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The Fabians and War on Want

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The original Fabian crest of a wolf in sheep’s clothing logo is attributed to the Fabian George B Shaw. To see, click these links: FabianWindow

Appropriately, the influential Fabian LEONARD WOOLF has a surname that contains the words WOOL (sheep’s wool?) and WOLF. Freemasons sometimes wear an apron made from lambskin (sheep’s clothing?). Woolf wrote “International Government” (1916) which influenced the formation of the UN predecessor the League of Nations; was a Cambridge ‘Apostle’ as was fellow Jew Victor Rothschild. Woolf co-founded the socialist society “The 1917 Club”, whose members included Fabian Aldous Huxley (helped spawn the New Age movement and a friend of Victor Rothschild) and the pre-Fascist OSWALD MOSLEY (also a Fabian and Labour Party member). Mosley would eventually be imprisoned, possibly by Victor Rothschild who some say oversaw the infamous wartime law known as “18b” that allowed the British government to imprison perceived threats to the war effort.

The Fabians helped the New Age movement to develop, due in part to its’ links to the SPR. Also…

Mosley’s wife Diana socialised with Victor Rothschild’s wife Barbara. Mosley met Fabian ANNIE BESANT in India (after Mosley became an in-law of the Viceroy of India) and subscribed to her Theosophy Society, of which Besant was President. Theosophy helped influence the New Age movement as did the religions of the Far East (Buddhism, Taoism, etc).

Was Mosley a fake fascist working with Victor Rothschild to oust and control the real fascists?

Fabian OLIVER LODGE, a pioneering physicist in radio waves, was a spiritualist; President of the above mentioned SPR; friend of fellow spiritualist ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE who created Sherlock Holmes.

Mosley’s Personal Private Secretary was the socialist JOHN STRACHEY, who knew left-winger Victor Rothschild and was a mentor to him. Strachey’s ancestors included numerous high-ranking members of the Indian government under British rule. Strachey co-founded the left-wing LEFT BOOK CLUB with the Jewish Zionist publisher VICTOR GOLLANCZ, a governor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and publisher of George Orwell. Gollancz and Labour Party leader Harold Wilson started the WAR ON WANT movement that continues to this day to end poverty (so it claims).

Victor Rothschild, as head of research at Shell UK, met fellow MI5 operative and Shell worker JAMES LOVELOCK, creator of the GAIA hypothesis that Victor supported in its early years. Lovelock wants us to use our intuition (new age) and a merger of man and machine (trans-humanism). Victor was a scientist specialising in the biophysics of sperm.

WAR ON WANT co-founder Victor Gollancz commissioned George Orwell (“1984”) to write a book about unemployment in the North of Britain, resulting in  “The Road To Wigan Pier”, so it is relevant that current Labour MP TRISTRAM HUNT  recently was scheduled (Feb 2016) to give a speech on Orwell’s argument for combining patriotism and a distinct English Socialism. Hunt is one of numerous politicians campaigning for an English parliament and an English Labour Party, which fits in with the Ruling Elite’s plans for nation states to be replaced (or devolved) by smaller regions administered by transnational governments and a world government. In Orwell’s “1984”, English Socialism (IngSoc) has a more sinister meaning: Big Brother’s political ideology.

Tristram Hunt gave his speech to a relatively new creation dedicated to English identity: Winchester University’s Centre For English Identity and Politics, whose inaugural Director was the former Labour M.P. and Fabian Executive Committee member JOHN DENHAM, also a campaign officer/patron of WAR ON WANT. Denham similarly wants the Labour Party to embrace an English identity and he set up “The Optimistic Patriot” website in conjunction with his University Centre. He chaired the Advisory board of a think tank for Southern England: The Southern Policy Centre.

Denham has been a Visiting Professor at the LSE (Founded by Fabians such as Sydney & Beatrice Webb); a member of the Queen’s Privy Council; chairman of the influential Home Affairs Select Committee.

WAR ON WANT opposes the TTIP free trade agreement between the USA and Europe, but what will the alternative be?

WAR ON WANT General Secretary from 1983-1987 was the controversial Labour MP GEORGE GALLOWAY who left to join the “Respect Party” (socialist) in 2004, which opposed wars in the Middle East.  “Respect” co-founder, GEORGE MONBIOT, was a Fellow at Oxford University; wants a democratically-elected World Parliament and UN; won a “UN Global 500 Award” for his work on the environment and climate change.

Gollancz worked with the Fabian sci-fi writer H.G.Wells at the BRITISH SCIENCE GUILD, especially on developing cultural relations with Russia. Wells belonged to Fabian Beatrice Webb’s CO-EFFICIENTS DINING CLUB, for those who wanted to combine imperialism with greater economic efficiency. Beatrice’s father was a railway magnate who socialised  with T.H. Huxley and the Darwinist brigade, so it might seem a little strange that she should be a Fabian and co-founder of the LSE. Not so strange when you also hear that the LSE President was NATHAN ROTHSCHILD, and that a great-niece of Beatrice was VICTOR ROTHSCHILD’s wife TERESA.

The LSE, I believe, wants to merge socialism with capitalism: a ruling elite goal. The renowned LSE economics professor FRIEDRICH HAYEK was a 2nd cousin to the famous philosopher and Cambridge ‘Apostle’ LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, who went to the same school at the same time as ADOLF HITLER, in Austria, where Wittgenstein’s Jewish family were second in wealth to the Rothschilds, whom they had business links with.

Hayek is associated with free market economics, but he wanted the market economy (or CATALLAXY) to be regulated with laws/rules, as did ADAM SMITH, whose ‘invisible guiding hand’ was – IMO – the prelude to the New Age desire for intuition/group mind/subconscious/universal mind as the guiding light. “Do what thou wilt”, as Aleister Crowley said, by which he meant follow ‘God’s Will’.