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Youth and the Great Work

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The ‘New Age’ movement places much emphasis on the role that youngsters with paranormal abilities are playing as the New Age goes mainstream. I believe that the Ruling Elite’s ‘Great Work’ is fundamentally changing in how it controls mankind. Until now, the emphasis has laid on ‘negative’ emotions/behavior, but in the future the control will shift to exploiting so-called ‘positive’ New Age values. In short, I think that Huxley’s “Brave New World”- with its preference for rewards/carrots rather than punishments/sticks – is as indicative of our future as Orwell’s “1984”.

A noticeable feature of “Brave New World” is the erotic sex games that young children are encouraged to play, preparing them for an adult life of sexual promiscuity so that any adverse sexual tension can be released. Regular sex can boost intelligence and creativity, say some New Agers.

A popular sci-fi novelist who wrote about children, and who was accused of pedophilia, was Arthur C. Clarke, though those allegation were dismissed by the police in Sri Lanka, an island once viewed as a haven for pedophiles. Clarke’s novel “Childhood’s End”, written in 1953, concerns humanity’s evolutionary ‘Great Change’ as it merges with a disembodied OVERMIND. Children are deemed to be better suited than adults for this merger, because children are more psychic, more instinctive, more open-minded and less emotional. Emotions can block out intuition, say New Agers.

It has long been recognised that children are in closer contact with their subconscious minds. David Icke wrote: “In early childhood, the mental state is controlled almost exclusively by the reptilian brain.” (See Icke’s “Children Of The Matrix”)

I think that the ruling elite want adults to be like children and animals, i.e. more instinctive/intuitive.

The famous cosmologist Carl Sagan wrote about the reptilian portion of the human brain. Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke were friends and both had close connections to America’s space agency NASA.

The name SAGAN spelled backwards is NAGAS, the name of the serpent Gods of Indian mythology. NAGA sounds like NASA and NAZI. SAGAN sounds like SATAN.

Etymology: SAGAN, SAGE (a wise man. “Be as wise as serpents”), SAXUM (Latin= ROCK. Jesus is a rock), STONE (the philosophers’ stone), SATAN.

Sagan belonged to CSICOP, the skeptical organization that tended to debunk anything outside of mainstream science. CSICOP also supported the ‘False Memory Syndrome’ associated with sex abuse claims, so no surprise to hear that several CSICOP members were accused( but not proven) of pedophilia, e.g. 1)James Randi, the magician; 2)Paul Kurtz, the CSICOP founder and head; a secular humanist

Sagan worked at the NASA-run JPL where he met James Lovelock, who conceived at JPL the GAIA hypothesis, then developed it further with Sagan’s wife LYNN MARGULIS, and further still at the oil company SHELL, gaining support from Shell’s Head of Research Victor Rothschild (MI5). Lovelock wants us all to use our intuition and to merge human intelligence with machine intelligence.

Sagan’s story “Contact” (about the possibility of alien contact) was turned into a film co-written by James V. Hart who also wrote the screenplay for the film “Hook”, directed by Steven Spielberg. “Hook” involves Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, and who I think symbolises the Rebel who initiated the Great Work. Spielberg’s film “ET” involves a young fatherless boy struggling with childhood. No father= no God?

James Hart recently collaborated with the popular New Age writer DAVID WILCOCK on the film “Convergence”. Wilcock proposed that Lucifer refers to a holographic projection of the youthful anger and rebelliousness against adult authority. Wilcock claims to be the reincarnation of the famous ‘sleeping prophet’ EDGAR CAYCE who spoke of a Freemasonic type of rule on Earth. Cayce’s father had the authority to found masonic lodges. See “The Stargate Conspiracy”(Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince).

Wilcock says that a ‘harvest’ is taking place as we humans evolve to a ‘higher density'(4th dimension). He hints that free will only applies in the 3rd dimension, not ‘above’: a New Age idea I’ve seen elsewhere. He also says that the underlying universal energy field is conscious, but to me it is only minds that are conscious, not energy, which is just a reflection/mirror of the mind.

