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The Golden Ratio and the Great Work

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In Lord Byron’s poem “Cain: A Mystery”, the fallen angel Lucifer claims that he and his kind are “exempt from time” and that “…we can crowd eternity into an hour”. Lucifer says that he aided God in creating our world. This hints – IMO – of the ‘Great Work’, initiated by a mind that I call ‘the Rebel’, who is trying to break free from its karma and from time itself, so that cause and effect (actions and their consequences) are kept as far apart from each other as possible.

The Rebel is taking a holiday from itself: the theme of the sci-fi film “Total Recall”, based on a story by Philip K. Dick.

To achieve this ultimately impossible goal, the Rebel has created our electromagnetic universe using itself as the building block: the original ‘virgin birth’, as seen with the Egyptian creator God Atum, who masturbates to create the world. The Rebel has in effect employed the mathematical ratio known as the ‘Golden Ratio’ or Phi Ratio, which is a way of duplicating a pattern at successively smaller scales, aka ‘fractal geometry’ or the holographic principle. The Rebel has to create inside itself, inside its’ mind, like a baby bird inside an egg shell.

The Rebel is trying to isolate itself from the rest of Creation (from ‘God’), so needs to create internally, a bit like a spider generating its own silk to produce the web at which it sits at the centre. The Karma is not faced, but is spun (the karmic thread) around the Rebel’s mind like a cocoon.

The Rebel sits at the eye of the spiraling vortex/storm; sits at the hub of the wheel of karma and the wheel of Dharma.

The Rebel is symbolised by the mythical serpent who swallows its own tail: the Ouroboros snake. The Rebel feeds off its’ own ‘body’ (own karma) to keep itself ‘alive’, i.e. maintaining its karmic-less identity and not changing( not ‘dying’ as the Rebel).

The Rebel recycles its own karma: energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

The Rebel is having sex with itself: in Gnostic/biblical terms the Rebel ‘knows’ itself. Adam knew Eve.

The observer (the Rebel) is observing itself, not the outside world. Thus the observer becomes the observed. Mind and matter unite as one. “See no evil; speak no evil; hear no evil”. To the Rebel, karma (God) is evil.

The Rebel has hypnotized itself to suppress pain and to block out painful truths; painful karmic debts. When the Rebel (symbolized by King Arthur and Sleeping Beauty) wakes up from its hypnotically-induced sleep, then the Great Work will be complete. Ken Carey’s channled ‘creator’ uses a similar metaphor to describe the evolution of the human race under the control of that supposed ‘creator’. See his “The Starseed Transmissions”.

The Phi ratio is scientifically represented with the lower case version of the Greek letter PHI, of which the upper case version is written as a circle with a line cutting the circle in two, thus resembling the planet Saturn when its rings are viewed from the side. Coincidence? Saturn is associated with time and karma. Saturn is the Grim Reaper who hunts down the dead so that their souls can be judged. You reap what you sow.

The Greek letter phi can be seen 3 times in the logo for the “Walt Disney” company : 1) the letter “t” and  the letter “y” both resemble a lower case phi, especially the letter “y”;
2)the dot over the “i” resembles an upper case phi.

See the Disney logo here:

Regarding Walt Disney’s signature, it’s quite possible that the similarities to the phi ratio are coincidental, as the desire to write a name quickly can result in some deviations from a neatly written name. That said, it’s the Disney logo, so could have been written more ‘correctly’.

The slashed zero was used in a code book for MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS, and signified British Intelligence (in Elizabethan times), according to the TV documentary: “Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents” (BBC2, 23rd Oct 2019).

“Igor” (2008) – animated movie about an assistant to an evil scientist. A weather machine displays a circle with a slanted line bisecting it.

The phi ratio raised to the power of 18 is 5778, which until recently was also the average temperature of our sun’s surface in degrees Kelvin, according to NASA, though they changed it to 5772K. The Jewish Year of 5778 equated with the Gregorian calendar years of 2017 and 2018. A Jewish Kabbalist, JEFFREY MEILIKEN, tried to show that the year 5778 marked the arrival of the Messiah.

For more on the golden ratio, see my article “The Golden Ratio, The Simpsons and The Devil”, in “The Simpsons” section.