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The Terminator

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“The Terminator”, and its movie sequels, concern a battle between mankind and artificially intelligent machines/robots that can time travel. One eye symbolism features.

The first sequel, “Terminator 2: Judgment day”, has one eye symbolism in the final scene: 1)one of the robots has a damaged eye that glows red (the eye of Horus changes to red);
2)The 2 humans each have hair that covers (or partially covers) one eye.

The first 2 films in the series were co-written and directed and produced by the famed film director/producer JAMES CAMERON, who was an inventor and deep-sea explorer. Cameron’s film speciality was the ‘alien’ genre. He co-wrote and directed the sci-fi horror “Aliens” (the sequel to “Alien”) and he wrote/directed “The Abyss”, a sci-fi movie about an underwater encounter with an unknown intelligence. See my article on water symbolism.

More to come…