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Robert Redford, Dan Rather and the ‘Free Press’

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The year 2015 saw the release of the film “Truth”, starring Hollywood ‘A-listers’ ROBERT REDFORD and CATE BLANCHETT. “Truth” covers the real downfall of the famed American TV ‘news anchor’ DAN RATHER, whose seemingly bungled attempt to expose and embarrass US President GEORGE W. BUSH over his military career resulted in Rather’s premature ‘retirement’ from the TV network CBS. Rather is played in the film by Robert Redford who has long been involved in American politics. How appropriate that Redford’s initials are “RR”, the same as the US President Ronald Reagan, formerly a Hollywood film star himself. Mainstream politics is just a movie made real.

But did Rather (and his colleagues) make an innocent mistake or did some of them deliberately mess up in order to protect Bush? And why was ‘Rathergate’ (as it was dubbed- also ‘Memogate’) turned into a film starring an actor who had – back in 1976 – played a lead role in a film about another ‘Gate’: WATERGATE?

The name Redford occurs in an anagram of the American Vice-President who became President as a result of the Watergate controversy: GERALD FORD = REDFORD LAG. The word LAG means a convicted criminal; arrest; fall behind; encase; cover. Lag = cover-up? criminal? Redford said that as a teenager he had been a lawbreaker; ran a street gang; and was arrested for petty theft. He experimented with drugs, drank heavily, and was expelled from the University of Colorado.

Gerald Ford would install George W. Bush’s father- George Bush, Sr – as official head of the CIA, which infiltrated American politics and culture during the 20th century.

The name Robert Redford sounds similar to that of the Watergate newspaper journalist ROBERT (BOB) WOODWARD whom Redford played in the Watergate film “All The President’s Men”. If you have difficulty pronouncing the letter “R”, then REDFORD sounds like WEDFORD. Equally, RATHERGATE becomes WATHERGATE, similar to WATERGATE.

Redford first met Rather, according to Rather, for an interview for the CBS News show “60 Minutes”, in 1974, the year that President Nixon resigned over Watergate. Rather had been sent to cover an environmental story that also attracted Redford’s interest because ‘green politics’ has been one of his main campaign interests over the years. Politically speaking, Redford’s allegiances tend towards ’causes’/’issues’ rather than any politician or political party, though in recent years he has publicly favoured the Democrats and was anti- George Bush, Junior.

Redford and Rather share a common belief (publicly at least) in a ‘free press’, hence Redford’s participation in those two movies, and hence Rather’s comment that “…our free press…is in peril”, due to government and corporate interference. But is this campaign for a free press all part of the Ruling Elite’s control of the new forms of media (information gathering and dissemination)? The Ruling Elite want to merge capitalism with socialism, so the need to prevent government and corporate interference with the ‘free press’ fits in with that intended merger. The mainstream and ‘alternative’ media are not as separate from each other as both sides would have you believe. They both draw information form each other and appear to me to be merging.

After ‘Rathergate’, Dan Rather tried to sue CBS, accusing them of scapegoating him and his colleagues over some ‘mistakes’ made in trying to prove that: 1) President George Bush junior had received preferential treatment that allowed him to join a military unit that resulted in him avoiding the draft to Vietnam; 2) At this military unit, Bush went AWOL, illegally.

Although these allegations had been made before, and with pretty convincing evidence, the controversial CBS news report included in its evidence some documents that almost certainly were forgeries. Consequently, the mainstream media gave Bush’s military service history a wide berth, just in time for the Presidential election (that he won) held 2 months after the flawed CBS report broadcasted in September 2004.

A useful book on Rathergate (and the Bush family in general) is “Family Of Secrets” (2009), by RUSS BAKER, though his book overlooks an intriguing possibility about Bush going AWOL: it happened at the same time as the events that triggered Watergate in 1972. Did Bush secretly aid his father (and others) in Watergate and the downfall of Nixon?

