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The name AMERICA

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The North West region of France – when viewed on a map – resembles an arm pointing Westward to North America. Intriguingly, there was once a region here called ARMORICA or AREMORICA: the inspiration for the name of America?

Aremorica is the region where the cartoon strip character Asterix the Gaul lives.

Asterix the Gaul
Asterix in Aremorica

Asterix and his fellow villagers are holding out against the Roman Empire, just as Americans rebelled against European rulers. Asterix and co. drink a magical potion conferring superhuman strength, maybe an occult reference to the Great Work. The magic potion is concocted by a druid. Obelix carries tall stones.

The Medieval English region of MERCIA resembles the name America, if a vowel is placed in front. MERCIA is an anagram of MERICA.