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The United Nations’ Fake Spirituality

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The United Nations (UN) appears to me to be the political arm of the ‘New Age movement’. The UN wants a global religion/philosophy to underpin a global government. This global religion is based on the merger of science and religion, especially Buddhism and Quantum Physics, both of which propose an underlying universal mind/consciousness. But is this universal intelligence the real one or a phony version?

New Age luminary ERVIN LASZLO is significant because of his involvement with the UN-centered network of organisations such as UNESCO, UNITAR and the Rockefeller-sponsored CLUB OF ROME. Laszlo created a more ‘spiritual’ version of the Club of Rome called the CLUB OF BUDAPEST, whose honorary members have included top politicians, sci-fi authors, environmentalists, new age writers, and even a NASA astronaut. Laszlo was an adviser to UNESCO’s Director General. He teamed up with fellow New Age luminaries PETER RUSSELL and STANISLAV GROF for their book “The Consciousness Revolution” (1999).

Laszlo, back in the 1980s, proposed a “PSI FIELD”, which is the mental dimension of this universe. More recently, in a series of books, he has resorted to the old term AKASHIC FIELD, but in the context of quantum physics and holograms. He advocates “Quantum Consciousness” as an aid to human survival and evolution. He wrote a blog on the subject in 2010 for “The Huffington Post” online newspaper, whose co-founder and editor-in-chief then was the famous liberal/left-wing commentator ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, who has championed the use of intuition, which is a pillar of the new age movement. But what exactly are you accessing via your subconscious mind? The true ‘God’/universal mind or a fake one?

Honorary members of the Club of Budapest have included:-
1) ROBERT MULLER, a high-ranking UN member who played a major role in putting religion/spirituality into the UN.

2)MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, President of Russia; Club of Rome member; wants global laws to manage the environment.

3)ARTHUR C. CLARKE, the sci-fi novelist.

4)DEEPAK CHOPRA, new age writer.

5)PAULO COELHO, new age novelist (“The Alchemist”).

6)the 14th Dalai Lama, leading light of the Buddhist religion.

7)MARY ROBINSON (President of Ireland)

8)Archbishop DESMOND TUTU, anti-apartheid leader.

9)RICHARD VON WEIZSACKER, President of West Germany.

10)JOSE ARGUELLES, new age writer.

11)VACLAV HAVEL, President of Czechoslovakia.

12)PETER RUSSELL, new age writer.

13)MUHAMMAD YUNUS, banker/economist who promoted ‘microcredit’ and ‘microfinance’; a board director of the UN Foundation which was financed by media mogul TED TURNER.

14)HAZEL HENDERSON, futurist, wants a green/ethical world.

15)BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, new age writer, futurist.

Two more significant Honorary members of the Club of Budapest are:
1)the NASA astronaut EDGAR MITCHELL and
2)WILLIS HARMAN, both connected by the IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences), which researches the limits of the human mind.

Arianna Huffington, mentioned above, advocated meditation and intuition for success in the 21st century, in her book “Thrive”. At Cambridge University, she was the first foreigner to be President of the Cambridge Union. She was the un-married lover of the well-known BBC broadcaster/satiricist/political commentator Bernard Levin.
Her politics has been a bit difficult to fathom at times, as she started off on the ‘conservative right’ but later moved to the liberal ‘left’. She said that the traditional left/right view of politics was outdated, preferring the ‘rich/poor’ divide as a better indicator.

She married the ‘right wing’ Republican congressman MICHAEL HUFFINGTON who previously had been appointed by President Reagan for arms negotiations at the Dept of Defense. He had been a Summer Intern in 1968 for future President George Bush, senior; not surprising when you hear that Michael’s father ROY had served under Bush as Ambassador to Austria.

Roy owned an oil and gas company, so would have fitted in well with the Bush oil clan.

Arianna had a few TV acting roles, e.g. “Roseanne” and “Family Guy”.