The Bush family were a Texas oil clan, and it’s no secret that oil families such as the Rockefellers have dominated American and global politics. Thus, it is of particular interest that Dan Rather and Robert Redford also had oil links. The oil industry has been simultaneously: 1)the enemy of the ‘green movement’ that Redford supports; and 2) a supporter of the ‘green movement’, e.g. the Rockefellers, Maurice Strong and Robert Anderson, all of whom have used the green movement to promote a global government. The Rockefellers helped create and run the UN-supporting CFR (Council On Foreign Relations) to which Dan Rather has belonged, so too many American media figures and politicians, e.g. George Bush, Sr and CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Redford’s father worked as an accountant for the Rockefeller’s oil company STANDARD OIL (Of California), thus was able to secure a job for his son Robert, but Redford, Junior couldn’t stick it and got fired.

Dan Rather’s father worked in the Texas oilfields as a pipe layer for HUMBLE OIL, of which the main investor was Standard Oil (Of New Jersey), which would purchase Humble Oil outright in 1959. A Humble Oil co-founder- WILLIAM STAMPS FARISH II (junior)- became Chairman (1933) and President (1937) of Standard Oil, so was investigated by the US Senate for his (and Standard Oil’s) dealings with the NAZI cartel I.G. FARBEN.

Farish was a pioneer in the Texas oil industry, so no surprise that the Farish and Bush families have a long interconnected history, e.g. WILLIAM FARISH III (the 3rd) managed the financial affairs of George Bush, Sr, and became Ambassador to Britain under President Bush, Jr.

Humble Oil employees included 2 friends with significant ties to the Bush family and to the Kennedy assassination: GEORGE KITCHEL and GEORGE DE MOHRENSCHILDT (“Family of Secrets”). Kitchel had helped G. Bush, Sr launch his political career. His brother, GRAHAM KITCHEL, an FBI agent in Texas, received a telephone call from Bush, Sr a few hours after the assassination of JFK, warning of a man (not Lee Harvey Oswald) who had been wanting to kill JFK. Graham Kitchel was close to the FBI’s notorious head J. EDGAR HOOVER, who allegedly hated JFK. Hoover served on the infamous WARREN COMMISSION that declared JFK’s killer to be Lee Harvey Oswald and no-one else. Also on the Warren Commission was the CIA head Allen Dulles; the CFR chairman JOHN McCLOY; and future US President Gerald Ford.

George de Mohrenschildt was a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, Bush, Sr and the family of JFK’s wife Jackie Kennedy. Mohrenschildt had emigrated from Russia, eventually settling in Dallas (Texas) where he operated among the city’s rich and powerful. His aristocratic Russian family were -to quote Russ Baker- “…major players in the global oil business…and their paths crossed with the Rockefellers and other key pillars of the petroleum establishment.” (Page 70, “Family of Secrets”). The lucrative Russian oil town of BAKU at the start of the 20th century attracted all the major oil players, including the Rothschilds.

Dan Rather claimed to have stood just 30 yards from the infamous ‘grassy knoll’ in Dallas where one of the alleged assassins of JFK supposedly stood. Rather grew up in Texas. By 1963 he had become chief of CBS’s South West News Bureau (based in Dallas), though in August 1963 (several months before the assassination in November) he transferred to a CBS Bureau in New Orleans.

Dan Rather said that he had been in Dallas that fateful day NOT as a CBS reporter, but to deliver some film footage. Despite his location near the grassy knoll, he claimed not to have seen the shooting nor heard any shots fired. However, he did see the shooting via an exclusive early non-public viewing of the famous film footage supplied by ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER, a high-ranking Freemason with Russian Jewish parents, like Mohrenschildt.

Zapruder and Mohrenschildt both attended meetings of the Dallas-based Council On World Affairs, set up by the Bush family friend NEIL MALLON, a close friend of Allen Dulles. Mallon belonged to Yale University’s notorious “Skull and Bones” secret society, as did several of the Bush family (e.g. Bush,Sr and his father PRESCOTT BUSH).

