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Time and Karma are holographic

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A commonly held ‘new age’/religious belief is that everything is an illusion except for the ultimate underlying reality of infinite awareness/’God’. I basically agree with this view, but think it is being misapplied to our circumstances here on Earth. For example, some say that TIME and CAUSE-AND-EFFECT (KARMA) are illusions that only exist here in our isolated bubble of non-reality that we call the ‘electromagnetic universe’. But if you accept the notion that the whole of Creation is holographic and interconnected, then everything that exists in our ‘bubble’ must have equivalent versions in other ‘higher’ dimensions. There must be ‘higher’ versions of time and karma. Those higher minds may be superior to us, but are still imperfect compared to ‘God’, so will still need a stable system of cause-and-effect within which to interact with one another, otherwise everything would collapse back into ‘God’.

We holographic fragments of the ‘Creator’ will pass through different levels of existence, thus an ongoing system of karma needs to be maintained as we grow and evolve. Reincarnation is based on the idea of karma surviving wherever you go. You can run but you can’t hide from your karmic destiny.

Also to consider is what we mean by the words ILLUSION and REAL. An act of deception could be described as both REAL and ILLUSION. It’s real in the sense that real minds participated in the deception; but it’s illusory in the sense that someone is being deceived. I don’t like it when someone casually says: “pain is an illusion”. To the sufferer it is very real.

Pain is a type of feedback (karma/cause-and-effect) that helps us to make sense of our life. I think that the intense pain that you feel when your physical body is broken is due to the GREAT WORK. The physical human body channels the karma of the REBEL (who initiated the Great Work) so that the Rebel can try to escape the consequences of its’ actions. The pain is intense because the Rebel’s karma is substantial and concentrated. The human body acts as a buffer or electrical insulator, until it breaks, then the pain floods into our minds like God’s flood of water that Noah and Moses escaped from.

Pain is an example of instant karma, as is ‘mind over matter’. Your mind can achieve minor control over your own physical body.

All physical matter = energy = information = feedback = cosmic mirror = karma = cause and effect. The Rebel doesn’t want to face itself in the cosmic mirror, so has broken the magic mirror into many pieces. Each piece is a holographic fragment, i.e an individual life form here on Earth.  The magic mirror is broken in the Hans Christian Andersen tale of “The Snow Queen”, in which an evil troll creates a magic mirror that only reflects bad, ugly things. The troll tries to carry the mirror to Heaven but it falls back to Earth and shatters. Some pieces get stuck in people’s eyes and souls, so that they only see the bad in everything. Both tales are still relevant, IMO.

Breaking a mirror is traditionally regarded as bringing bad luck.

The Indian myth of the God Indra’s net symbolises the holographic nature of our universe, because the net is composed of jewels that reflect each other.

The Rebel delays its karma (consequences of its actions) by channelling its karma into an endless feedback loop, or recycling of its karma. In other words, the output of the system becomes the input, which creates another output, which becomes a new input, etc., ad infinitum; a bit like that toy composed of hanging metal balls: When an outer ball hits the other balls, the other outer ball is shot outwards, then returns to hit the balls and repeat a similar sequence of events.

The Rebel has created its isolated ‘State of Independence’ by creating predominantly internally, but only partially creating through accessing externally its connection to ‘God’. To use an analogy, the Rebel is living off one breath of air(the ‘breath of god’), but recycles the air internally to stay alive. I am reminded of the fictional Spanish child in the comic “Asterix in Spain”. A spoilt son of a Chieftain gets upset if he can’t get his own way, so holds his breath until his faces turns purple, inducing panic in the adults who give in to his demands. The Rebel is akin to a Peter Pan character.

The “Asterix” books contain occult references, I believe, e.g. The druid GETAFIX concocts a magic potion that confers superhuman strength. ASTERIX wears a winged helmet. OBELISK carries menhirs (Tall stones). In “Asterix In Switzerland”, the druid makes a potion that requires a mountain flower called the ‘Silver Star’. The ‘Order Of The Silver Star’ is the name of an occult society set up by Aleister Crowley.

Just to add to the “Asterix the Gaul” reference: Asterix and his fellow villagers rebel against the dominant Roman Empire using the magic potion of superhuman strength. They live in a village in the North West region of France called ARMORICA(based on the real historical region). Note the similarity of that name with another rebellious region: America. That North West region of France resembles an arm pointing Westwards. To America? Is that where the name America comes from?

Karma is difficult to understand fully because a)we’re viewing it from a human perspective; b)There are billions of humans and animals all interacting with each other; c)We each have 3 identities: our individual human self; the Rebel; ‘God’/infinite awareness. I think that the ‘Great Work’ is destined to fail, but in the end we will escape from the ‘Minotaur’s Labyrinth’ thanks to that long thread that connects each of us to our true identity as God. In the meantime, all we can do is to try and lead a decent, noble existence, and to try and learn life’s lessons.

To me, karma(cause-and-effect) is not a game or judgmental ‘God’: it is simply a mirror that reflects back to us who we are, right now; like a map that says “you are here”. It is we who pass judgment on ourselves.