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The Golden Ratio, the Simpsons and the Devil

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In “The Simpsons” episode “The Falcon And The “D’Ohman”, the number 521 appears, which is very close to the golden ratio (1.618 approx) raised to the power of 13. It’s in a fantasy sequence featuring “The Terminator” robot. Homer and his colleagues are holding a banner: “Skull Crushers Local 521”.

“The Simpsons” episode “Pranks and Greens” features a prankster who wears a hat that displays a circle dissected by a slanted line, resembling the symbol for the Golden Ratio (there are other representations) and the symbol for the mathematical Zero (to distinguish it from the letter “O”), and even an abstract representation of the planet Saturn when its rings are seen from the side, i.e. the rings become a line.

For the appearance of the golden ratio, click on this:

Also see my article “The Golden Ratio And the Great Work” in the Science section.

Many of the Simpson’s writers are also mathematicians and/or have degrees in mathematics. There are many instances of mathematical references in various episodes. It’s not essential to watch it now, but here is a video on the subject:

A circle with a slanted line is also an empty set in maths. Zero, nothingness, infinity and the golden ratio all relate to each other. The “mystic zero” is a description of the fictional underground Kingdom of AGARTTHA, “which cannot be found”. Agarrtha is a spiritually, psychically and technologically advanced civilisation that is inaccessible to violence and anarchy. The story was written by the influential esoteric philosopher Alexandre Saint-Yves D’Alveydre, who wanted a real world Agarrtha via the philosophical/political movement known as SYNARCHY. A similar civilisation based on the psychic VRIL energy was formulated by the occult novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton.

Also invisible is the subconscious mind and the invisible rulers that supposedly control human evolution. “The Invisible Man” is a story by H.G. Wells (Fabian).

Returning to the prankster in “The Simpsons”- a joker/prankster is often a description of the Devil in religion/myth/folklore, so was it intentional, I wonder, to name that Simpsons prankster ANDY HAMILTON, which is the same name as the British comedy writer/producer who plays the Devil/Satan in his BBC Radio comedy series “Old Harry’s Game”. This BBC Satan isn’t a prankster, though, instead an unhappy Satan who believes that he has been unfairly represented as ‘evil’; unfair because God created him specifically to punish immoral people.

BBC Satan believes that God is bored with mankind and has abandoned Hell and mankind in general. God, says Satan, is “…lazing around like some eternal student” and he “…never had to grow up.” This view of God as childlike is paralleled by “The Simpsons” Andy Hamilton who is a teenager (19) and “…never really grew up.”, thus is similar to Peter Pan. I say more on eternal youth and the role of children in my articles:
1)”Youth And The Great Work”.
2)”The Film “Big””.

Satan/Saturn is akin to karma. In BBC Satan’s Hell, there is no ageing, thus time stands still. A Kabbalistic ‘secret’ is that Lucifer/Satan is the ‘good’ God, while Jehovah is the ‘bad’ God. See my articles:
1)Time and Karma Are Holographic” .
2)”Etymology of Time, Karma and the Devil”.

Andy Hamilton (“The Simpsons”) has a slightly devilish appearance, due to a small goatee beard and hair that is not quite red, but not far from it: somewhere between light brown and rusty red.

Warning! Mild plot spoiler alert! I hope I’m not revealing too much when I say that one of Hamilton’s pranks is to substitute water for worms. This might be an occult reference because:
1)worms are similar to snakes. Satan is a serpent often portrayed as a snake. Some mythical serpents are called ‘worms’ (or WYRMS).

2)WORMWOOD is the Biblical name for a star (or angel) that falls from Heaven to Earth (as do Lucifer and Jesus and the Kaaba stone and the Holy Grail- all are bringers of light). Wormwood poisons (or makes bitter) rivers and springs: one third of the waters. The name “wormwood” is translated from a Hebrew word meaning CURSE: God’s curse of mankind?

3)Someone in that “Simpsons” episode distinguishes between “warm water” and “WORM water”. ‘Worm water’ is also slang for ‘fertiliser’, but here could be referring to the white wine known as VERMOUTH, which is flavoured with wormwood, the latter a bitter-tasting herb that is also used for medicine. Thus the substitution of water for worms could equate with Jesus turning water into wine, which I believe equates with the various religious/mythical characters who escape from water, e.g. Noah and his Ark; the Spirit of God; Moses parting the Red Sea; NIBIRU/MARDUK slaying the watery goddess TIAMAT who is split in two. Water represents God (or Karma), so the act of turning water into wine is the ‘Great Work’.