Zapruder’s film was purchased soon after the murder by “Life” magazine, founded and edited by another Yale ‘Bonesman’: HENRY LUCE, friend of Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles. “Life” publisher (back then) CHARLES DOUGLAS JACKSON, an expert on psychological warfare, had worked for the CIA’s predecessor the OSS (formed in 1942-1945). Jackson was special assistant to President EISENHOWER and was dubbed ‘chief of the cold war’ by Russian Communist heads.

Jackson attended early Bilderberg meetings in the 1950s. He was President of the National Committee For A Free Europe, an alleged CIA front during the Cold War, of which Allen Dulles served on its’ Executive Committee. Jackson was one of Luce’s Vice Presidents at “Time, Inc”.

Nelson Rockefeller (Vice President under Gerald Ford), like Jackson, had been Eisenhower’s special assistant on psychological warfare and cold war strategy. Nelson Rockefeller was appointed by Gerald Ford to head a Commission that would endorse the Warren Commission conclusion.

“Life” supported the Warren Commission conclusion, as did Rather, who was the first reporter to publicly report on the then unseen Zapruder footage. Rather and the CBS news anchorman back then -WALTER CRONKITE- endorsed the lone gunman theory, so no surprise to hear that Cronkite’s CBS TV report on the Rockefeller family in 1973 was mostly positive. Nelson Rockefeller would become US Vice president the following year in 1974 under Warren Commission member Gerald Ford. Earlier, Nelson Rockefeller advised JFK to appoint the Rockefeller Foundation head DEAN RUSK as his Secretary of State. Nelson’s brother LAURANCE ROCKEFELLER sat on the Board of the widely distributed “Reader’s Digest” magazine, which supported the Oswald-guilty conclusion, even after the criticism of the Warren Commission.

“Reader’s Digest” reporter EDWARD EPSTEIN interviewed George de Mohrenschildt on the day he apparently committed ‘suicide’ by shooting himself in the mouth in March 1977, 2 weeks after the death of his Russian mentor PAUL RAIGORODSKY. Mohrenschildt claimed to have been a ‘patsy’ over the JFK assassination.

Dan Rather replaced Cronkite as CBS Evening News anchorman. The CBS logo is an eye: the ‘all-seeing eye’ of Freemasonry? CBS co-founder and President WILLIAM PALEY was a trustee in the 1930s of the Rockefeller’s Museum of Modern Art, then later its’ President.

William Paley, son of a Russian Jewish father (another one!), had close ties to the CIA, especially Allen Dulles. During the 2nd World War, Paley served in the psychological warfare branch of the US Office of War Information, under General Eisenhower.

CBS Board Director Prescott Bush helped organise the financial expansion of CBS, via the company BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN.

CBS employed as a consultant the ‘father of public relations’ EDWARD BERNAYS, whose numerous clients included “Time, Inc”; NBC and General Electric. Bernays was a nephew of psychoanalysis creator SIGMUND FREUD, so yet more Jewish Europeans. Bernays worked for the American government on wartime propaganda, so accompanied US President WOODROW WILSON to the post-war 1919 Paris Peace Conference.

CBS currently (2016) has a studio at the Rockefeller Center in New York, which is the HQ for one of CBS Corp’s subsidiaries: the book publishers SIMON & SCHUSTER (Jewish founders) who published the book version of “All The President’s Men”. The CBS main HQ currently (‘Black Rock’) is very close to the Rockefeller Center, the latter hosting several major media outlets and big name corporations, e.g. NBC; RCA; “Time-Life”; Fox News and its parent company News Corporation.

The Rockefeller Center hosted British Intelligence during the 2nd World War, and also Allied Intelligence. The CIA precursor – the OSS – was headed initially by General WILLIAM DONOVAN, who took his orders from British Intelligence at the Rockefeller Center, it is claimed. The OSS precursor- the office of the COI (Coordinator of Information), situated at the Rockefeller Center, was organised by Donovan and headed by Allen Dulles.

