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The Great Work – A Different Summary

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In David Icke’s 2013 book “The Perception Deception”, he incorporates into his grand conspiracy theory some aspects of the old Gnostic belief that our world was created by a demented Creator (The ‘Demi-Urge’), itself spawned by mistake by a Frankenstein-type act of creation. I think that the Gnostic view (and David’s) is incomplete, and needs to take into account what occultists refer to as ‘The Great Work’, a term employed by Alchemists to describe a grand purification and transformation, although exactly what is being transformed, and why, has long been debated.

My interpretation is that the GREAT WORK refers to an incredible ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ experiment by a powerful rebellious mind (whom I shall call the REBEL) who wants to separate its’ mind  from cause-and-effect; from Truth; from Karma (‘God’); from Time itself. The Rebel is trying to escape the consequences of its’ actions. In effect, the Rebel has initiated a cosmic ‘Declaration of Independence’.

In my opinion, it’s impossible to break free from ‘God’ (so to speak) because you ARE ‘God’. You are everything that exists. Alas, the Great Work has begun, and there’s no turning back, because karma (cause and effect) ensures that the experiment must continue to its’ karmic end, whatever the consequences.

To me, karma (cause and effect) has to exist, otherwise the whole of creation would collapse into chaos. There needs to be a stable platform that allows conscious minds to make sense of their environment and their actions. In our crazy world it can be difficult to spot karma at work, especially when there are billions of people interacting with each other. If you believe in reincarnation, then that adds to the inevitable karmic confusion.
There needs to be a stable platform that allows all conscious minds to interact in a way that is meaningful, otherwise the whole of Creation would collapse into meaningless chaos. That stable platform is provided by Time and by karma (cause and effect). The Rebel wants to achieve the impossible by becoming a second ‘God’ (a ‘second sun’ or ‘son of God’). The Rebel can’t break free from its own essential nature, but it can turn ‘a blind eye’. “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.”

The material world channels the Rebel’s fears and pain and karmic debts into a kind of buffer, or electrical insulator. When our physical bodies are broken, this insulation is interfered with, hence a release of pain. The reason why pain is so painful is because of the accumulation of suppressed karmic debts, fear and pain. We humans shoulder the Rebel’s pain, like the Freemasonic ‘Lewis’ that shoulders a burden. We are collectively the Rebel because everyone and everything is connected to each other in a holographic relationship.

Who is the Rebel? It’s you and me and all life forms on Earth. We are holographic fragments of the Rebel who are- whether we realize it or not- carrying out the Great Work via the evolution of life on Earth, and via mankind’s participation in evolution (eugenics, genetic engineering, etc), theoretically culminating in a physical body that can shield its wearer from karmic debts and unwanted painful truths.

Essential to the Great Work is the illusory slowing down of time to a virtual standstill, thereby endlessly delaying the moment when the Rebel’s karmic destiny is faced. Physical matter is what results when time is ‘frozen’, so to speak. The Rebel is psychologically frozen: like Peter Pan; a fearful child who doesn’t want to grow up and face the real world that adults have to face. The Rebel wants to drink the ‘elixir of life’ that offers eternal youth/immortality.

The Rebel is running away from the Grim Reaper, the latter symbolizing Time and karma, because you ‘reap what you sow’. The Grim Reaper harvests ‘dead souls’ – an idea that relates to the notion of ‘selling your soul to the Devil’. The Rebel is giving up its’ ‘soul’ (its connection to God) in exchange for the karma-less existence known to Buddhists as NIRVANA. Note the similarity of :-
1) Buddha receiving enlightenment whilst meditating at the base of a magic tree;
2) Adam and Eve receiving forbidden knowledge from a magic tree and from the serpent SATAN. A snake shields Buddha from rain. Similarly, Noah and Moses are protected from God’s flood of water. Jesus walks on water and turns water into wine.

A significant insight into alchemy was written by the famous 20th century psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who quoted an ancient philosopher who wrote: “When the Mercurius is purified, then Lucifer will fall from Heaven.”
The Mercurius is a pivotal substance in alchemy. Note the association with Lucifer, one of numerous characters and objects in mythology who (or which) descend to a ‘lower’ world, e.g. The Kaaba stone; Jesus; Lucifer’s crown; etc.