons section.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” (the novel) – The eye of JAPETUS blinks, though bearing in mind there is only one eye (it’s a metaphor for a geographic feature on the moon Japetus), author Arthur C. Clarke could have used the verb WINK instead of BLINK.

“The Empire Strikes Back” – a key fight takes place in front of a large circular window that resembles an eye (sort of).

The Empire Strikes Back

“Bedazzled” (1967) – a comedy film based on the Faust legend. In the first appearance of the Devil (played by the film’s writer PETER COOK), one of his eyes is shaded from the light.

“Mad Max 2” (1981) – Max gets a swollen eye that closes up, but not entirely. His swollen eye and others are the subject of the article The Blackened Eyes of the Movie Men With No Name

No name equates with no soul, no karma, I conclude.

LEFT EYE – the stage name of singer LISA LOPES who died in a car crash, though some suspect it might have been murder.

Left Eye
Left Eye

STEVEN SPIELBERG – film director

A young Spielberg

PROMINENT TELEVISION – a TV production company that produced BBC programs. It’s logo (which I can’t find on the internet) was an eye on top of a pyramid shaped radio mast: shades of the one dollar bill. Both images remind me of the Walnut Whip sweet, which consists of half a walnut (resembling a brain) perched on top of a cone shaped chocolate shell.

Walnut Whip

“The X-Files”

Series 10 Episode 2 “Founder’s Mutation” – At the start, a distressed Doctor SANJAY has hair that covers one eye. A young boy (Adam) under observation has a facial abnormality resulting in skin covering one eye.

Series 11 Episode 1 “My Struggle III” – Scully’s closed eye is shown in close up, then it opens. Her hair occasionally covers one eye.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL SUPERBOWL TROPHY – from certain angles it resembles an eye on top of a pyramidal structure, and also resembles a snake’s head and neck.

Vince Lombardi trophy
Vince Lombardi trophy
Superbowl trophy
Poster for New England Patriots

Note the eye-like patterns on the footballs on the above poster.

“Alien 3” (1992) – An injured android has a damaged eye. Ripley has a bloodshot red eye.

“The Lego Movie” (2014) – METAL BEARD is a pirate with the cliched eye patch. His body was destroyed, apart from his head, so he has an artificial body. LUCY has hair that sometimes covers one eye. They travel to CLOUD CUCKOO LAND, which has no rules and bad thoughts are suppressed.

FAMILY GUY – US animation series. In “Mr And Mrs Stewie”, Stewie has a swollen eye that is almost closed.

“The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” (2015) – One character gets a black eye. There are plenty of pirates, so there are numerous eye patches worn. There are several uses of a telescope, so one eye closed.

PUDSEY BEAR – the mascot for the BBC’s charity “Children In Need”, who has one eye covered up. The original 1985 logo featured numerous triangles, which is a Freemasonic symbol, and is reminiscent of the Kabbalistic YOD in a triangle; also the eye in the triangle of the US Great Seal, and similar to MI5’s former logo and to the aforementioned TRIANGLE KEYSTONE logo. Note the black triangles on Pudsey’s red bandana, and the 3 red triangles at each corner. Inverted red triangles denoted imprisoned Masons in Nazi Germany. 

Pudsey Bear (1985)