Working under Donovan at the OSS was an ancestor of the Director of the 2015 film “Truth”: WILLIAM H. VANDERBILT III (3RD)(born 1901), of the very wealthy Vanderbilt family who had made their fortune in American railways and real estate. The Vanderbilts, according to some researchers, were one of numerous American families controlled by the British and French monarchies operating through the Virginia Company and the PAYSEUR FAMILY. (see Page 191,192 “The Biggest Secret”, D. Icke).

Another Vanderbilt- ALFRED GWYNNE VANDERBILT I (1st) (b. 1877) – belonged to the “Skull & Bones” and is supposed to have died on the British passenger ship LUSITANIA, sank by the German navy (allegedly) and thus used as an excuse for American President Woodrow Wilson to enter the 1st World War. Did Vanderbilt really die? Or was he part of the ship’s planned destruction by the Ruling Elite? His body was never found. 3 years earlier he had made a last minute decision not to travel on the ill-fated “Titanic”, which some say was deliberate sabotage, possibly an insurance scam.

JAMES VANDERBILT, the Director and co-producer of “Truth”, also wrote the screenplays for “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012); “Zodiac” and “White House Down”, the latter about a terrorist assault on the Presidential White House. I refer to the Spider-Man film in my article “The Golden Ratio, the Devil and The Simpsons”.

“Truth” co-producer BRETT RATNER directed the “Rush Hour” film series, starring Jackie Chan. Ratner’s parents were Jewish, though he said that his wealthy father didn’t play much of a fatherly role. That role went -so he said- to ALVIN MALNIK, a notorious Jew-turned-Muslim lawyer and ‘top’ criminal attorney, and the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. Malnik said that he was a friend of the Russian-Jewish Mafia financier MEYER LANSKY and had business and social relationships with the famous ‘Rat Pack’, e.g. FRANK SINATRA and DEAN MARTIN, who socialised with Mafia gangsters. Sinatra befriended JFK, and both reputedly were lovers of film star Marilyn Monroe. Certainly Sinatra dated Monroe.

Ratner, as a young boy, befriended Malnik’s son Mark, who would change his name to SHAREEF after marrying a princess of the Saudi Royal family. Thus Ratner became like a son to Alvin Malnik. Alvin has refuted accusations that he was an organised crime figure, laundering money for the Mafia.

Malnik said he once dined with FBI head J. Edgar Hoover. Malnik links to George Bush, Sr, some say, via Malnik’s friend DON ARONOW, a son of Russian Jewish immigrants who built speedboats for professional racers and others, including Bush, Sr. His fast boats were popular with drug smugglers (a Mafia specialty) and the naval/river police.

“Truth” was distributed by SONY PICTURES CLASSICS, a division of SONY PICTURES.

CBS publicly disapproved of “Truth”, not surprisingly. The CBS President and CEO in 2015 was Jewish: LESLIE MOONVES, born into a Jewish family and a great-nephew of the inaugural Prime Minister of Israel, DAVID BEN GURION, a top Zionist who had been Executive head of the WORLD ZIONIST ORGANISATION. Moonves was President/CEO of Warner Brothers Television (The founding Warner brothers were Polish Jews).

Yet another Jewish family have been majority owners of CBS CORP: the REDSTONE family, principally SUMNER REDSTONE who has also been the majority owner and chairman of NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS, which controlled CBS; VIACOM (media conglomerate); and PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

Redstone was born ROTHSTEIN (German for ‘red stone’), until his father anglicized his name. Is ‘red stone’ an occult name, I wonder, because the last stage of alchemy involves turning the philosopher’s stone red, though some alchemical texts give a different colour. The name Rothstein is etymologically similar to RUBENSTEIN, the surname of Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer JACK RUBY, born JACOB LEON RUBENSTEIN, the son of Polish Jews.

