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Star Trek, NASA and the Nine

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NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell founded the IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), which wants mankind to exploit the full potential of the human mind. IONS President Willis Harman wrote about the positive values of Freemasonry and for the need for American leaders to be guided by “supraconscious intuition”. See my articles “Intuition: is there a dark side?” and “NASA, GAIA and the Great Work”.

An IONS board member was the influential US politician, Senator Claiborne Pell, who founded the HPF (Human Potential Foundation), of which two supporters were:
1)New Age luminary James Hurtak (“The Keys Of Enoch”);
2)US Navy Intelligence officer Henry Belk, both of whom played key roles in the popular New Age book “The Only Planet of Choice”, published by Gateway Books who also published David Icke’s “The Robots’ Rebellion”.

Also involved in “The Only…” (TOPOC) was paranormal investigator Andrija Puharich. See my thread “Children and the Great Work”. TOPOC is a collection of messages from the ‘Council Of Nine’, supposedly higher-dimensional minds who are overseeing the acceleration of evolution on Earth. We humans are, they said, the only minds who have individual freedom of choice to make big mistakes, as if to suggest that ‘free will’ is abnormal and bound to end in tears. The Nine were generally supportive of the occult writings of Theosophists such as Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky, which have helped inspire the ‘one world’ politics of the United Nations and the Fabians such as sci-fi writer H.G.Wells.

TOPOC supporter James Hurtak has lectured to U.N. offshoots on spiritual and technological issues. His channeled book “The Keys of Enoch” formed the basis of “The Crystal Connection” (Randall Baer & Vicki Baer), a “guidebook for personal and planetary ascension”.

Another TOPOC participant was the creator of the sci-fi TV series “Star Trek”: Gene Roddenberry.
“Star Trek” (and its offshoots) embraced major philosophical/religious/scientific issues, one of the most relevant here being the aliens known as The BORG, who are half human- half machine. They are a ‘hive’ mind who forcibly integrate other lifeforms (and their technology) into the Borg’s collective mind: their goal is to achieve ‘perfection’. This sounds to me similar to Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Overmind’ and in general to the New Age goal to hook us up to ‘universal intelligence’ using our supposedly ‘divine’ instincts/intuition.

James Lovelock (‘Gaia’) wants us to use our intuition and to merge man with machine. He worked for the oil company Shell.

Shell employee Peter Schwartz co-founded the GBN (Global Business Network) whose members have included :-
1)Michael Murphy, a co-founder of the ‘New Age’ Esalen Institute;
2)Freeman Dyson, a top physicist who wrote of an underlying ‘Universal Mind’;
3)Walter Parkes- President of Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg’s production company.

The GBN was involved in the ‘New Age’-influenced Scenario Planning at Royal/Dutch Shell. Schwartz also worked at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) which had researched paranormal subjects.

The Esalen Institute’s list of leaders/teachers/visitors reads like a ‘who’s who’ of New Age movers and shakers:
Aldous Huxley, Deepak Chopra, Fritjof Capra, Stanislav Grof (altered states of awareness), Joseph Campbell (mythology in stories), Ken Kesey, Alan Watts, Richard Alpert(Ram Dass), Buckminster Fuller (geodomes), Richard Feynmann (quantum physicist), B.F.Skinner(behaviorist), Robert Anton Wilson (occult themes), Carl Rogers (encounter groups), Abraham Maslow (‘hierarchy of needs’), Richard Bandler (NLP developer), R.D.Laing (psychiatrist), Albert Hofmann (LSD), John C. Lilly (dolphins), Virginia Satir (family therapy), Timothy Leary (LSD).

Two other significant Esalen members were Arnold J. Toynbee, a historian who worked for many years at the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), and Gregory Bateson, who played a major role in applying cybernetics (machine behaviour) to human behaviour, e.g. Deutero-learning or ‘learning how to learn’, of which intuition is one type of mindless/machine learning.

Bateson’s father William was a top geneticist who is credited with coining the term ‘Genetics’. Bateson’s daughter Mary Catherine Bateson belonged to the GBN (Global Business Network), mentioned above.

The Esalen Institute’s two founders, Michael Murphy and Dick Price, were classmates at Stanford University. They were taught by Frederic Spiegelberg who was a friend of the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and had lectured at Jung’s Institute.

Also at the GBN was Walter Parkes (mentioned above) who was on the Board of Directors for CNAS (Centre For A New American Security), a Washington-based think-tank concerned with national security. CNAS Board of Directors have also included:-
1)Madeleine Albright, the ex-Secretary of State; CFR Board member; Aspen Institute Board member;
2)General John R. Allen(retired), who commanded US and NATO forces in Afghanistan; CFR member;
3)Richard Danzig, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the RAND Corporation.