Simpsons school headmaster Seymour Skinner removes the school’s swimming pool, so removes water.

It’s probably coincidence, but “Pranks and Greens” was broadcast on the 22nd November (2009), the same date as JFK’s murder- a ritual killing of the ‘Sun King’ say some.

In “Old Harry’s Game” (episode “Corruption”), a Professor is convinced that his time in Hell is not real but instead a coma-induced hallucination (a creation of his subconscious mind) on Earth. Similarly, King Arthur, Sleeping Beauty and the Kundalini serpent are all sleeping, but will one day awaken.

In “Old Harry’s Game”, one of Satan’s servants is Thomas, a psychopath with arrested development. He has repressed memories of childhood rejection and a fear of being caught for being naughty as a child. (episode 4, “The Reasonably Fantastic Journey”). Is the ‘Rebel’ trying to hide a crime? Are we humans the holographic fragments of the Rebel suffering from a kind of multiple personality disorder?

The phi/zero symbol mentioned above appears in another “Simpsons” episode: “Waverly Hills 9021-D’oh”. Homer rents out a flat. One of his neighbours wears a T-shirt emblazoned with that symbol. His neighbours hold a party at Flat No. 22. The number 22 is an occult number, e.g. 22 paths in the Kabbalah. Police chief Wiggum tells a lie when he says that Batman will attend his son’s birthday party. There are various Batman/Simpson/Sandy Hook connections. See my article “Sandy Hook and the Simpsons”.

In the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” (2008), the Joker (another Devilish character) boards a stolen yellow school bus with “District 22” printed on its’ side. His bus joins a fleet of genuine yellow school buses with students inside.
Is the yellow bus the yellow submarine (Beatles)? A submarine protects you from water.

“Pranks and Greens” was written by JEFF WESTBROOK, who studied computer science at Princeton University with the renowned ROBERT TARJAN. Westbrook also wrote the “Simpsons” episode “The Ned-liest Catch”, which has three 22’s: Episode 22 of Season 22, broadcast on the 22nd of May, 2011. Three 22’s could refer to the number 322 associated with the “Skull & Bones” secret society at Yale University where Westbrook served on its faculty. Westbrook incorporated the number 322 directly into a later Simpsons episode (2017) in which the evil Mr. Burns returns to his old university – Yale – and also visits the Skull and Bones HQ, which has the number 322 printed on its’ entrance in the episode. 322 is approximately the phi ratio raised to the power of 12. A fellow Bonesman tells Burns that the HQ is only for discussing “…general schemes for world domination”. See “The Caper Chase” (ep19, series 28).

Westbrook wrote the “Futurama” episode “The Day The Earth Stood Stupid”, about aliens who have brains but no body. They feel pain when any other conscious lifeforms think, so the aliens try to wipe out all thought in the universe, except their own. Is this alluding to the Rebel’s control of humanity for the ‘Great Work’? Intuition is a mindless way of solving problems.

I link Andy Hamilton to Sandy Hook in my article “Sandy Hook and the Simpsons”.

The zero/phi symbol appears again in the film “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012). Spider-man Peter Parker has the same name and initials as Peter Pan.
Parker is a teenage outcast at school (Lucifer, Satan, Adam and Eve are outcasts). Parker is raised by relatives after his parents abandon him. No parents= no god? Harry Potter is an orphan who can talk to snakes.

Spider-man’s superpowers are acquired after being bitten by a genetically-modified spider, thus he is part-human/part-spider: shades of the human-animal hybrids in the H.G.Wells story “The Island Of Doctor Moreau” (1896). Also reminiscent of the mythical werewolf (man turns into a wolf creature). The Great Work is a merger of two opposites: mind and matter to form a hybrid that escapes the karmic influences of matter.

Spider-man’s father Richard collaborates with a one-armed doctor on research into re-growing lost limbs. Similarly, the Egyptian God Osiris is torn to pieces then put back together again, except his penis. Replacing lost limbs is a theme in the “Star Wars” movies. Voldemort (the arch-nemesis of Harry Potter) wants a new body. The fictional pirate Long John Silver has some missing bodily parts. Silver is in “Treasure Island”, written by Robert L. Stevenson who also created the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which is about the separation of good and evil. The Rebel wants to separate itself from ‘evil’ karma.

