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Sleep and fatigue

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The human mind and consciousness are still a mystery to modern science (publicly at least), thus the reasons for sleeping and tiredness are still not fully understood by most scientists. To unravel those mysteries may require the application of the old philosophical maxim: ‘As above, so below’, now known to scientists as the holographic principle. Presumably, sleep and fatigue have parallels at other scales of life (big and small). Also, how does sleep fit in to the Ruling Elite’s ‘Great Work’ to break free from ’cause-and-effect’?

Sleep is a metaphor employed in old creation myths and old fables and more recently by New Agers (we can ‘spiritually awaken’ from our ‘spiritual slumber’.) In the psychically channeled writings of Ken Carey (endorsed by numerous New Age leading lights), a God-like ‘Creator’ “…went to sleep to dream an evolutionary process that would leave him [the Creator, who employed the masculine pronoun ‘him’ to fit in with Carey’s Christian beliefs], upon awakening, clothed in a physical body comprised of many human cells.” (“The Starseed Transmissions”, 1982). Those ‘awakened’, intuitive, humans will become the ‘brain cells’ of a Creator-led ‘superorganism’ that will leave Earth to roam the universe.

Sleep and rest are essential for all lifeforms who would normally die if deprived of them for too long. The alternation of activity and rest/sleep are paralleled by the basic structure of Creation, which is polar opposites that allow differentiation, e.g. light and dark; sound and silence; up and down; on and off; high and low; movement and stillness; hurricane and eye of the hurricane; order and disorder; conscious and unconscious.

To illuminate, think of the ripples of water emanating from the impact zone caused by a stone dropped in water. The ripples symbolise activity/work/consciousness, whereas the flat water in between the ripples represent rest/sleep/unconsciousness. Similarly, the structure of our solar system is an alternation of concentrated matter (the sun, planets and moons) with empty space in between. But the empty space is not irrelevant, as it is fundamentally connected to the planets, just as the flat water is connected to the ripples. Ripples in space and time give order, structure and meaning to the universe.

Sleep/rest masks all sorts of relatively hidden activity as the body and mind rejuvenates and reorganizes for each new day. Also hidden from view is the process of METAMORPHOSIS when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Metamorphosis is a period of slumber for the caterpillar, hidden inside a cocoon, but at the end it has completely reorganised itself to become a new lifeform.

We humans will metamorphose (‘evolve’) into a lifeform that will be shielded from its karma (cause and effect), I believe. In that case, human sleep is an ingredient of the Great Work. During sleep, the brain physically reorganises itself.

Sleep is your body’s default state, according to some scientists, but chemicals are routinely released that wake us up. We spend most of our early years asleep. The younger you are, the more you sleep, so the growth of a lifeform to adulthood is a slow awakening process, in effect. The brainwaves of babies and children and sleeping adults and animals is similar to the brainwaves when in a meditative, intuitive state, which is what the Ruling Elite want us to embrace. ‘Don’t think, just do’, as the military are fond of saying.

Sleep affects our memories, either by sorting memories or maybe even erasing them. Most people have little or no memory of their earliest years, and any years in a previous life. Hardly anyone has memory of the inception of the Great Work, which WE started.

Memory loss is associated with Multiple Personality Disorder. See my article “Clones and Holograms”.

Tiredness/fatigue is echoed by the ENTROPY (decreasing energy and order) that underpins our universe. The Rebel (collectively us who initiated the Great Work) is constantly battling to maintain the finite supply of energy/karma that it has to recycle to keep the universe from being destroyed. Sleep and food and drink and the sun’s energy rejuvenate our fragile bodies that are constantly threatening to break down at any moment.

The Rebel’s ‘hibernation’ and descent into a dream world is matched by the need to preserve energy.

A sleep revolution was championed by the ‘liberal’ media figure  and ‘New Ager’ ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, co-founder of “The Huffington Post” newspaper. Her 2016 book “The Sleep Revolution” advocates the importance of sleeping and dreaming. It was endorsed by Huffington’s public ally, the FACEBOOK Chief Operating Officer SHERYL SANDBERG and by Mindfulness ‘expert’ MARK WILLIAMS (Oxford University). I say more on these 3 people in my article “The United Nations’ Fake Spirituality”.

Huffington quoted a passage on dreams from the ancient Indian UPANISHADS texts:

“The Golden God, the Self, the Immortal Swan, leaves the small nest of the body, goes where He wants. He moves through the realm of dreams…But He is not attached to anything that He sees…[and after He] has experienced good and evil, He returns to the blissful state from which He began.”

Is this a description of the Great Work?

Huffington followed up on her book in 2017 by helping to start the “Sleep Revolution College Tour” to promote the importance of sleep for students. Numerous American universities and colleges participated, e.g. Harvard, Chicago, John Hopkins, Princeton, UCLA, Yale.