Film Producer WALTER PARKES (see above) co-wrote the sci-fi film “WarGames” (1983), about a young teenage computer hacker who hacks into a military supercomputer that can’t tell the difference between a real war and a computer simulation of war. The computer is called JOSHUA, which is also a Hebrew name for the Biblical Jesus and the name of a Biblical leader of the Israelites. Is this an occult reference to the cosmic ‘super computer’ that underpins our universe? There are other familiar occult themes in “WarGames”:
1) the young rebel;
2)the out-of-control machine/computer;
3) The computer is a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence), so could be said to resemble its’ creator. The Biblical Adam is made in the image of its’ creator God;
4) The world is a game.

In the film there are several emotional ‘Jesus’ exclamations: “Jesus Christ!”; “Jesus H. Christ!”; “For Christ’s sake!” The Israelites are the historical Jews. Parkes (Jewish) teamed up with fellow Jewish film legend STEVEN SPIELBERG as President of Spielberg’s co-founded AMBLIN ENTERTAINMENT and as President of Spielberg’s co-founded film studio DREAMWORKS (founded with two other Jewish partners). Parkes co-wrote “WarGames” with a descendant of German Jews: LAWRENCE LASKER, a classmate of Parkes at Yale University. Lasker’s father EDWARD LASKER produced the sci-fi classic film “The Thing From Another World” (1951). Lawrence Lasker’s grandfather ALBERT (German born Jew) moved to Chicago where he ran the world’s largest advertising agency, LORD & THOMAS. Albert purchased a major share in the media giant RCA (which spawned NBC) and was a board member of RCA and NBC. RCA’s President was the Russian-born Jew and radio/TV pioneer DAVID SARNOFF, who worked for the Rockefellers briefly at their Rockefeller Brothers Fund. RCA and NBC had their HQ at the Rockefeller Center in New York, in the famous “30 Rock” building.

Parkes and Lasker said that they based their film on a previous script “The Genius”, about a dying genius scientist looking for someone to continue his work, which turns out to be a smart rebellious boy, which to me sounds a bit like Disney’s Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. “The Genius” evolved into “WarGames” after the duo went to SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and met fellow Jew and renowned futurist PETER SCHWARTZ (Royal Dutch/Shell employee and co-founder of the GBN- Global Business Network. See above) who told the duo about the young computer hackers emerging in the 1970s. I reckon that some of those hackers would have been Ruling Elite puppets. The SRI in the 1970s had been a key player in the development of the Internet. The SRI ran computer war games for the military and researched the paranormal, e.g. Uri Geller.

The history of the Internet is intimately bound up with war planning; war prevention; ‘what-if’ scenario planning; systems analysis; systems theory; Game Theory. Scenario planning was a specialty of Royal Dutch/Shell; SRI and Peter Schwartz.

Parkes and Lasker met up with a high-ranking military man, JAMES HARTINGER, the commander-in-chief of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

Lasker lived not far from another co-creator of the Internet: the influential RAND Corporation that was established by the US military/government to research military issues. RAND played a major role in developing Wargaming; Game Theory; systems analysis; computers, etc. Lasker met with the RAND employee and computer pioneer WILLIS WARE who had been RAND chairman in 1967 when he participated in the American military’s report into computer security (“The Ware Report”) that underpinned the development of the Internet. Ware had earlier worked with computer pioneer and Game Theory developer JOHN VON NEUMANN, one of numerous Jewish European scientists/scholars supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Jewish Kabbalah influenced computing and associated code-breaking techniques, because of Kabbalistic code making techniques. The underlying universal energy field is a computer-like entity that occultists have long studied.

The computer hacker in the film “WarGames”, DAVID, lives at house number 333, which is half of 666, the Biblical number of the Devil. David was played by MATTHEW BRODERICK who played the titular role in the cult teen film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986), about a teenager who bunks off school. No school = no work = Thou shalt not work on the Sabbath = no action = no karma? The Ferris film was written/directed by JOHN HUGHES who also wrote/directed the film “Uncle Buck” and wrote the film “Home Alone”. For more on those films, see my article “Youth and The Great Work”.

Film Director/Producer Steven Spielberg often sees a story from a child’s perspective, e.g. “ET, the Extraterrestrial”. Spielberg, a Democrat, was a friend- publicly- of the Democrat US President Bill Clinton. Spielberg funded the Israeli Relief effort during the 2006 Lebanon war. Spielberg belonged to the Oscars dispensing Academy AMPAS.