Other children who I believe are indicative of the Great Work include:-

1) The spoilt Spanish boy in “Asterix In Spain” who holds his breath to induce panic in the adults who consequently give in to his demands. Holding one’s breath symbolises the Rebel surviving on just one ‘breath of God’, which is then recycled endlessly. The Rebel created this universe by recycling the Rebel’s karma.

2)”Home Alone”, the film about an unhappy boy whose wish to get away from his family magically comes true on the night of a full moon over Christmas. No family= no Gods? The boy is played by Macaulay Culkin who was a friend of the alleged pedophile pop star Michael Jackson, who tried to create a Peter Pan fantasy lifestyle. Culkin said he slept in Jackson’s bedroom, but wasn’t molested. Jackson transforms into a werewolf during a full moon in the video “Thriller”. Culkin attended a Catholic school and was the son of an actor and Sacristan of a Catholic church.

Also in “Home Alone” was actor John Candy who teamed up with Culkin in “Uncle Buck”. Candy, whose family was Roman Catholic, plays the titular uncle Buck who looks after some children whilst their parents are away. No parents= no God? An uncomfortable scene occurs when a young daughter (less than 10 years old) innocently asks Buck if she can sleep in the same bed as him. Buck says no. Another sinister moment comes when he sees one of the teenage children kissing a boyfriend called BUG. He says to Bug: “You ever hear of a ritual killing?…You gnaw her face in public like that again, and you’ll be one.” Uncle Buck drives off dangerously, so the girl says, “are you crazy?”. Buck: “I can be”.
Girl: “You could have taken his head off”.

Buck: “Yeah, but would he have noticed?”

Later on, Buck subtly threatens Bug again. Buck: “…we can talk about burying the hatchet [axe]…I’ve got one in the car… you never know when you’re gonna need it… not to kill, NO!…Just to maim…shave a little meat off the old knee cap.” He shows Bug the axe.

3)Harry Potter: the first two Potter movies were directed by Chris Columbus who had directed “Home Alone”. Harry is a young unhappy orphan who can talk to snakes; is a wizard; is intimately connected to an evil wizard who became disembodied, so desires an new body. The Rebel, IMO, wants a new body that can shield the Rebel from karma(from God). The Rebel has shed its skin like a snake, so to speak, and wants a new skin.

4) “The Tomorrow People”, a British children’s TV series broadcast 1973-1979. This drama revolves around teenagers who are ‘breaking out’: developing paranormal abilities such as telepathy. Their welfare and development is overseen by the ‘Galactic Federation’. Those youngsters are examples of the next stage in mankind’s evolution as ‘Homo Superior’, a term originally employed by the cartoon strip character MAGNETO (devised by Stan Lee) to refer to mutants. The term was also referenced by singer/songwriter David Bowie who had previously discussed the term with the creator of “The Tomorrow People”: ROGER PRICE.

5)”The Midwich Cuckoos” (1957), a novel by John Wyndham. A new breed of telepathic children are born in mysterious circumstances. They possess a group mind and can control the minds of others.

6)’The Space Kids’: not fiction, but allegedly real children with paranormal abilities overseen by – depending on who you read- either NASA and/or Dr. ANDRIJA PUHARICH, the latter most famous for his research into the paranormal abilities of Uri Geller. Puharich worked for various American military and Intelligence agencies in studying the human mind, so no surprise that he sat at the centre of the New Age movement, e.g. he helped initiate the New Age bestseller “The Only Planet Of Choice”, a collection of channelled messages from ‘higher minds’ overseeing mankind’s evolution.

Also involved in that book was New Age luminary JAMES HURTAK who as well as Puharich have both lectured to United Nations offshoots. See “The Stargate Conspiracy” (Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince). Puharich’s ‘Round Table Foundation’ (paranormal studies) was reputedly funded by the American Vice-President Henry Wallace who was a high-ranking Freemason and a Theosophist and is credited with the American dollar bill’s display of an eye at the apex of a pyramid.

The cartoon character Eric Cartman, a young boy, (in the series “South Park”) buys his own amusement park so that he can be the only person in it, causing distress to classmate Kyle who doubts the existence of God. (episode: “CartmanLand”).