Regenerating limbs (in the “Spider-man” film) involves a “decay rate algorithm” that is symbolised with the zero/phi logo, also the logo for a biological lab where the genes of different animals are combined together. An alternative symbol is used (in the film), which is similar to the phi letter used for the inverse phi ratio.

The one-armed doctor wants to cure illnesses and erase ‘weaknesses’, suggestive of Doctor Jekyll.

Returning to the biblical Moses; his rod is used to transform river water into blood so that his enemies (the Egyptians) can’t drink it. His rod is transformed by God into a serpent. Satan is a serpent. Satan coils himself around a tree trunk (in the Garden of Eden) and also the T-cross upon which Jesus is crucified. A snake is coiled around the rod of ASCLEPIUS (the Greek God of medicine and healing).

Moses also places a piece of wood (or a tree) into bitter waters so as to make it sweet: water into wine?

The parting of the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds) equates with the sexual parting of the vaginal lips by the penis (rod/serpent), so alludes to the alchemical union of the red king with the white queen; the sex between Adam and Eve; the Gnostic Jesus and Sophia.

Also representing those cosmic ‘lips’ is the geometric shape created by the intersection of 2 circles- known as the VESICA PISCIS (“fish bladder”), which is a Freemasonic symbol. The fish is a Christian symbol. Those overlapping circles generate the phi ratio and also an approximation of the square root of three, roughly 265 divided by 153. See the freemasonic website “Pietre-Stones” with an essay on the divine proportion and Euclid by William Burkle.

265 + 153 = 418, a Kabbalistic number that signifies the completion of the Great Work according to occultist Aleister Crowley. 418, he wrote, represents ABRAHADABRA, the Word of the AEON. There are 3 aeons ruled by the Egyptian gods ISIS; OSIRIS; HORUS. The left eye of Horus is lost, then partially restored.

An eye has the shape of a vesica piscis. The All-seeing eye of Freemasonry?

Abrahadabra is the union of the rose and the cross, which leads to the alchemy explored by the Rosicrucians.

The vesica piscis resembles the human mouth (lens shape), thus the parting of the Red sea could be:
1)entering the ‘jaws of hell’ or the ‘gates of heaven’. To enter Heaven you have to enter Hell.
2)the jaws of the whale/sea monster that the Biblical Jonah is trapped in.
3)the ‘opening of the mouth and eyes’ ceremony: a ritual of ancient egypt based on mythical scenes painted on walls. The mouth and eyes of a dead person are opened so that he/she can live on in the afterlife, i.e. eternal life.

Mountains are the abode of the Gods in numerous mythologies, e.g. the Olympians on Mount Olympus; the Titans on Mount OTHRYS. In Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, Mount MERU is the centre of the universe as well as the gods’ home. Trees and stones and crosses also symbolise a cosmic centre or pivot or axis. Nirvana (no karma) is a cosmic centre.

Etymology: MOUND (Atum’s mound that rises from the waters?); MANUS (Latin= HAND. The hand of God?); MIND (the universal mind?); MAN (Adam is the first man in the Bible); MOON (the moon unifies with the sun); MEASURE (the universal architect measures the dimensions of the world).

Is there a connection between the words red and reed? Let’s look at their etymology.

Red is a colour often associated with the Devil (red skin) and the ‘fires of hell’. Red is one of the colours that denote the various stages of alchemy. Usually, red signifies the final stage: RUBEDO, the reddening of the stone. A red cross is the logo of the Knights Templar and equates with a red rose positioned at the centre of a cross/crucifix: a logo of the Rosicrucian occult order, who study alchemy.

The red stage is also called IOSIS, a greek word that resembles the name JESUS, who is the rose, which equates with the Egyptian God HORUS and with the number five (according to Aleister Crowley). Iosis has also been described as a purple/violet stage.

Red is the colour of blood, which Jesus sheds into the Grail cup, hence the expression “It’s like getting blood from a stone.” A stone yields water when Moses applies his magic rod.

The cross upon which Jesus is crucified is called a ROOD (Old English).