Spielberg and fellow Jew DAVID GEFFEN co-founded “DreamWorks”, of which Parkes was President. Geffen has a curious connection to “WarGames” via music legend JOHN LENNON whose album “Double Fantasy” was produced by Geffen and his record label “Geffen Records”. Lennon was seriously considered by Parkes and Lasker for the role of the “WarGames” Professor who creates Joshua. Parkes and Lasker contacted an interested Lennon via Geffen, but Lennon’s murder put a stop to that. Was the murder connected to the film and Lennon’s successful music spell? His “Double Fantasy” album had been released 3 weeks before Lennon’s death, while the album’s song “(Just Like) Starting Over” had been released earlier and had reached no.6 in America, later rising to No.1 after his death, as in Britain. Did the American powers-that-be not want a successful, happy John Lennon living in New York?

Lennon’s murder occurred a few hours after a photo shoot for the prestigious music magazine “Rolling Stone”. Also just before his death, Lennon appeared on the front cover of another US magazine, “Esquire”, for its November 1980 issue (Lennon died on December 8th). However, the “Esquire” article wasn’t flattering. The magazine’s cover headline read: “John Lennon’s Private Life: A Madcap Mystery Tour”. The article on him, “John Lennon, Where Are You?”, was written by LAURENCE SHAMES who – coincidentally or not- was close enough to the murder location to hear the gun shots (so he said), due to him being with a friend who lived close to Lennon. Shames got this dream assignment in Spring 1980, but couldn’t secure an interview. His article lamented the apparent death of Lennon’s idealistic youth and his ‘power-to-the-people’ proclamations. By the late 1970s, Lennon seemed more concerned with consolidating his considerable wealth, e.g. real estate investments, according to Shames.

At the time of the murder, “Esquire” magazine’s chairman, publisher and owner was CHRIS WHITTLE, who would later get involved in education for young students, including co-founding “Edison Learning” with an ex-Yale University President BENNO SCHMIDT (Junior). Schmidt had previously worked as an assistant to famed Chief Justice EARL WARREN, accused of covering up the truth of the JFK murder. Schmidt’s father, Benno (senior), was a longtime friend/associate of the US Ambassador to the UK, JOHN HAY WHITNEY, of the wealthy horse breeding Whitney family.

Steven Spielberg directed the dinosaur film “Jurassic Park”, which his “Amblin Entertainment” produced. The dinosaurs are resurrected from fossil DNA in order to star in an island theme park. IMO, this could signify the manifestation of the demons of the subconscious mind: all part of the Rebel’s Great Work. “Jurassic Park” and “Westworld” creator MICHAEL CRICHTON appeared to me to possess occult knowledge about our world, as seen in the themes of his novels, the main one being non-human forces that overwhelm we humans. Educated at Harvard Medical School, he also investigated the paranormal and – judging by his autobiography “Travels” – demonstrated psychic ability himself, e.g. seeing auras.

He wrote about an ‘exorcism’ that he underwent, though I wonder how much of it is true, because the account has occult themes in it, almost as if he were writing a fictional story. He wrote that a psychic friend informed him of some dark entities that had attached themselves to his aura for much of his life, including one that manifested as a ‘Walt Disney Fantasia’ Devil with wings, though when it was eventually banished it took the appearance of a young child. A childlike ‘devil’ personality has cropped up often in my researches. This devil entity acted as an emotional protector for Crichton, shielding him from emotional pain, so hints of Peter Pan not wanting to grow up; the elixir of life; immortality; etc. That devil entity also hints to me of the fabled Jewish Golem, a kind of Frankenstein monster (based on God’s first human Adam) created to protect its Jewish creator, just as God protects the Jewish people.

Crichton’s original draft of “Jurassic Park” centred on a young boy, but due to a poor response Crichton had to rewrite it from an adult perspective. Crichton and Spielberg had collaborated earlier on the TV series “ER”.
As mentioned, Lasker’s father produced the sci-fi classic “The Thing From Another World”. Sci-fi in general is, IMO, part of the Ruling Elite’s plan to prepare the human race for interaction with the subconscious mind and non-physical minds, as opposed to flesh-and-blood ETs. “The Thing From Another World” was based on the novella “Who Goes There?”, about a telepathic alien who can imitate whoever it eats, and written by the renowned sci-fi writer JOHN WOOD CAMPBELL (junior) who took an interest in parapsychology (ESP, telepathy, etc) and studied the forerunner of Scientology: DIANETICS, created by L. RON HUBBARD.

Campbell, at the prestigious MIT, befriended the eminent Jewish mathematician NORBERT WIENER who along with MIT would play a major role in the development of computer science and cybernetics. Cybernetics is important in computer science and systems theory. Wiener and MIT were backed by the Rockefeller Foundation.
“Who Goes There?” got the film treatment again from sci-fi/horror Director JOHN CARPENTER for his film “The Thing” (1982), about a parasitic ET who can imitate other lifeforms. For more on Carpenter see my thread on his film “They Live”.