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They Live

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The alien invasion sci-fi satirical film “They Live” has indirect connections to numerous famous writers, such as the legendary sci-fi writer PHILIP K. DICK and “Star Wars” creator GEORGE LUCAS, both of whom – I believe – knew about the Human Race’s true place in the grand scheme of things.

“They Live” was directed and written by renowned horror film creator JOHN CARPENTER, who also directed/co-wrote the horror movies “Halloween” (1978); “The Fog” (1980) and “Prince Of Darkness” (1987), of which the latter is about the awakening of a dormant Satanic force. The New Age movement similarly revolves around the awakening of our previously dormant connection to a universal mind/creator, e.g. the writings of Ken Carey. But is it the true universal mind or a fake? “Prince Of Darkness” was, according to Carpenter, partly an homage to the fictional alien force discovered by Professor BERNARD QUATERMASS, the character created by British sci-fi author NIGEL KNEALE, who would co-write with Carpenter the sequel film “Halloween III”.

“They Live” is based on the story “Eight O’ Clock In The Morning” (1963) (about aliens who hypnotise humans), written by RAY NELSON who would collaborate with his childhood friend PHILIP K. DICK on the alien invasion novel “The Gannymede Takeover” (1967). Nelson spent 4 years in Paris where he met the famous French philosopher JEAN PAUL SARTRE and also ‘Beat Generation’ writers such as the poet ALLEN GINSBERG (hallucinogenic drug promoter and known paedophile) and WILLIAM BURROUGHS, a drug user and nephew of the Rockefeller family’s chief Public Relations officer IVY LEE (member of the CFR). Burrough’s grandfather William inaugurated the successful Burroughs company after developing an adding machine.

Nelson, in the 1970s, ran a writers workshop, of which an attendee was the later-to-be-famous horror writer ANNE RICE (“The Vampire Chronicles”).

“They Live” was also influenced by Carpenter’s admiration (so he said) of famed horror writer H.P. LOVECRAFT, whose stories feature hidden gods that are returning to Earth. Is this the true meaning of the Christian ‘2nd coming of Jesus’?

Carpenter directed/produced/co-wrote the sci-fi film “Dark Star” (1974), based on the malfunctioning- machines-theme of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the latter written by sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke, about mankind’s place in the grand scheme of things. “Dark Star” co-writer DAN O’BANNON and Carpenter wrote the film when they were students at the prestigious film school at the USC (University of Southern California), where George Lucas studied and who would employ O’Bannon as a computer animator on “Star Wars”.

O’Bannon co-wrote the sci-fi horror classic “Alien” (1979), about human contact with a tough alien.

O’Bannon co-wrote the Philip K. Dick- influenced sci-fi film “Total Recall”, concerning amnesia and confused identity, which I believe hints of the ‘Great Work’ by a mind who wants to break free from the universal law of cause-and-effect, I.e. break free from its’ karma.

“The Fog” and “Halloween” (a ‘slasher’ movie) both starred JAMIE LEE CURTIS who starred recently in the comedy ‘slasher’ ‘horror’ TV series “Scream Queens”. Do ‘slasher’ movies and the Jack the Ripper murders symbolise the ripping of time (The Great Work)? Curtis is the daughter of actress JANET LEIGH, famous for her role in the slasher movie “Psycho”, which like “Total Recall” has identity as a main theme.

In “Halloween”, the character Mike Myers is a slasher, like Jack the Ripper, so maybe symbolises the ‘ripping of time’ to achieve the Great Work.

Michael Myers has the initials “MM”, as did MARILYN MONROE (not her real name). Is this an occult reference? The letter M is in the middle of the alphabet, so perhaps symbolises the middle of two opposites (balance)- a theme in alchemy (the Great Work).

The Devil/Satan’s true meaning (that of time and karma) has been subverted to become an ‘evil’ character.