Arianna Huffington wrote a New Age book: “The Fourth Instinct: The Call Of The Soul” (1994), praised by the New Age ‘leading light’ Deepak Chopra. She writes that the next breakthrough in human evolution is for mankind to embrace the ‘4th instinct’ (the soul’s instinct) to find spiritual meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

Robert Muller, mentioned above, was a Catholic who spent 40 years at the UN, almost from its inception; acting as an assistant to several UN Secretary-Generals, including U THANT, a Marxist Buddhist whose religious beliefs partly shaped those of Muller (so Muller said). Marxists don’t believe in a conventional western ‘God’, while the Buddhist ‘God’ is more of a ‘force’ than a conscious mind, thus the ‘God’ of the UN is to the liking of atheists and Lisa Simpson.

Other influences on Muller were the Jesuit Priest Teilhard de Chardin, whose ideas on the NOOSPHERE and OMEGA POINT have shaped the New Age movement. Muller was also influenced by Theosophists such as Alice Bailey. Not surprisingly, Muller campaigned for one world religion and government.

Arianna Huffington, mentioned above, spoke briefly on the rise of ‘mindfulness’ (being in the moment) for a BBC Radio 4 program: “Mindfulness: Panacea or Fad” (6th Jan 2015).  The program explored how mindfulness has gone from a Buddhist practice to a mainstream tool for combating stress and depression, and as a tool for improved creativity and problem-solving. Other related mind therapies are more prevalent now, e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy. In the BBC Radio show, Arianna Huffington said that the Bank Of England offered courses in meditation, while the House of Commons (British Parliament) offered MPs (Members of Parliament) training in mindfulness.

Another BBC Radio program mentioned the rise in mental health therapy. The program mentioned the CMHA (City Mental Health Alliance), launched in 2013, which says that businesses should take a leading role in dealing with mental health issues, and which promotes the notion that mental health treatments should become mainstream in the same way that physical health medicine is regarded as normal and socially acceptable.
The CMHA was founded by top businesses and is supported by 2 leading British mental health organisations: “Mind” and “Mental Health First Aid England”( the latter developed by the UK’s Department of Health).
The CMHA founders included:
1) 2 of “the Big Four” auditing organisations: Deloitte and KPMG. The Big 4 are an oligopoly (cartel?) that dominates the international financial services networks in auditing, assurance, legal, etc.
2)Goldman Sachs (bank/finance)
3)Morgan Stanley (bank/finance)
4)LLoyds Banking Group
5)UBS (finance)

The CMHA’s keynote speech at its founding conference was given by Sir MIKE RAKE, the President of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry); formerly Chairman of British Telecom; senior adviser to the RIIA (Chatham House).

It will be interesting to see what ‘New Age’ therapies will be recommended by The CMHA.

Mikhail Gorbachev (see above) praised the popular New Age writer Deepak Chopra (also see above) as “…one of the most lucid and inspired philosophers of our time”. Chopra’s father was a prominent cardiologist who served as a medical adviser to Lord Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip. Mountbatten introduced Jimmy Savile to the Royal Family. If Mountbatten was a pedophile, as some researchers suggest, then it’s notable that Chopra was a friend for many years of the alleged pedophile pop star Michael Jackson, due to the Jackson family being treated at a health clinic headed by Chopra.

Arthur C.Clarke (also see above) was also accused of pedophilia.

3 of the Club of Budapest members mentioned above – Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu and Muhammad Yunus, are connected by “The Elders”, a group of 11 ‘elders’ and one honorary elder who are global leaders working together for peace and human rights, so they say. They deal with climate change, war, AIDS, etc. It was founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson (Virgin Group) and the famous musician Peter Gabriel (“Genesis”).

The first Chairman of The Elders was Desmond Tutu, later succeeded by Kofi Annan (ex- Secretary General of the UN). Other Elders have included:
1)ex-American President JIMMY CARTER (Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission member);
2)GRO HARLEM BRUNDTLAND, Director-General of the World Health Organisation. She lent her name to the BRUNDTLAND REPORT (aka “Our Common Future”), a UN- sponsored report often quoted by the Green Movement.
3)Mary Robinson, member of the Trilateral Commission; the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002); Chairman of the IIED (International Institute For Environment and Development).

