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Transhumanism and homosexuality

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Another ongoing theme in “The Simpsons” is the constant insinuation (or explicit acknowledgement) that virtually all of its’ characters are homosexual. Why? Is it psychologically preparing us for the Ruling Elite’s modification of the Human Race as we evolve towards a sexless species?

Homer – who is supposedly heterosexual – has received the most hints, starting from the first episode in which he drives a pink car, whereas his wife Marge drives a red car. Pink is traditionally a feminine/gay colour. CARL and LENNY have a ‘bromance’ with numerous sexual overtones.

Bart and his best friend Milhouse also have a ‘bromance’. Milhouse publicly expresses his affection for Bart’s sister Lisa, but is it a mask for his true feelings towards Bart?

Ned Flanders runs a shop that caters to left-handed people, who are traditionally demonised by the Christian church. There is a belief that left-handed people are more likely to be homosexual.

This article is ongoing as I add more examples.

Series 18

Episode 7 “The Ice Cream Of Margie” – After an accident, Lenny says “I don’t know where Carl ends and I begin!”. Carl then says “See, it’s statements like that that makes everyone think we’re gay.”

Episode 10 “The Wife Aquatic” – Homer applies ‘Opposite Day’ logic to his observation that a certain man is “very ugly”. A fisherman says that if Homer is left alone for a long time, “…he’ll be as old and as queer as I am.” Homer replies: “Queer strange or queer gay?” Fisherman: “Oh, a touch of both”.

Episode 12 “Little Big Girl” – Bart’s heterosexuality is called into question quite a lot in this episode, even though he is in a relationship with a girl. A marriage guy says sarcastically to Bart: “What, are you gay?”. When Bart and his girlfriend eat spaghetti like the 2 “Lady And The Tramp” dogs, Bart avoids the kiss by substituting himself for a dog. When they do kiss, Bart turns his photo of Milhouse over so Milhouse is looking away from the kiss. Bart accidentally covers Milhouse with white foam shot from fire extinguishers (do I have to explain this metaphor?). When Bart kisses the girl, their lips are seemingly divided by a phallic shaped chainsaw wielded by a Freud lookalike psychiatrist in the movie that Bart and the girl are watching, and which frames their kiss. Freud is famous for his theories on suppressed sexuality.

Bart looks at a packet of “Rice Krispies” and says of the cereal’s male mascots SNAP, CRACKLE and POP: “Look what Snap’s doing to Pop while Crackle watches!” We’re not told why Bart would say this. Bart drinks a mixture of white salt and water (again, do I need to explain?). Bart and Homer sing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder how you are.” The word TWINKLE is slang for a young, effeminate gay man and also ‘cottaging’. TWINK is slang for a young gay man. TWINKLE TOES is attributed to dancers, including male ballet dancers, often thought of as gay (rightly or wrongly). “Twinkle Little Star” was a play featuring a homosexual pantomime ‘dame’ (man dressed as a woman).

Smithers – whose homosexuality is not in doubt – says “I’m flaming!”

Episode 13 “Springfield Up” – A TV documentary producer says of a young BARNEY: “Will he be a crusader for Robosexual rights?” (after 2 other questions about robots). ROBO rhymes with HOMO. Police Chief Wiggum digs his gun into the backs of 2 men for back rubs. Homer sings: “Satan, you’re my lady, stick me with your pitchfork thing…all night long.” Moe accidentally kisses Comic Book Guy.

Series 19

Episode 1 “He Loves To Fly And He D’Ohs” – Bart jokes that Mr Burns is Homer’s boyfriend. Homer is stuck on all fours, so Bart kicks him in the backside, then a vaguely phallic microphone is held against Homer’s backside. Lenny says that he “…had an aunt who became an uncle.” Smithers shoves a long thin stick/tube down Burns’ throat.

Episode 2 “Homer of Seville” – Homer sexily compliments a man’s eyes as if the man was a lady, because Marge wants him to stop flirting with elderly women who have been complimenting his singing. Homer says to the man: “I’m enjoying the calm waters of your deep blue eyes.”

Episode 9 “Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind”- Homer kisses Apu. Homer tries to open a bottle of champagne with his mouth. Previously, the phallic shaped bottle had obscured a man’s head.

Series 23

Episode 10 “Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson” – Homer is glad to get a security ‘pat down’ from a male security employee. Carl, speaking about Homer’s crying, says: Is it a little weird how much he cries?” Lenny replies ‘no’: “When a guy who loves America cries, it makes him super straight”.

Episode 11 “The D’Oh-cial Network” – Homer eats a phallic looking iced bun as it unravels. Lenny goes into a shop that sells girl dolls, called “American Princess”. Homer applies feminine eyeliner to one eye.

Episode 12 “Moe Goes From Rags To Riches” – Homer walks upside down on a ceiling. His phallic shaped bottle of beer empties into the mouth of Barney.

Episode 13 “The Daughter Also Rises” – Lisa is reluctant to kiss a boy.

Episode 20 “The Spy Who Learned Me” – Chief Wiggum unexpectedly sees his colleague Lou in his imagination, then wonders “What does this mean?” Homer puts his hand in the crotch/groin of an imaginary male person.

Episode 21 “Ned ‘n’ Edna’s Blend” – Ned promotes his shop that caters to left-handed people, a trait that is associated with homosexuality. Ned attends a meeting of “the Springfield LGBT: The left-gifted bidextrous and transhanded community”, which alludes to the real world LGBT community ( Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender). Homer buckles his belt through Flander’s belt loop.