The Charles Dickens character Oliver Twist is a young orphan boy who joins a band of young thieves, led by an evil adult Jew (Fagin), hence a religious reference to ‘Satanic’ Jews. One of the lawbreakers is Jack Dawkins, a.k.a ‘The Artful Dodger’, perhaps an occult reference to the dodging of karma and to escaping the consequences of one’s actions.

Billy Whizz: a cartoon strip boy who can run so fast that he can literally dodge rain drops. Noah, Moses, Buddha and Jesus all avoid God’s water. Mercury(the winged messenger) is swift.

“Big” (the movie starring Tom Hanks) begins with a young boy called Josh who is playing a computer game. His game character is in the ice cavern of an evil wizard. He wants to melt the wizard but the wizard freezes him in a cube of ice. Is this an occult reference to our world that is ‘frozen in time’? Evil characters in mythology/religion are sometimes portrayed as living in a frozen state, e.g. Satan is buried in ice up to his chest. Josh is told by the game that, with luck, he will thaw in several million years: maybe a reference to Satan escaping from the pit (that imprisons him) after a 1000 years.

Later on, Josh is at funfair where he encounters a magical mechanical genie who grants him his wish to be “big”, so he becomes an adult. This, IMO, is suggestive of the ‘Rebel’ (a counterfeit ‘God’) trying to be ‘God’ of his own world. A similar theme is in the film “Bruce Almighty”, about a man who wishes that he had God-like powers.

Josh = Joshua= Jesus? Jesus is God incarnate, so is a kind of duplicate god. ‘As above, so below’.

The film “Big” revolves around how a boy might behave in an adult world, so maybe is subtly advertising the New Age commandment to get in touch with your ‘inner child’.

More info on the film “Big”: the magical genie’s mouth is described as “the Devil’s mouth”, into which a wish has to be thrown, thus there is a reference to the ‘Jaws of Hell’ and to the whale that the Biblical Jonah is trapped in. We humans are similarly temporarily trapped in this haunted house of a universe. Also, be careful what you wish for: karma ensures it will come true in some shape or form.

“Big” was co-produced by ANNE SPIELBERG, sister of Steven, whose films often show the world from a child’s perspective.

Josh himself isn’t ‘evil’, rather he and his computer character are, IMO, when based on occult themes. I believe that there is a kind of Peter Pan counterfeit ‘God’ who doesn’t want to face its karma, so is in a ‘frozen’ state because it doesn’t want to change and evolve.

The symbolism of Satan up to his waist in ice comes from Dante Alighieri’s 14th century Christian tale “The Divine Comedy”. There are earlier references to ice, snow and hail in religious texts, e.g. a Norse creation myth begins with the 2 opposite lands of fire and ice.

In the Bible (Job 37), the Breath of God creates frost/ice. In some passages hail rains down.

Some Buddhist texts describe Hell as cold in parts.

The 3rd century “NT” Apocrypha “Apocalypse of Paul” says that Hell has rivers of ice and fire.

“The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen features the symbolism of a cold world and cold hearts, caused by a mirror that falls to Earth and shatters into many pieces.

The goal of alchemy is to produce gold, which isn’t as cold as ice, but the word “gold” does sound like “cold”. Gold is immutable, a bit like the Rebel/false God.

The adult Josh is played by famous actor TOM HANKS. Tom Hanks was in “The Da Vinci Code”, which has generated a lot of skepticism towards occult ideas.

Maybe the symbols are also for the ruling elite and for secret society members to decode.

I don’t know much about Tom Hanks: is he the secret son of actor Tony Curtis? There is a mild resemblance. Similarly, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks a bit like Charlton Heston; Leonardo DiCaprio looks like not unlike Jack Nicholson and a young Orson Welles.

