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Sandy Hook

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Two episodes of “The Simpsons”, aired within 2 weeks of each other in May 2011 could have been pointers to the killings (fake killings?) of the children at Sandy Hook in December 2012.

“The Real Housewives of Fat Tony” (season 22, episode 19; 1st May 2011) refers to an educational institute at Sandy Hook.

“500 Keys” (episode 21; May 15th 2011) has a yellow school bus No.23 containing mannequins of children, leading some to mistakenly believe that some schoolchildren have died. At Sandy Hook for real, there was a televised interview at a fire department where there is a school bus No. 23 in the background.

Continuing from above, the next episode: No. 22 (“The Ned-liest Catch”) features a dummy of a teacher designed to fool others into thinking that it’s a real teacher. Six teachers are said to have died at Sandy Hook.

This episode was broadcast on the 22nd May 2011, so that’s three 22’s: the date, the season and the episode. The number 22 is an occult number: 22 Arcana/Paths of the Kabbalah; 22 Tarot Cards; 22 main characters in the Hebrew alphabet.

22 is one short of 23, the number of the Bus, and another occult number.

The reference to Sandy Hook in episode 19 occurs when Fat Tony says that his niece studied at the “Sandy Hook Vocational Institute”. There she studied “Contemporary Italian-American Design” – that name having the initials C.I.A.D. Does this also abbreviate “Central Intelligence Agency Department”?

Coincidentally or not, the name SANDY HOOK contains within it the name ANDY H, an abbreviation of the Simpson character Andy Hamilton, a schoolboy prankster who I discuss in my article “The Golden Ratio, the Simpsons and the Devil”. The writer of that Simpson episode (“Pranks and Greens”) also wrote “The Ned-liest Catch”: Jeff Westbrook (see “The Golden Ratio, the Simpsons and the Devil”).

Anagrams of SANDY HOOK:
1)Andy H. skoo (skoo= school?)
2)Andy H. KO S. O! (KO= Knockout; S= Skinner, Seymour Skinner, who is troubled by Hamilton) (O!= Oh!)
3)NY ad ko Ho. S. (NY= New York; ad=advert; ko=knockout; Ho= Homer; S=Simpson). In an episode of the Simpsons, the family see an advert for a cheap bus to New York that appears to display the number 911. Homer is defeated by New York, as was the city itself by the 9/11 attack.
4)A NY k.o. S: “D’oh!” (D’oh! is Homer’s catchphrase, a cry of frustration.)

The name HAMILTON contains the word HAM. Etymology: HAM (bend of the knee); HAMUS (latin= Hook); HOOK; HOCK (joint in hind leg of horse).

The British Andy Hamilton (see “The Golden Ratio…etc”) has no thumb on his right hand, reminiscent of the fictional pirate Captain Hook who wears a hook to replace his missing right hand. Anagrams of SANDY HOOK=
6)Andy’s hook.
The British Andy Hamilton voices a pirate – Captain Squid- in the chidren’s TV show “Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom”.

A fake emergency drill and a fake nuclear war is in the 500th episode of “The Simpsons”: “At Long Last Leave” (1st broadcast on Feb 19th 2012), 10 months before Sandy Hook. Also in the episode is a secret meeting arranged by the “Mystery and Secrecy Committee”, of which its’ initials MASC are an anagram of SCAM.

The children’s author Suzanne Collins has lived in Sandy Hook. She wrote the “Hunger Games” trilogy about children forced to fight each other to the death. David Icke discusses this in his “The Perception Deception”.