The IIED has strong UN links. An IIED board member was the Rockefeller-connected MAURICE STRONG (Trilateral Commission; Club Of Rome; the 1st executive director of the UN’s Environmental Program).

Continuing with the theme of mental health discussed above: The former British deputy/joint Prime Minister Nick Clegg publicly pledged more help and spending on mental health care (on March 31st 2015) during the build-up to the 2015 General Election, as leader then of the Liberal Democrats.

More evidence of mindfulness going mainstream is Oxford University’s OMC (Oxford Mindfulness Centre), established in 2008 and concerned with preventing depression and with enhancing human potential.
The OMC’s Director initially was one of the world’s leading ‘experts’ on mindfulness: MARK WILLIAMS, who had previously researched mindfulness and depression at Oxford University for a 10 year Fellowship funded by Britain’s biggest charity THE WELLCOME TRUST. This Trust – like the Rockefeller Foundation- has a long history of pumping money into British medical research. Those two charities corresponded with each other, during their early years, on tropical diseases, especially those in Africa – a continent that is often the source of modern health epidemics, e.g. AIDS, Ebola, etc.

The Wellcome Trust recruited Mark Williams again in 2015 as a co-leader of the Trusts’s project to explore the possible benefits of mindfulness training for young people (11- 14 years old). This project also involved the OMC; University College (University of London); Cambridge University; Exeter University.

Yet more evidence of intuition going mainstream is seen with the writings of ROBERT ROWLAND-SMITH, an Oxford-educated management consultant to establishment institutions such as the British Foreign Office, Barclays Bank, and PEARSON (one of the world’s top book publishers). He has written articles for British national newspapers and gave a lecture on BBC Radio 4 (“Four Thought: The End Of Ideas”, 5th August 2015), in which he argued that the world is transforming from “The Age Of Ideas” to an age of intuition, although on his website he uses the term AGE OF THE OVATION, when inspiration stems primarily from intuition, gut feeling and the ‘Collective Unconscious’, as described by Carl Jung.

Jung expanded on the psychoanalysis of his mentor Sigmund Freud, which rose in prominence thanks in part to rich benefactors such as the Rockefeller and Mellon families.

Psychoanalysis became mainstream also due to influential academic institutions such as the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and its offshoots. No surprise, then, that Rowland-Smith is a Trustee of the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, which operates the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships.

Rowland-Smith developed his NEW CONSTELLATIONS theory for manipulating “unconscious energy” (the subconscious mind), whether for enhancing business creativity, or philosophizing, or reducing anxiety.

Arianna Huffington (see above) released a book in 2016 that was endorsed by the above mentioned mindfulness expert MARK WILLIAMS (see above) and by FACEBOOK Chief Operating Officer SHERYL SANDBERG, who is a public ally of Huffington on feminist issues and – in this case – Huffington’s book on the importance of sleep: “The Sleep Revolution”. Huffington writes that getting a good night’s sleep is good for the soul as well as for the body and mind. Ironically/paradoxically, she views sleep as important to our spiritual ‘awakening’. Personally, I think that the New Age Movement is sending us deeper into a spiritual sleep, not awakening us.

Huffington wrote that she has long monitored her dreams after reading the work of famed psychologist CARL JUNG. Dreams, said Huffington, are portals to the unconscious mind; to other aspects of our mind; to other dimensions; to other times. Sleep and meditation, she wrote, benefit each other.

Sheryl Sandberg’s early career was spent under her mentor/boss, LARRY SUMMERS, first at the World Bank, then when Summers became the US Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Connecting to the ‘collective unconscious’ may be easier if you are a psychopath, or at least a ‘good psychopath’. Oxford University research psychologist KEVIN DUTTON teamed up with the famous SAS sergeant ANDY McNAB to write books on the supposedly ‘positive’ qualities that psychopaths possess. In their book “Sorted: The Good Psychopath’s Guide To Bossing Your Life”, they advocate tips that sound ‘New Age’, e.g. being in the moment; detaching from your emotions; both of which are needed to enter into an intuitive state.