Etymology abbreviations: Lat= Latin; Gk= Greek; Fr= French;

ROOD; ROD (Moses’ Rod? Slender cylindrical stick); REED (tall straight stalk of a water plant; Moses parts the sea of reeds and as a child was hidden in a reed basket);
RADIUS (lat= Staff; spoke; ray); RAY (single line; narrow beam of light; ROI (fr= king); REX (lat= king); KING (male ruler/head. The red king in alchemy?); QUINQUE (lat= five. The number of the rose and Horus); QUINTESSENCE (the 5th element; the purest part; refined extract);

PENTE (gk= five); POINT (dot); KENTRON (gk=sharp point); PENIS (male organ, likened to a serpent/snake/rod); CENTRE (the point at the heart/hub of something, e.g. circle. The centre point of a circle is the microcosm, whilst the encompassing circle is the macrocosm);
HEART (centre); HORA (gk= time); HOROS (gk= limit); HORUS (greek god); CROSS-ROADS (hub; meeting point); CROSS (crucifix; T-shaped cross dominated by its’ trunk/pole, which equates with the ‘world tree’ or ‘world axis’); CHRIST (‘the anointed one’); CRASSUS (lat= fat. Fat is used to anoint); GRACE (God’s love/gift/favour/mercy. A type of grace is alchemical dew);

ROS (lat= dew; condensed water. Alchemical dew is a kind of quintessence. The dew symbolises immortality and the physical manifestation of God);
ROSE (light red colour; flower); RHODON (gk= rose); ROD; ROUS (fr= red); RUSH (marsh or waterside plant with slender stems. Moses is hidden in a basket made of bulrushes/reeds that is given the same Hebrew name as Noah’s ark (TEBEH), which also floats on water); ROSEAU (fr= REED);

KREUT (proto-german= REED); CREATE;

Etymology continued: CRUCIBLE (mixing bowl); CRUCIS (lat= Cross); KRITES (gk= judge. God and karma are types of judges);
GRADALIS (lat= dish. The Holy Grail is sometimes portrayed as a dish); CRESARE (lat= arise; grow; spring up); RISE; RAISE; ROSE;

ROCKET (thin cylindrical projectile that rises into the air); ROCK (distaff; stick for winding wool; stone); ROCK OF AGES (Jesus Christ. The Philosopher’s stone? The Grail? The Kaaba?); ROUGE (fr= red); RUACH (Hebrew= spirit; breath; wind; the spirit of god. A wind parts the red sea after Moses raises his rod);

ROSINA(medieval lat= resin); RESIN (Tree or plant excretion that is insoluble in water. Jesus walks upon water, as does the spirit of god and oily, greasy substances. Fat is greasy and is used for anointing).

ROCHET (fr=lance-head. A lance/spear pierces Jesus, yielding the blood that fills the Grail cup.); ROSCA (spanish= roll of bread; coil or twist of bread); ROLL (cylinder); ROTA (lat= wheel. The wheels of Karma and Dharma? Fortune’s wheel? King Arthur’s round table?); ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (slang for sex. Adam and Eve’s sex? The alchemical union of the king and queen?)

ROT (german=RED; english= decay; putrify); PUTRIFICATION (the 1st stage of alchemy when the body/stone dies and decomposes in order to be reborn); PUTRERE (lat= to rot); PETRA (Gk= rock; cliff; ledge; shelf); RIDGE (meeting line of 2 sloping surfaces);

Etymology: PUTERE (lat= to stink); STINK; STONE; PU (PIE (Proto-Indo-European)= to rot, stink) PUTARE (lat= to think); RECKON (compute; explain); REASON; READ; REED; REG (PIE = move in a straight line); REGIS (lat= king); RAY;

PYTHON (serpent decapitated by the Greek god Apollo. The dead python then rots/putrifies); PIT (hole; well. Satan’s pit? Hell?)

Rock ‘n’ roll – the music and the culture that it spawned- has long had associations with the occult and satanic practises. Hints of this are in the names of pop groups and songs, and in their lyrics, e.g. The Rolling Stones who produced “Sympathy For The Devil”.

A rolling stone could be the boulder that is moved to seal the cave where the crucified Jesus is temporarily buried, before being reborn. Jesus himself orders a boulder to be removed from the entrance of the cave where Lazarus is buried. Lazarus is brought back to life by Jesus.