Note I am NOT anti-semitic, but there is a definite Jewish theme here. I DON’T believe in a ‘Jewish Conspiracy’, but do believe that the Ruling Elite give wealth/power to some Jews, just as they have done the same with the Freemasons. Some Jews, I believe, faked their Jewish identity. Any researcher who points out a Jewish connection can thus be dismissed as anti-semitic, paranoid, etc.

Many Jews emigrated from Europe and Russia to America in the 1st half of the 20th century, including George de Mohrenschildt. Some of those Jews were aided by the Rockefellers and their Foundation, and also by future US President LYNDON JOHNSON (who replaced JFK) who assisted Jews into Texas (‘Operation Texas’) just before the 2nd World War. Jewish lives were saved by ALBERT GORING, brother of the top Nazi HERMANN GORING (President of the Reichstag and Vice Chancellor of Nazi Germany). Hermann knew about his brother’s aid.

The Goring family lived with their children’s Godfather – an Aristocratic Jew, HERMANN VON EPENSTEIN, who acted as a kind of surrogate father. Albert Goring wondered if Epenstein was his real father and if he was half-Jewish.

A ruby (Jack Ruby) is a precious stone of varying hues of red. The word RED is in the name of Robert Redford and ‘Red Shield’, the english translation of ROTHSCHILD, the name of the notorious Jewish banking family with German origins who have played such a pivotal role in Ruling Elite machinations.

Etymology: RUBENSTEIN; RUBIN (English= RUBY; Medieval German= type of gem); RUBINUS (Medieval Latin = RUBY); RUBY; RUBER (lat= RED); RUBEUS (lat= RED); RUBIGO (lat = RUST); RUST (reddish coating); RUSSUS (lat = RED); RUSSIA (‘Red Russia’, Communist Russia with it’s red flag).

Russians settled into Dallas and supported Lee Harvey Oswald, who had temporarily lived in Russia where he married a Russian: MARINA PRUSAKOVA, whose uncle was a colonel in the Russian government’s security service.

Intriguingly, the name RUSS BAKER, author of “Family of Secrets” (about the Bush family and the ‘secret government’),yields some Russia-themed anagrams. RUSS is an anagram of USSR, the initials of the old name of the Russian Socialist Republic. Anagrams:
1) ‘R’ breaks U.S. (R= Russia or Russ Baker; US= USA). The Cold War? Baker criticises the American government?
2) Russe Bark. Russe( French =Russia); Bark = shout
3) Baku, Ressr. Baku= Russian oil town; Ressr= Russia.
4) Russk Bear. Russk= ‘Ruski’ = Russian. Thus a Russian bear.
5) Ruber asks. Ruber (lat = RED). ‘Red’ person asks questions.
6) Bak Russer. Bak = back = support; Russer = Russia.
7) Buss raker. Buss= Bush family; raker= muck raker.
8) A Busk errs. Busk (Middle English= Bush); The Bush family erred?
9) Bus ‘r’ rakes. Bus = Bush family; ‘r’ = are; rakes = immoral men.

RUBENSTEIN and RUBIN are names connected by the Rockefeller-influenced CFR, whose co-chairman currently (2016) is ROBERT E. RUBIN (jewish), whilst the CFR Vice-chairman is DAVID M. RUBENSTEIN (jewish), and the CFR President is RICHARD HAAS (jewish).

Robert Rubin has the same initials as Robert Redford: ‘RR’. Rubin, the son of Jewish parents, served President Bill Clinton as Secretary of the US Treasury, thus worked with the Federal Reserve Chairman ALAN GREENSPAN (jewish parents), who has written for, and spoken to, the CFR; also a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group.

Rubin co-chaired the Board of the powerful investment bank GOLDMAN SACHS & Co, founded in New York in 1869 by the German Jewish banker MARCUS GOLDMAN who later teamed up with his Jewish son-in-law SAMUEL SACHS, born to German Jewish immigrants. Sachs’ longtime friend PHILIP LEHMAN belonged to his German Jewish family’s bank LEHMAN BROTHERS.

