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Trafalgar Square Sept 26th 2020

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Here are images from the follow up rally to the 29th August protest rally. Speakers included Piers Corbyn, David Icke, Gareth Icke and the German doctor HEIKO SCHONING, though Schoning didn’t get to speak as the police broke up the rally before he got a chance to speak. Later, he was arrested at Hyde Park.

Piers Corbyn talks to a police officer.


Gareth Icke and (facing away) Heiko Schoning.


David Icke leaves for an unscheduled toilet break, just before the police break up the rally.

Here’s the video (Bit Chute video):  David leaves

The police enter. Here’s a blurry (sorry!)  short, 35 sec video (Bitchute): Police enter

Why did the police wait 3 hours to break up the rally?

The sit down protest (in response to the police) didn’t last long.

Jaymie Icke (centre)

Down below, a protester gives an eyeful to a “Sky News” reporter and film crew.