A rolling stone might be the ball of dung rolled by the scarab beetle that in Egyptian mythology represents the sun (or moon) being pushed through the sky. The scarab beetle is KHEPERA, a form of the sun god RE (or RA), and is also associated with ATUM. Is this why “The BEATLES” are so called?

A boulder is rolled up a hill by the condemned Greek God SISYPHUS, only for the boulder to fall back down again, endlessly, like the setting sun or moon. Sisyphus is punished because he cheated death- to be precise, he tricked the god of death THANATOS by chaining him, so no-one on Earth would die. Similarly, the Rebel cheats karma/’death’.

“Like A Rolling Stone” is the name of a song by famed singer/songwriter BOB DYLAN. The song is about a lonely woman. The Rebel is also isolated. Relevant lyrics are:

“How does it feel, to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone.”
Dylan’s Miss Lonely has lost her wealth: “Now you don’t seem so proud”. Pride before a fall. “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall.” The fall of man?
“When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose; you’re invisible now, you’ve got no secrets to conceal”. The Rebel is invisible to us.

The eponymous Eleanor Rigby is a lonely woman in “The Beatles” song.

Dylan’s song “Highway 61 Revisited” is about strange events on Highway 61, where the Biblical God wants Abraham to kill his son. In the real Bible, God stops Abraham from carrying out the sacrifice, so Abraham sacrifices a ram instead. Jesus is a sacrificial lamb. Also on Highway 61 is the “next world war”, if a “roving gambler” gets his way.

Highway 61- the real one- is known as the ‘blues highway’, because of its’ route through towns where blues music developed. Highway 61 and Highway 49 intersect at Clarksdale where blues singer ROBERT JOHNSON supposedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the Blues.

Dylan’s current logo incorporates the All-seeing eye of Horus. In a recent TV interview he said that his music ability came after he made a bargain with the “chief commander…of this world and the world we can’t see”

The number 61 is an occult number, according to the likes of Aleister Crowley. 61 is the AIN (nothing or not), a special kind of ‘nothing’ involved in the Great Work: The NOTHING OF NUIT. Nuit was one of Crowley’s spirit guides, and is a goddess symbolised by the infinitely expanding circle, at the centre of which is the male god HADIT.

An alternative to 61, wrote Crowley, is 506= 418+80+8, where 418 signifies the completion of the Great Work.

The number 506 is seen in the opening credits of the sci-fi film “The Matrix”.
506= 22 * 23, two esoteric numbers that are connected by the number of human chromosomes: there are 23 chromosomes from each parent, of which 22 are autosomes.
23 = 227 divided by the square of the PI ratio (3.142 etc). 227 looks like 22/7, which approximates the PI ratio (used to generate the circumference of a circle). 22.7 rounds up to 23.

Highway 61 is the road that the stork in Disney’s “Dumbo” follows to get to Dumbo’s mother.
61 is the number of the hotel room where Homer Simpson stays in “The Last Temptation of Homer”. The Devil tempts Jesus.
61 is the number of pounds that Homer gains to reach 300 pounds in weight (“King-Size Homer”).

Another ‘nothing’ is the fictional “Nothing” that is destroying a land in the story book read by an unhappy boy who takes refuge by reading the book. All this is the subject of the real fantasy film “The Neverending Story” (1984), based on the novel of the same name by MICHAEL ENDE (1979). Is the ‘nothing’ a reference to karma/god?

Ende’s novel MOMO (1973) is set in a world controlled by parasitic grey men who secretly steal time from humans in order to survive. The Rebel is trying to stretch time to delay the moment when its’ karma is faced.

506 can be thought of as 5+6= 11, which also represents the Great Work (the pentagon+ hexagon; Horus + Ra).

11 letters in SPRINGFIELD (home of the Simpsons) and in ABRAHADABRA and in WHITE RABBIT (the latter mentioned in “The Matrix” and a character in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”). A cliched magic trick is to pull a rabbit out of a hat, after saying “Abracadabra” (note the “c” not “h”).

11 words in Crowley’s summary of the “Law of Thelema”: “Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.
This law says that “Nothing is the key”; “Love is the Law, love under Will”. The Will here is “True Will”, a divine will. But who is this God that Crowley refers to?

The 11th Hendecagonal number is 506; the 2nd is 11; the 9th is 333 (half of 666).
The 11th square pyramidal number is 506.