Goldman Sachs was described by “Time” magazine as “…the single largest supplier of financial talent to the government”. (see page 150, “Human Race, Get Off Your Knees”, D. Icke). Goldman Sachs have been accused of rigging numerous market crashes/crises, including the 2008 global crash that hit the American economy pretty hard.

The CFR President currently (and since 2003) is RICHARD HAAS (Jewish), the son of Jewish parents; Rhodes Scholar; special assistant to President George Bush, Sr.

David Rubenstein (CFR Vice chairman) served US President Jimmy Carter as Deputy Assistant on domestic policy; was vice-chairman of the Brookings Institution; advisory board member of the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council; co-founder of the CARLYLE GROUP, one of the world’s largest equity groups, which had strong links to the Presidency of George Bush, Sr.

REDSTONE is the surname of MICHAEL REDSTONE, the name of 2 cartoon strip characters created by MARVEL COMICS:
1) North American Indian superhero.
2) Super villain with super powers who murders 6 women, including 5 prostitutes, so possibly alluding to the 5 prostitutes murdered in Victorian London by Jack the Ripper, who might have been an occultist, some speculate. Some researchers put a Jewish spin on the murders because poorer Jews lived in the area of the murders (East End).

Redstone is the name of the power source in the highly successful computer game/simulation MINECRAFT. Redstone ore is reduced to a dust that is like electricity. It can also be used to create magic spells/potions.

The name REDFORD is not too distant from ROTHSCHILD; ROOSEVELT (surname of 2 US Presidents); ROCKEFELLER. The Rockefellers have German/Polish origins, including the German town NEUWIED, not far from the Rothschild’s home town of Frankfurt.

Etymology: SHIELD (red shield); SHELTER; BERGAN (German= SHELTER); BERG (German = MOUNTAIN/HILL); ROSENBERG (common German and Jewish surname that means ROSE MOUNTAIN or MOUNTAIN OF ROSES or RED MOUNTAIN).

A Rosenberg who wasn’t thought to be Jewish was ALFRED ROSENBERG, a major philosophical anti-semitic influence on Adolf Hitler. Rosenberg was born in Russia to German parents, and studied at Moscow University. His anti-Bolshevik/pro-Tsar stance was shared by his mentor MAX SCHEUBNER-RICHTER who fought for the Russian Tsar during the 1905 Russian revolution. Richter became a close confidant/adviser to Hitler. Russian monarchists influenced the rise of the Nazis, as did British occultists.

Etymology: BERG; HILL; HULL (outer covering); HELL (hidden underground realm); FELL (animal’s skin covering; hill); FELLOE/FELLY (outer circle); ROCKEFELLER; FELS (German= ROCK); ROCK (stone); STONE (red stone); SATAN; STELE (greek = UPRIGHT SLAB OR PILLAR, e.g. gravestone); STELLA (latin= STAR. Lucifer is the fallen star/angel); STAR (the 5-pointed star of Communism?); STANNUM (latin = TIN); TIN (shiny metal; cover; coat); TINGE (stain); STEEL (shiny metal alloy made of iron and carbon); IRON (cover with iron; grey metal); FERRUM (latin = IRON); FORRE (old french = SHEATH); FUR (coat of animal); FERRY; FARE (journey; travel); FORD (river crossing); REDFORD; ROCKENFELD (German town); ROCKENFELLER/ROCKENFELDER (old names of Rockefeller); ROOSEVELT (Dutch = ROSE FIELD or FIELD OF ROSES);

The names ROOSEVELT and ROCKEFELLER sound like ROSWELL, the famous U.S. town associated with an alleged UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947. Laurance Rockefeller got involved with UFO research and New Age research in general. I believe that the UFO/ET scene masked the top secret human research into ‘free energy’ technology and genetics. Roswell in the 1930s was the site for pioneering rocketry research by ROBERT GODDARD.

