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Princess Diana

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There are some intriguing anagrams of Princess Diana’s full name – DIANA FRANCES SPENCER, which I call DIANAGRAMS. Some of those anagrams contain French words, which – depending on your point of view – is either a cheat or is highly appropriate bearing in mind that she died in Paris in France.


A PRINCESS à FRANCE – END (à is French for AT)

ASCEND EN PARIS, FRANCE (Ascend = ascension? A rise to heaven after dying?)

RACE IN FRANCE PASS – END (Race = the race to get away from the photographers? Pass = underpass, where the crash happened?)

I have been struggling to find any record of a British TV documentary about the photographers who had been trailing Diana and Dodi in the months before their deaths. Presented by DERMOT MURNAGHAN – the British TV news presenter who had previously announced the death of Diana on ITV News – what intrigued me at the time was that Murnaghan (if my memory is correct) interviewed some of the photographers in the South of France in the days just before the crash, not after. I can’t confirm this, and I could be mistaken, but if true it would be a noteworthy ‘coincidence’. ITV once sold copies of the documentary, but I couldn’t afford one.

More interesting anagrams are seen in connection to the movie “Ronin”, which has a car chase in Paris that is similar to the real one. Although the movie was released in 1998 (after Diana’s death), the film’s writing and production began before the crash. Filming for the Paris chase scenes, according to the official version of events, began a few months after Diana’s death (August 31st) on November 3rd. How on earth did the film’s producers get permission to film a car chase so soon after the real crash?

The film’s director, JOHN FRANKENHEIMER, had previously lived in Paris. Appropriately, he also directed the sequel to “The French Connection”. Frankenheimer directed the brainwashing movie, “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962), which involves political assassination. He befriended Senator ROBERT F. KENNEDY, and drove him to the hotel where Kennedy would be assassinated.

One of the film’s stars – ROBERT DE NIRO – said that some of the car chase was filmed in the ALMA Tunnel where Diana died, and that Frankenheimer had planned to film there before the Diana crash. He said that “…there was no connection” between the film and the real crash. (See article by DOUGLAS THOMPSON in “The Independent” (12th Nov 1998).

In “Ronin”, there is a car crash in a tunnel, and a there is a blonde lady (also injured) called DEIRDRE, of which anagrams include:-

RID DEER (A deer accompanies Diana, the Roman Goddess of hunting and of wild animals).

RE: RED DI (DI = Diana, RED = bloody?)

RED RIDE (A bloody car ride?)

ERR, DIED (err = make a mistake)

I ERR, DED (DED = DEAD in Middle English)

The word ‘deer’ (above) links to the movie “The Deer Hunter”, starring De Niro.