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The International Space Station and 9/11

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There are some curious ‘coincidences’ involving the ISS (International Space Station) and 9/11.

Firstly, it’s orbit took it over the East coast of the USA, thus one of the ISS astronauts was able to film the smoke that arose from the collapsed second tower. This footage was shown in 2014 in a British TV programme (Channel 4) about the ISS. That astronaut- Frank Culbertson (Jr)- was the only American on board at the time, and he said (in the TV programme) that he found out about the plane strikes when he was phoning in a report in the morning, not long after the plane strikes.

Even more remarkably, Culbertson said that he had been a friend and ex-classmate of the Captain of the airplane (Flight 77) that officially hit the Pentagon on 9/11: Charles Burlingame. The duo had befriended each other as musicians in the US Navy’s Drum & Bugle Corp. Burlingame previously flew jets in the Navy, and worked at the Pentagon whilst in the Navy Reserves.

I’m curious as to why ISS staff allowed this information to be known to the public. It’s almost as if the ruling elite want us to know and get steamed up about it. Problem-reaction-solution?

Also, what would the ISS have been monitoring exactly?

Here are some  newspaper articles on the Channel 4 documentary: 9/11 from space

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