The name ROSWELL is etymologically similar to ROSLIN, the name of the small town near Edinburgh that hosted the Roslin Institute that famously cloned sheep (genetic experimentation). The nearby ROSSLYN chapel is regarded as having occult connections. ROSLIN is a mile from the village of ROSEWELL.


Another New Mexico town associated with UFOs was DULCE, which sounds like DULLES (Allen and John Dulles) and DALLAS (where JFK was murdered, possibly by the Rockefellers, the Dulles brothers and others, some say).

Etymology: ROOSEVELT; FELD (German= FIELD); FIELD (large stretch of land or sea); FAR (a large distance away; a long stretch away); FUR (coat); VELUM (LATIN = COVERING; VEIL); VELD (Dutch = FIELD); WELT (German = WORLD); WELL (spring; pool); MUNDUS (latin = WORLD); MOUNT; MOUNTAIN; BERG; ROSENBERG.

REDFIELD is the surname of two noticeable people:

1) JAMES REDFIELD, author of the best-selling series of New Age novels beginning with “The Celestine Prophecy” (1993). Redfield teamed up with New Age luminary MICHAEL MURPHY (Esalen Institute) for their book “God and the Evolving Universe”. Redfield co-wrote the screenplay for the film version of “The Celestine Prophecy” with DAN GORDON, an Israeli-American TV/film screenwriter who had served in the Israeli Army as a Captain.

2) ROBERT REDFIELD (sounds like ROBERT REDFORD), who promoted a world government. In 1945 he belonged to the “Committee To Frame A World Constitution”, chaired by the University of Chicago’s President & Chancellor ROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS. Chicago University was founded and developed with Rockefeller money. Redfield (an Anthropology Professor at Chicago University) and Hutchins got funding from the Ford Foundation for cultural studies.

Hutchins was the Ford Foundation’s Associate Director; Dean of Yale Law School; Secretary of the YALE CORPORATION (Yale University’s governing body); a graduate of Yale University where he belonged to the WOLF’S HEAD secret society.

Redfield attended an Atomic Energy Control Conference in 1945, organised by Hutchins, also attended by U.S. Vice president HENRY WALLACE and chemist GLENN SEABORG, who participated in the MANHATTAN PROJECT to build an atomic bomb. Redfield participated in the intitial UNESCO conferences in Europe.

Sumner Redstone (CBS owner) (see part 8 above) graduated from Harvard Law School and became a special assistant to the US Attorney General TOM CLARK, who had worked alongside the Warren Commission chairman EARL WARREN as colleagues at the US Supreme Court. Clark grew up in Dallas where he had a law practice. Clark served as an infantryman in the same military unit that would give rise to Rathergate: the TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD, though Bush,Jr joined its Air Division.

If Rathergate was stage managed a bit like a fictional film, it then seems fitting to me that there were several associated characters with alliterative names (initial letters are the same)- a common literacy device used in Children’s stories, cartoons, poems and newspaper headlines, e.g. BUGS BUNNY; MICKEY MOUSE; DONALD DUCK; DICK DASTARDLY; et al. Those Rathergate characters:

1) Robert Redford, born Charles Robert Redford, who plays Dan Rather. An anagram of RATHERGATE = RETGERT, AHA! (Retgert = Redford?).
Anagram of DAN RATHER is ‘N’ A REDHART (N= and; redhart = redford?)
Anagrams of fuller name DANIEL RATHER: a)ALIEN REDHART; b) I LEAN REDHART; c) ‘E NAIL REDHART (‘E= HE; nail = got it right).

2) MARY MAPES, the CBS producer for that controversial TV report anchored by Rather in “60 Minutes Wednesday”. Consequently sacked by CBS, Mapes then wrote the book upon which the film “Truth” was based: “Truth and Duty” (2005), published by St. Martins Press, a division of  the mainstream publishers MACMILLAN. Mapes claimed that Bush’s adviser KARL ROVE had masterminded the Republican Party attack on the allegations against Bush.