Hanks has an interesting space travel connection, which is relevant because the ruling elite want to colonise other worlds (they’ve probably started already). Hanks starred in Spielberg’s “Apollo 13”. Hanks has been recognised for his contributions to the support of space travel. He co-produced; co-wrote; co-directed the HBO docudrama “From The Earth To The Moon” about the NASA moon program. He has been on the Board of Governors of the non-profit “National Space Society” which advocates space colonisation, and which evolved from the National Space Institute, founded by the ex-NASA head and ex-NAZI Wernher Von Braun.

An intriguing docudrama TV series was aired in America that had hints of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “Childhood’s End”. The docudrama, “Alien Encounters”, posited a fictional scenario in which aliens create human hybrid children with alien DNA.  I think that the Ruling Elite are using Alien/UFO theories to mask their secret science. The series aired in 2012, the year that became a New Age obsession. The series was initiated by the NASA creation, the SETI INSTITUTE (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and broadcast on the SCIENCE CHANNEL, a division of the New York based DISCOVERY INC, of which the latter’s head in 2012 was the Jewish New Yorker DAVID ZASLAV, previously an executive at the New York based NBC.

Although fictional, “Alien Encounters” incorporated serious contributions from real scientists and sci-fi authors, most noticeably the SETI member NICK SAGAN, son of the famed SETI member, CARL SAGAN, mentioned above. SETI had started as a NASA project, then became a private one funded by rich businessmen such as Microsoft co-founder PAUL ALLEN. Nick Sagan was a sci-fi author and Hollywood writer, e.g. “Star Trek: Voyager”. Other contributors to the show included:-
PAUL DAVIES – physicist who carried out postdoctoral research under Sir Fred Hoyle (panspermia advocate) at the University of Cambridge.
DAVID BRIN – sci fi author; scientist; NASA consultant.

The aliens in “Alien Encounters” build a quantum computer that becomes self-aware and is in telepathic contact with the hybrid children. The human adults feel alienated from the hybrids and fear the computer, so start a war against it.

“Alien Encounters” concluded with a scenario similar to the Ruling Elite’s ‘Great Work’ (my interpretation, that is) – namely an escape into an alternate reality so as to escape from our current problems. To elaborate, the aliens’ quantum computer is used to construct a virtual reality that can be used to solve problems, e.g. to reconstruct the past, like a kind of virtual time machine. This hints to me of psychic exploration of the past, an ability seemingly possessed by the CHATHAM HOUSE (RIIA) historian ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE. That virtual reality, someone suggests, might operate in its’ own time frame, so a long period of time in virtual reality could be a very short period in our ‘real world’. The hybrid children are designed to be part of the quantum computer, so the next stage in human evolution could be – said the docudrama – to leave our physical bodies behind and live as disembodied minds in the virtual reality. This reminds me of New Age ideas on physical transcendence and a merger with ‘God’ or ‘universal mind’. But I think that our Universe is itself a virtual reality, so what exactly are you merging with?

An executive producer of “Alien Encounters” was the award-winning film/TV director EMRE SAHIN, who was a frequent guest on Turkish television, where he was born. Sahin directed and edited documentary and reality television shows for American networks such as ABC, ABC Family, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, the Travel Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

In Greek mythology the child-god IACCHOS (or IACCHUS) is known as the ‘eternal boy’ because he is forever young. Iacchos is described as “the light-bringing star” and the “leader of the chorus of stars”, so could be equated with Jesus, Lucifer and Venus. The name IACCHUS looks similar to JESUS, if the letter “I” is substituted with “J”. The name JESUS derived from the Greek name IESOUS.

There have been calls in for young people to be given the right to vote in elections. While I am not fundamentally opposed to this in principle, this is a step that the Ruling Elite will support, as will political groups who stand to gain from votes from the young, e.g. ‘Green’ political parties. Young political campaigners came to the fore in 2019, most noticeably GRETA THUNBERG and other young environmental campaigners who appeared to me to be crude battering rams in the hands of adult campaigners and the Ruling Elite.

Also in 2019 was a BBC Radio documentary about a father who often turned to his 11 year old son for advice (“Can my 11-Year Old Fix My Life?”, BBC Radio 4, May 7th 2019).

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991) – time travelling sci-fi movie. A rebellious boy is one of the key characters.