5 and 6 are utilised in the sci-fi novel “2001: A Space Odyssey” (Arthur C. Clarke), when the spaceship’s clock slows down and freezes between 5 and 6, “…as if time itself were coming to a stop” (P210, chapter 41). The Rebel wants true time to stop. “2001” is about mankind’s evolution.

5 squared (25) + 6 squared (36) = 61.
squaring numbers to establish the length of sides of a triangle is an old esoteric practise. The 3, 4, 5 triangle is a summary of the great work. 9 + 16 = 25. A union of 2 creates a 3rd, new creation.
61 is a centered square number and a centered hexagonal number.
61 = 366/6, where 366 is the number of days in a leap year.

5 and 6 are the numbers in MI5 and MI6, the 2 most famous British branches of British Intelligence. Apparently there used to be anything up to 19 branches, but all were dissolved or absorbed into MI5 and MI6.

11 = 22/2.
22 occurs in 418 (22*19). Episode 19 of Season 22 of “The Simpsons” is “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony”, which I describe in my article “Sandy Hook and the Simpsons”.

22 squared is 484= 418 + 66.
66 = 3* 22. If 3 joins with 22 you get 322, the number associated with Yale’s Skull and Bones. See Jeff Westbrook above(part 5).
Westbrook wrote “The Ned-liest Catch”, in which the Christian Ned Flanders (11 letters!) parts a river like Moses parting the red sea, for his new girlfriend, who is described as a “fallen woman”. Mary Magdalene? Sophia?

22* 62 = 1364 = the number of the ‘Silver Star’ that signifies the manifestation of the name of god (see “Hecate’s Fountain”, KENNETH GRANT). Crowley belonged to the Order of the Silver Star.
1364= the phi ratio raised to the power of 15.
15= the number of layers of the sacred mound of Egyptian mythology (according to one engraving).
“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest…Drink and the devil had done for the rest.” (sea-song in “Treasure Island” by R.L. Stevenson).
1/15= 0.0666etc.
15= 5+5+5.
15*37= 555
555-2368 is the fictional telephone number of the Ghostbusters’ office in the occult/supernatural comedy movie “Ghostbusters” (1984). 2368 in Greek gematria is “Jesus Christ” (888+1480). One of the characters is accused of having “no dick”. Osiris loses his penis, so too the Greek God Uranus who is castrated by the time god Chronus, who cuts with a sickle, the same implement wielded by the Grim Reaper (“death”).

A key event in “Ghostbusters” takes place on the 22nd floor of a block, of which a relevant apartment number is 2206, which is one short of 2207, which is the phi ratio raised to the power of 16.

2207 abbreviates to 227, 22/7, 22.7 (see above).

More on the number 15. In alchemy and mathematics there is a ‘magic square’ known as the ‘square of Saturn’, which is a square divided into 9 (3 rows by 3 columns), where each division contains a number. Each row, and each column, contains 3 numbers that add to 15. The number at the heart of the square of Saturn is 5.

The square of Saturn is the pattern known in Chinese mythology as ‘The Great Plan’, printed on the back of the turtle that emerges from the mythical ‘Great Flood’. Thus, the turtle equates with Atum’s mound; Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat; Venus emerging from the sea, etc.

The Great Flood of Chinese legend is controlled by YU THE GREAT, who streams the water between the 9 provinces of his empire (9 divisions of the Great Plan). The Great Plan = The Great Work? The number 9 is an occult number associated with time, and like 6 resembles a spiral. For more on spirals see above the postings 18, 19, 28 by forum member Monk59.

15 is the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese solar year.

More on “Simpsons” characters with 11 letter in their names. It could be just coincidence, but the following also have 11 letters: BART SIMPSON; LISA SIMPSON; MONA SIMPSON; ROD FLANDERS; NELSON MUNTZ; RALPH WIGGUM; SARAH WIGGUM; CARL CARLSON; HANS MOLEMAN; FRANK GRIMES.

Finally, the sickle of Chronus and the Grim Reaper (see part 16 )may also be a scythe.

In the “Simpsons” episode “The D’Oh-cial Network” (series 23,ep. 11, broadcast Jan 15 2012), there is a reference to worms and pranks (see part 3 above), albeit in an unrelated short story after the main story. Bart and Milhouse play a prank on their school, but they end up being forced to eat worms.

The main story was written by James Stewart Burns, another mathematician. He attended Harvard University where he wrote for the “Harvard Lampoon”.