Mapes wrote that the American general public’s right to know about political/business issues was being eroded by an alliance of politicians, media/news organisations, online bloggers and ‘Corporate America’. Was this interference the reason why Mapes had postponed her earlier inquiries (in 1999) into Bush’s military service? Or was it – as Russ Barker wrote – “…because of conflicting assignments.” (P439 “Family Of Secrets”)? Or was there another reason? Her 1999 research preceded the 2000 Presidential election, so once again Bush escaped widespread Media attention, though in the longer term this negative publicity eventually hits home and serves the Ruling Elite’s plans to replace traditional democratically-elected politicians (like Bush) with unelected experts, as described by Fabians such as H.G. Wells. I agree with Baker that Bush wasn’t the idiot his public image suggested. I believe that some of the ‘idiot politicians’ of late (Sarah Palin, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, et al) are faking their idiocy. ‘When clever, appear stupid’, to quote from the “Art of War”. The general public will demand experts to replace the idiots. Problem-reaction-solution.

Mapes’ parents were Republican supporters. Mapes worked in the Republican stronghold of Dallas at “CBS News”, though at the time of the JFK murder Dallas was controlled by the Democrats.

3) MARY MURPHY. Also sacked by CBS, Murphy was the Senior Broadcast Producer and deputy to JOSH HOWARD, the executive producer of “60 Minutes Wednesday”. This Mary Murphy is not to be confused with her contemporary: the New York-based reporter and on-air correspondent for “The Insider”- the latter produced by CBS Television.

More alliterative names:

4)MARY MAGDALENE and MARILYN MONROE. Only joking. That said, Monroe was reputedly the lover of JFK, murdered in Dallas. Dan Rather was in Dallas on that day.

5) BILL BURKETT, who delivered to CBS the controversial documents on Bush, but wasn’t the actual source of the documents, apparently. Burkett had previously belonged to George Bush,Jr’s military unit: the TANG (Texas Air National Guard). After leaving the TANG, Burkett would later be temporarily re-hired by them to head an independent analysis of TANG, which would accuse TANG of corruption and inefficiency. Curiously, Burkett reported his findings to TANG’s boss DANIEL JAMES, handpicked by none other than Bush himself when Governor of Texas back in 1996. See Pages 409, 410 “Family Of Secrets”.

Burkett also claimed that he overheard a phone call from a Bush subordinate to Daniel James, requesting James to destroy embarrassing TANG records about Bush. Burkett said that he accidentally witnessed some of those records before they were destroyed. Thus, Bush held a grudge against the man recruited by the man chosen by Bush. Apparently.

6) BEN BARNES, who told Rather on CBS News that he had helped Bush get into the TANG in 1968, when Texas-born Barnes had been Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Barnes attained the powerful Texas position of Lieutenant Governor. But Barnes didn’t tell Rather on TV that Barnes’ secretary in 1968 had been a childhood friend of Bush. Why not?

Barnes’ secretary, SUSIE MARINIS, in 1968 was dating her future husband DON EVANS, who would become one of Bush’s most important political aides by leading his election campaigns for Governor of Texas and for U.S President. As President, Bush installed Evans as Secretary of Commerce. Evans had jobs in the oil industry, as did Bush, of course – a scion of an oil clan.

1968 was the year that Nixon became US President, but by 1972 was in trouble. In 1972, Bush went AWOL from the TANG at the time of the Watergate burglary and subsequent fallout.

Robert Redford attended the high profile Climate Change conference in Paris in 2015. For more on this, see this online article: Robert Redford

The name REDFORD sounds like RADFORD, the surname of CHARLES RADFORD, one of the spies in the notorious MOORER-RADFORD AFFAIR, when the US military spied on the Nixon-Kissinger government until they were discovered in 1971. CHARLES is also Robert Redford’s Christian name at birth.