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Will the BBC be privatised?

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Is the BBC going to be privatised in the 2020s? Are all the British PSBs (public service broadcasters) to lose their status?

The current (2020) British government, under Boris Johnson, has hinted of possible big changes to the BBC. In addition, those PSBs in the Brexit/Trump era have been more blatant in their political bias (they are supposed to be neutral), as if they are preparing for a time when they don’t need to disguise their bias, so are building up an established audience in readiness for a possible privatisation.

The BBC was famous for being publicly funded, yet it has always had private funding thanks to its’ commercial activities. In the 21st century it formed numerous commercial partnerships with private companies and other broadcasters, e.g. in 2019 it teamed up with another British PSB (the commercial channel ITV) to form the TV streaming service, BRITBOX.

Also to consider is the likely break up of Britain into regions or separate countries, which would mean the BBC could no longer call itself ‘British’.