Psychopaths are generally anti-social, have low empathy; low remorse; a lack of inhibition; and a lack of regard for social norms. These qualities can be displayed by children, who also have a psychopathic quality, it could be argued. Children are best suited for the changes required to fit into the forthcoming ‘New Age’. Sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke hinted as such in his novel “Childhood’s End”, about aliens who select children, rather than fearful adults, to merge with a disembodied OVERMIND in the next phase of human evolution.

Kevin Dutton featured on British TV in 2011 on Channel 4’s “Psychopath Night”. He appeared in 2014 on BBC Radio 4 in the panel show “The Museum Of Curiosity”.

Dutton specialized in studying psychopaths, concluding that psychopaths are most prevalent in professions that require emotional detachment, e.g. CEO; lawyer, media people, surgeons, sales, police, clergy, civil servants. Interestingly, he didn’t put politicians in his top 10.

Dutton wrote “Flipnosis”, about how to improve your powers of persuasion using ‘black-belt mind control’.
Andy McNab spent 9 years in the notorious SAS (counter terrorism; intelligence; etc). His book “Bravo Two Zero” recounted his time with the SAS in Iraq during the 1st Gulf War (1991).

Sociopaths are similar to psychopaths. ‘High-functioning’ sociopaths are gaining more mainstream attention, e.g. M.E. THOMAS, author of “Confessions Of A Sociopath” (2014), who has appeared on the US TV chat show “Dr. Phil” and was interviewed on the “Huffington Post Live with Marc Lamont Hill”.

Thomas (not her real name) claimed to be a high-functioning, non-criminal sociopath who is ruthlessly manipulative and doesn’t feel guilt or remorse. Sociopaths tend to lack empathy, moral responsibility, and are anti-social. Thomas, however, believes her qualities often give her an advantage in certain professions, e.g. attorney, stock market speculator, or any profession where emotions can be a disadvantage (surgeon, politician, etc).

The ruling elite want robotic personalities who can execute instructions without emotional interference. Institutions such as the Tavistock Institute are defining human behavior and human emotions using computer/cybernetics terminology. They want to eliminate subjective, emotional words such as LOVE from our vocabulary in Orwellian fashion.

The Buddhist leader, the 14th Dalai Lama (see above), released his vision of a global plan for the world, “A Force For Good” (2015), written by his friend the bestselling author DANIEL GOLEMAN. The vision is the usual New Age fare, seemingly full of good intentions, e.g. more compassion; oneness not ‘us and them’; harnessing ‘positive energies’; emotional cleansing.

Goleman is the influential author of “Emotional Intelligence” (1995), which says that ’emotional intelligence’ (EQ) is just as important, if not more important, than the traditional ‘rational’ intelligence (IQ). EQ measures how we interact with other people, and how we manage our emotions.

Goleman received a Ford Foundation scholarship to Harvard University where he got his PhD. He spent time in India with the spiritual teacher NEEM BABA who also acted as guru to the famed Western philosopher RAM DASS (aka Richard Alpert). Dass at Harvard collaborated with the equally famous drugs guru TIMOTHY LEARY and RALPH METZNER in researching psychedelic drugs, resulting in the book “The Psychedelic Experience”.
Goleman wrote books on meditation. He publicly discussed with “Star Wars” creator George Lucas the ways that social and emotional learning enhance the educational process. “Star Wars” incorporates the idea of an underlying ‘Force’ that guides us, if we let go of our rational mind. As the military are fond of saying: ‘Don’t think, just do’.

Goleman at Yale University co-founded CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) at Yale’s Child Studies Center. CASEL offers programs in emotional literacy to schools worldwide.

Mental health is discussed in my article of the same name in the Mind and Consciousness section.